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  1. Even my hermit crab is in his new custom shell I painted for him and ready for the game!
  2. This is definitely sad. It was a great addition to he community. I think they probably would have done better with an indoor game. Hopefully they bring something back to Williamsport eventually.
  3. I have a Vulkano Flow and I love it. I got it off Ebay for like $70 lightly used. It has been great for hockey and NFL. I have the Sunday Ticket too and never miss a game now. They charge like $12 for the iPhone app and Kindle Fire. I bought both as they are a one time fee and they are way worth it. I can get whatever I have on my DVR or DirecTV anywhere, anytime.
  4. Turns out I don't get blacked out of the games unless they just didn't black it out yet! However, I did get the Center Ice package just in case since it was only $59 this year.
  5. It is tight on me. I am two inches shorter than you but heavier. I would think you would be ok with a 50, but the 54 is snug on me.
  6. That sucks! I knew there would be some kind of a catch.
  7. I just called and had the Sports Pack added. They gave me a $5/month credit for it for three months. Sweet. I just turned on MSG+ and a UFC tournament is on. Can't wait for next Saturday!
  8. That is where I am at with this. It is not perfect, but perfect enough for me to save the money.
  9. Lol. Maybe we are a long lost brothers? haha I ordered Demarcus Ware and Emmitt Smith though. However, I live in Central Pennsylvania and I am a Penn State fan too. I agree! You are welcome. BTW, that Stanley Cup patch I just laid there. They sent that loose in case you didn't want it on.
  10. I just looked at your site and the website is like exactly the same. lol. I looked at the one Kovie jersey and it was literally a penny cheaper on than Haha
  11. I think I paid like $125 for two Dallas Cowboys jerseys, the Kovalchuk jersey, and an iphone case. That is including shipping and the shipping insurance fee they tack on. Pretty good though!
  12. I bought one from and it seems decent. They seem to run on the small side though.
  13. Do any games air on MSG+? I can get that channel.
  14. Do you guys know if I get the sports package from DirecTV if I will get the Devils games. I am located in the Harrisburg market in Central, PA.
  15. Yes it is!!! I don't root for any of those teams!