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  1. ... and he played his first game
  2. From polish daily newspaper "Tempo" Yesterday Krzysztof Oliwa confirmed, that he would like to play in polish national squad. - I talked to national coach assistant by telephone. I know, that in nvember our national team will be playing in olympic qualifications and I would like to help the team. I'll be in Poland next month with my girllfriend - said Oliwa. Press agencie wrote, that You'll be possibly player of Podhale Nowy Targ. - I don't know anything about it. I talked anly about the national team. Sure, I would like to play in any club, but I did not promise anything anyone. Besides, the case is not as simple... The problem is money. Not my sallary, but money for insurance. If I would like to play in any club but Devils, I would have to pay for my insurance myself, and it's about 20 thousand $. And... I don't know if any polish club could pay my sallary. Playing outside the NHL is great risk for me. I would "catch" the injury and never back to professional league. If I would play for nothing,it would be GKS Tychy, my first club, I think. Sorry for my english, regards from Warsaw.
  3. hmmm strange. I just talked to polish club Podhale Wojas Nowy targ chairman, mr. Piotr Kolodziej, and he has said, they're still talking about contract, and Oliwa will finally negotiate with them after 20.10, when he'll arrive to Poland. - What? It's nonsense. He did not signed yet - said mr. Kolodziej. Second way, I heard about is swedish 2nd division club Hammarby if, but I could not confirm it yet... Regards from Warsaw.
  4. Maybe anyone here knows, where best hockey player ever, Krzysztof Oliwa is going to play in Europe? I heard about clubs in Germany and Sweden. Do You know something more? Thanks, regards from Warsaw.