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  1. One last note Redrum...while you're honoring a friend - I am honoring a Savior...your Savior too.
  2. You are...ridiculous, and your argument is full of holes.
  3. Wait. You are NOT advertsing a faith, by publically expressing a prayer? I don't get it? Re-evaluate.
  4. Dude, you really must think that being a part fo this, or any website is something that is of major importance to me. I could care less if I'm banned here. I'm contending for my position...if this gets me banned, you should consider it to a a precedent that is dangerous and something that could eventually affect you...if not here - then somewhere else. I'm floored, that any sane individual here is going to argue or infer hat a CROSS! is something that would make them shake there head and say, "geez, that just ain't right". Please! What does it say, that I am forced to accept something-anything here on this site that may be personally offenmsive to me - yet the same open mindedness i am encouraged to project isn't applied the other way coming back? Banned? For a cross? I'd consider that to be an honor.
  5. There is a difference? Yes, you are right? - just explain this difference to me. What if someone was offended by your "prayers" for Hells, because they deem you to be influencing someone to a God they don't believe in, and don't like the fact that you are praying to a God that they deem to be fictional. Yes, please, explain the difference.
  6. Recently I had an avatar removed because it expressed a "religious" point of view. The avatar was a cross...which as we all know is as offensive and as dividing a symbol as one could possibly put up. Conversly, the symbol that I have now put up, straight form a satanic website, is obviously okay with the administrator of this board. So I'm to take it that no references to anything resembling religion are to be permitted and that a cross as my avatar is going to make poeple here freak out by its offensive and repugnant design...correct? But "prayers" and "blessings", to the recently departed "Hells"...this is kosher? Okay. I got it now.
  7. Injury to Devils' Gomez Not as Bad as First Feared

    Despite reports of Scott Gomez imminent demise...
  8. 'There's no excuse,' Gomez says of nasty hit

    Just reading about the pain and the area where Gomez felt pain...makes me wince with pain - and nobody hit me thank goodness! All I have left to say ont his issue is: The Alaska Aces Rule! And if the Wheeling Nailers cannot win the Kelly Cup...then why not my newest bestest favoritist ECHL club...the Alaska Aces.
  9. Scott Gomez Seriously Injured

    Agreed...you'll get no argument from me on that. I am just pointing out - and reminding that there is a risk and a reward with each and every decision one makes. Unfortunately for Gomer, the risk part of the equation by playing ECHL hockey turned out to be a major bummer.
  10. Scott Gomez Seriously Injured

    Obviously we all wish Scott all the best in his recovery - and hope top see #23 back on the ice whenever the Devils resume playing...however - and I don't mean to sound cold here, but Gomez took the chance of playing in a minor league circuit and all the risks that were associated with it. Who knows how this will affect his future earning potential within NHL circles? Sure I could easily add another get well Scott and how bad I feel message to this thread...on the other hand I'm not surprised and my thoughts are centered on Gomez and if he now feels that playing in the rinky dink ECHL was worth the gamble that he took? Oh, BTW...Get well soon Scotty.
  11. Gretzky To The Rangers?

    http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/TorontoSun/S...990289-sun.html Start spreadin' the news IT LOOKS AS THOUGH GRETZKY IS ON HIS WAY BACK TO NEW YORK By STEVE SIMMONS, TORONTO SUN COULD WAYNE Gretzky be returning to the New York Rangers? Could be. Whispers are abound in hockey circles indicating that Gretzky will terminate his association with the Phoenix Coyotes in the near future to join the Rangers as club president. The move of Gretzky to New York, should it happen, will coincide with the likely retirement of Glen Sather (who has really already retired but hasn't bothered to inform anyone). Gretzky would get an opportunity in New York that he wouldn't have in Phoenix: To build a team from scratch with unlimited resources. It is an enticing situation, with the NHL forest full of free agents who will looking for work when the league resumes play. The Rangers are just one of several teams re-evaluating their front office structure and looking to make changes when the league gets back to playing games.
  12. It Is Useless TO Resist The Forces Among Us

    Ehhhhhhhhh... Well.... Yeah, lets forget this particular thread...okay? I have to run now, I have to quickly make myself a Roast Beef & Chedder Cheese sandwhich, before I get back to the second half of the Norwich City-Manchester United game on Fox Soccer Channel. English Priemeirship Soccer rules! The above paragraph was one thing I am NOT kidding about. You guys rock!
  13. It Is Useless TO Resist The Forces Among Us

    Oh RD come on now...bro you need to lighten up a bit...I AM KIDDING!!!!!!! WHAT...is happening here? This no hockey deal is really starting to make me think that the effects are more far reaching than I had originaly thought. Chill people...and laugh at yourself a little bit.
  14. It Is Useless TO Resist The Forces Among Us

    Sheeps I knew you had this thread figured out from the word go. And now I'll come clean Sheeps. In reality this was a scientific test of sorts, to test the IQ levels of a good many people here on this FANtastic website. As you can see judging by the results...many people didn't fare all that well
  15. It Is Useless TO Resist The Forces Among Us

    David, other than my bible study on Monday nights, I'm home the rest of the week each and every night. If I can get a sitter for Monday's, I'd be happy to maybe take that rock into my home.