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  1. New NHL forces Domi to consider retiring

    Domi deserved to get a chance to be recognized by Leaf fans and retire as a Leaf. He was successful there, not in the way that players usually measured success by, but he did his job and he was very good at it. I'm obviously not sorry that he's leaving the game, growing ever wary of his tactics as a Sens fan, but being forced to retire is tough. Anyhow, wonder who Don Cherry's next favourite player will be...
  2. Bruins sign Bergeron to multiyear contract

    They do have him locked away for five years. It also puts pressure on him to play well or be traded. At some point, 3 or 4 or 5 years down the road, Bergeron may be worth well over 4.75 mil and maybe it'll start seeming like a really good deal then. But that's all a big if.
  3. Chara's heart still in capital

    Hossa wanted more money so he got shipped away. Redden got the money he wanted, so it was byebye to Chara. The problem was always with those three, though it was proposed that all three agree to the same amount every year, that never happened. Havlat's gone and Sens are losing players by the truckload.
  4. Senators vs. Bruins

    Thomas played for Jokerit last year didn't he. Most guys, when given the opportunity play quite well. I mean, the best goalie in the Russian Super League is Canadian goaltender Travis Scott. Thomas is quite entertaining to watch. He plays a very ragged style, which puts more emphasis on his athleticism and position than getting into a proper stance. Seeing him for the first time, I noticed his presence on the ice. He seems to be a very assertive goalie who forces the shooter to move to him, rather than just reacting to a shot. I was impressed with his ability to recover after getting hit with a puck, and handling traffic in front of the net (though there certainly wasn't much of that). I have no idea what happened to the Sens, defense was non-existant. But gotta give credit to the Bruins. They really rolled their lines well, barely made any mistakes and used their speed through the neutral zone to beat the Sens' defense. Bergeron, wow...
  5. Senators vs. Bruins

    I heard Raycroft is returning to the lineup. What's the chance that Boston will start him instead of Thomas? Anyway, is this Tim Thomas guy any good? All I've heard are good reports, but will he stay with Boston. It should be a good game, with Boston 2 points out of a playoff spot, and the Sens trying to catch Carolina. that last bit sounds awkward.
  6. AHL allstar weekend

    Half of the Houston Aeros could be on those teams. I was pulling for Voloshenko, but missing those 9 games really hurt his chances, at least O'Sullivan made it. I don't like the format, why do half of the All-Stars have to be Canadian?
  7. Staal is pretty good

    Marc won't become a number one defensemen, he's too quiet on the backend. He isn't developing much of an offensive game, and his defensive game is not bad in junior but it won't be anything outstanding in the NHL. Jordan doesn't have Eric's hands. He's not a bad skater and has pretty good size though. Jared is playing Triple-A Midget, most people think he will be a 2nd round pick in the OHL draft.
  8. ESPN Goaltending Poll

    Ha, it's great how Aebischer and Budaj both asked to remain anonymous, but they both chose Hasek.
  9. Mogilny pays early dividend

    I have a foreign name, and I don't want people changing the spelling of my name just to make it easier on them. That's just stupid and highly insensitive. If Aleksey wants it spelled that way, then that's the way it should be spelt.
  10. Team USA vs. Team Russia

    Maybe I'm just f'ing pissed off that Russia didn't even try, but Marc Staal isn't even the best dman in the OHL let alone a possible star in the NHL. It's great that these kids came together and learned something (don't know what, probably not to stick yourself in the groin), but these guys aren't the top stars in their respective league, just a bunch of kids that can play Sutter's system.
  11. Team USA vs. Team Russia

    What I'm tired of are Canadians suggesting that this Team Canada is an underdog. Any other country would jump at the chance at having such a talented pool of players to choose some. Just because this year's Canadian team is weaker than last years does not mean we are underdogs by any chance. Canada is always one of the favourites. I don't say this is an arrogant manner, it's the truth and I'm sick and tired of the fact that Canadian's are using the "underdog argument" as an excuse for why Canada doesn't win or might not win. And then to gloat and say this is an overachieving team? That's absolutely ridiculous.
  12. Jersey question

    While we're on the topic, how fast does permanent marker fade? I'm afraid to wear anything that's been signed, which leads to reluctance of getting autographs. Simon Gagne tooks a bit lighter now that I think about it..
  13. OOT Scoreboard

    I just absolutly hate how Sidney Crosby always rises to the occasion. As for Tampa, maybe this will quash all rumours of them getting another goalie.
  14. Do you watch the OOT games on OLN?

    I try to watch every damn hockey game I can! Except stupid SPORTSNET ruins my night by showing frickin POOL instead of the Leafs/Pengs game. What is hell is that all about?!!! However, I got my hockey fix with the Bell Capital Cup (biggest minor tournament in the world!). Those 11 year olds are sure something. A team from South Florida of all places won whatever division they were in by demolishing Rochester. AND Got to see a PeeWee team (don't think they're called that..) from Russia. They lost but whatever, those Russians are a smart bunch. Couldn't handle the Canadian body checking so they absolutely CREAMED this poor Canuck kid by triple teamming him at centre ice. Sucker! DY-NA-MO MOSK-VA!! DYNAMO MOSKVA!
  15. WJC Starts Tonight

    As does Malkin, Kulemin, Voloshenko, and Shirokov. Gasps! They... they put Yunkov with Lisin..