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  1. Delete this. double post.
  2. Anyone know if the Rock will be showing the game on the big screen outside? I cant afford tickets and I don't have a TV (Temporarily, It broke.) along with the fact I'm 19 and not legal age to go to a bar leaves me with very little choices of where to go. Though I guess even if it is shown there would be no sound =/
  3. I went last time with 3 friends and we won, I'm going again with 3 friends. LGD
  4. Anyone know where I can watch the game with devils fans in NYC? I was hoping for an official viewing party... but it hasnt happened. And I do not want to go to the bars in NYC as it will be crowded with Ranger fans. I actually know 1 bar on times square that is sopposed to be a devils bar (on 47th street) but Ranger fans go in anyway and it turns out to be 50/50.
  5. I went to the viewing party but have never bought tickets before.. I got the code/email. As long as you went you should of gotten it.
  6. Had a great time at the viewing party, couldn't have asked for anything more. Great win as well. Still cant stop thinking about the game today.
  7. Me and 2 of my friends are going. Should be fun. Sadly, we don't have any devils gear T.T (I'm a old fan of the Devils who stopped watching and got into it these playoffs and my friends are new devils fans... 2 day old devil fans to be exact. They never watched hockey before.... and when I made them watch a devils game with me they loved the devils and now want to watch more.) Hopefully we dont stand out too much without gear. We WILL be cheering though.