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  1. Difference between Kovy's current deal and Parise's is Kovy has an incentive to play the last two years of his deal, he gets paid 3 million and then 4 million if he plays.....Parise would only make a million a year!!!THATS NOT CIRCUMVENTING THE CAP?????
  2. Contracts cannot be allowed none to less, correct? regardless if no punishment or not!!!!
  3. Those contracts are circumventing the cap, if the league lets this go how does it justify punishing NJ for an almost identical deal!!!!
  4. Everyone has to relax, the media of course is going to make it sound like he's a leaving but remember the words that came out his mouth he wants to be here. If any GM is going to pull it off its Lou, all of you know this.....
  5. I got the presale code today, could have gotten upperdeck seating for game 5 but it's just way too far out of my price range....I'm just going to hope somebody gets really desperate and sells very low on the secondary market
  6. If anybody has tickets for sale please let me know; I need either 2 or 3 in the upper deck, I'm a college student who can only afford so much so if you have tickets that are somewhat cheap please let me know!!!!