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  1. This time tomorrow do you think he is signed? I can't take another week of this...
  2. Glad he's back with us. No one deserves to a leave a team on that penalty. He will be a work horse on the 4th line for us next year... might even put up 3rd line numbers as well..
  3. Does anyone live in the Dallas metroplex (DFW) by chance? I would love to find a league down here but hockey just isn't as popular down here...
  4. Where is that Tim Bozon and Scissons slated to go? Any chance we could grab either in second?
  5. Just like on HF boards, how many of you guys have seen this kid play? I'm gonna guess 99% haven't seen him, so stop judging. After reading some articles on the guy he seems to be the typical devils type of player. No one can write him off til we see him in atleast 2-3 years.
  6. I would definitely be interested.
  7. What type of D man is he? Much like larsson?
  8. Has he stated that?
  9. Parise, Stoll, Carle might not be out of reach. I agree gettin Suter will be nearly impossible with a resigning of Parise.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Jiri or Doan on this roster as well...
  11. Future when? This year? Maybe in 2 years...
  12. July 1st can't come fast enough. All these rumors and quotes are making me very optimistic about him returning.
  13. Im on board going goaltender as well. Having 3 legit prospects makes me more comfortable for when Marty walks away.
  14. Hopefully we can be as lucky as those franchises in the later rounds. What are the expectations of Wedgewood? Does he have a legit shot making the team this year? Man I already can't wait for the season again !
  15. Good points... So why not go goalie if best one comes available? Are we ready to rely on our minors after Marty?