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  1. GDT: New Jersey DEVILS @ Pittsburgh PENGUINS 1pm

    Even my hermit crab is in his new custom shell I painted for him and ready for the game!
  2. NJ Outlaws Move to Williamsport, PA

    This is definitely sad. It was a great addition to he community. I think they probably would have done better with an indoor game. Hopefully they bring something back to Williamsport eventually.
  3. streaming?

    I have a Vulkano Flow and I love it. I got it off Ebay for like $70 lightly used. It has been great for hockey and NFL. I have the Sunday Ticket too and never miss a game now. They charge like $12 for the iPhone app and Kindle Fire. I bought both as they are a one time fee and they are way worth it. I can get whatever I have on my DVR or DirecTV anywhere, anytime.
  4. Devils 2013 schedule (It's out!)

    Turns out I don't get blacked out of the games unless they just didn't black it out yet! However, I did get the Center Ice package just in case since it was only $59 this year.
  5. Cheap Jerseys

    It is tight on me. I am two inches shorter than you but heavier. I would think you would be ok with a 50, but the 54 is snug on me.
  6. Devils 2013 schedule (It's out!)

    That sucks! I knew there would be some kind of a catch.
  7. Devils 2013 schedule (It's out!)

    I just called and had the Sports Pack added. They gave me a $5/month credit for it for three months. Sweet. I just turned on MSG+ and a UFC tournament is on. Can't wait for next Saturday!
  8. Cheap Jerseys

    That is where I am at with this. It is not perfect, but perfect enough for me to save the money.
  9. Cheap Jerseys

    Lol. Maybe we are a long lost brothers? haha I ordered Demarcus Ware and Emmitt Smith though. However, I live in Central Pennsylvania and I am a Penn State fan too. I agree! You are welcome. BTW, that Stanley Cup patch I just laid there. They sent that loose in case you didn't want it on.
  10. Cheap Jerseys

    I just looked at your site and the website is like exactly the same. lol. I looked at the one Kovie jersey and it was literally a penny cheaper on supejerseys.com than cheapnfljerseysell.com. Haha
  11. Cheap Jerseys

    I think I paid like $125 for two Dallas Cowboys jerseys, the Kovalchuk jersey, and an iphone case. That is including shipping and the shipping insurance fee they tack on. Pretty good though!
  12. Cheap Jerseys

    I bought one from supejerseys.com and it seems decent. They seem to run on the small side though.
  13. Devils 2013 schedule (It's out!)

    Do any games air on MSG+? I can get that channel.
  14. Devils 2013 schedule (It's out!)

    Do you guys know if I get the sports package from DirecTV if I will get the Devils games. I am located in the Harrisburg market in Central, PA.
  15. NJ Outlaws Move to Williamsport, PA

    Yes it is!!! I don't root for any of those teams!