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    Sick to my stomach right now over this. The way we got it together against Florida, spanked Philly, and then took out the Rangers, I thought we had more heart than this. They fought but they played like they were catching up from the start of Game 1. Oh well, time to go watch my Colts go struggle for 3 wins this season...
  2. Music at the Rock

    I don't know if they're your thing, but try Five Finger Death Punch's "Back For More". For me, I could be getting cereal in the morning and it would still pump me up. (And the lyrics are clean so you're good if there's kids in the car w/ you)
  3. A Devil's Defribilator - Johan Hedberg

  4. SCF True Believers Thread

    Well from a player standpoint look at it this way. If your team was down and you had little playing time compared to the others wouldn't you want nothing more in the world than to go out and just light it up? While he may be young and inexperienced in this position of the season whose to say he won't shock us? They all had to start somewhere. Not trying to downplay what you're saying, you're probably right. But I'm just searching for a positive in this, like I said, never know.
  5. SCF True Believers Thread

    Yeah. I hate watching a battle at center ice just to send a half-assed pass to one of our forwards just to mishandle and have it cleared. While we do have an outstanding forecheck when we're actually working, they're clearly bigger. That doesn't mean much but we wont win as many head-on attempts as we would normally like to try. Everything has to be played deep in their zone and quick and clean. We arent getting ANYTHING done from our snipers at the blue line.
  6. SCF True Believers Thread

    You're right about not being impressed by LA's play. I'm not either. Even at a glance we WERE the better team, Fayne missed Game 1 off a bad bounce and Kovy hit the crossbar with Quick having no shot at blocking it. I'm never one to blame luck for a loss but I'll make an exception this time. No way it carries over into game 3!! I expect to see a fired up Parise, semi-awake Kovalchuk, and one VERY pissed off and hungry 4th line. LETS GO DEVILS
  7. SCF True Believers Thread

    0-2 just makes the comeback that much sweeter!!!
  8. Songs at the Rock during games. Help identify please.

    I don't know if anyone else feels this way but to me hockey music is stuff like "Enter Sandman" - Metallica and others like "Sandstorm" - Darude and "Ready Steady Go" - Oakenfold. I understand the family environment, but when I hear pop like Simple Plan and Miley Cyrus at a professional sporting event, its pointless. Isn't the music to pump up the players/fans? Not taking a shot at that genre, its just probably not something you'd wanna hear to get pumped up.