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  1. Nice way to end the period.
  2. Clearly no goal. Come on now
  3. No way that went in.
  4. Yes carter! The deflection! Tie game!
  5. they went from facing bruzgalov to now facing henrik
  6. we have won 3 cups since then
  7. We have done nothing right this entire 2nd period.
  8. Kings are rolling.
  9. Just about 2 hours!
  10. Let this series go 7, both teams can continue to beat the hell out of each other.
  11. you're exactly right, this is why I love this Devils team so much. They always stay composed and they're probably the most disciplined team in the league.
  12. Way to wrap it up boys and a special thanks to Bryz for having his mind on the planet Pluto.
  13. lol I agree, the league has been so inconsistent this year.
  14. A tad bit surprised that G was suspended. I'm hoping that the Flyers don't rally because of this, similar to what the Devils did in game 2 when Kovy was injured. On paper it looks great for us, LGD!!