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  1. I had a dream that late in the third the devils got a puck about an inch across the goal line about 1/3 the goal's width from the left post before being swiped out by a king stick...refs ruled it a goal after review. (I'm not sure where Quick was...I think he was his usual few feet out in front, and towards his left side). Don't know who shot it.
  2. Long time lurker, first time poster; From what I saw wednesday night, if the devils play the same way this Saturday, I'm very comfortable- they had at least 4 chances to score on a relatively open net that they didn't capitalize on...sure some adjustments could be made but no where near as many that were necessary against Philly and new york after the first games. The kings are a good team, but the devils can beat them, even if the kings adjust I think the devils (specifically PDB and co) are more than capable of countering