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  1. henrique

    Hopefully not the last.... LGD!

    Agreed and to the PP going it actually has improved quite a bit in game 4 i got a really good feeling about next game to see it in action. They can do this, pressure pressure! LGD!
  3. Interesting comparison

    Interesting comparison I do think Henrique is a a solid replacement possibly if Parise does decide to part. Henrique should be almost an "apprentice" to Parise but at times ,especially during these playoffs, it looked like Parise should be taking some notes from Henrique =P . None the less Love this kid so happy ton have him on the team Plus he has mastered the art of harnessing Stash Power!
  4. Bench Kovalchuk

    Yeah i do agree possibly with minutes reduced but even then you would want to be careful. At this point the whole team is beat up so you don't want to over work some guys even though they could possibly take the extra shifts take it.

    I know it angers me to see how much our power play fails BUT i did see improvement tonight. The puck was moving right and some decent shots and chances were given. I would love to see tic-tac play as we did to the Rags, and If we can crack it the series would have a decently large advantage in our favor.

    Exactly, I already saw tonight to some clumsy play especially a few by Quick with puck handling. It's gunna tough considering that they have lost 2 in a row or on the road at all but In the finals and with this much on the line, The boys hopefully find a way to crack this open. LGD!!!
  7. 3 out of 167...1.8%

    Lol This ^^^^

    Keep that high moral going Devils! The whole series they've been on the verge of wins and now its starting to click. The boys got this.... LGD!!!! 3 MORE!
  9. Bench Kovalchuk

    I can see why people would want him subbed out but to be honest he has had some great plays cause his passing is still one of the best to set up some good plays. But that's not the only reason, I think it could be a moral crusher to the team to see one of your best players taken out of the game and a show of weakness to the Kings even though both of those reasons could also be untrue. If he would be taken out though i could see JJ be a good replacement I remember seeing him hustle for the puck quite well this series when he played the first 3 games but it angers me when he is almost afraid to shoot the puck when it should be of been fired.
  10. henrique

    He is so clutch and has such more skill and potential to come. I'm so happy we get to have him at such a young age and I bet I will be amazed on how much of an even greater player he will become in the coming years as a Devil. And to add his face after his goal tonight was so priceless death stare to all of the kings fans ROFL amazing.... EDIT: Stash power!
  11. Stop the Panic

    Its not over till the fourth game is clinched
  12. Pick your poison

    if you gave up on the team even after a 3-0 deficit you're not a true fan. Like Parise said Its not over till someones won a fourth game ill believe till that happens.

    I agree and disagree with you. First period we were pretty even and played crappy at points. the 2nd i thought we were just not even playing 3rd we had great opportunities but could not finish and was still sloppy. OT Was just a major heart attack. But with that all been said i think we could have easily had that game and I expect a great bounce back game on Saturday. And like always we need our best players to be our best and tonight was just not that night and I'm pretty sure our top guys will respond great on Saturday. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!
  14. EA: Kings take first Cup in six games; Quick MVP

    Didn't they also do this for Superbowl and it said Pats will win 47- 20 something? YEAH That worked real well....
  15. We are officially underdogs

    Last round Burnside picked us in 6 as well as this time..... And for Melrose every time he has picked a team to win a series, on the eastern conference at least, hes been 100% wrong. So bring on the Kings