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  1. This is painful to watch.
  2. A skate sharpener would be good by me, for both. This. Absolutely need a young kid, a prospect or a very good draft pick. At this point, I'd rather run give Larsson more of 24 & 2's ice time.
  3. I can get onboard with this. Not a fan of his and don't see him having a long future in NJ.
  4. Daneyko really needs to put a sock in it.
  5. Sal, 20+ minutes and Zids 22+ minutes on the ice, ironically, the only even strength goal scored is with these two on the ice. I'd rather go down throwing the young kids into the crucible than watch these two used puck bags any longer.
  6. When he makes saves. I personally notice he looks behind himself quite a bit as if the puck got past him.
  7. Schneider seems to look behind himself quite often like he's not very confident in his skills. Not very confidence inspiring to this fan.
  8. I agree, but seeing him three steps behind just grinds my gears. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  9. Of course Sal was trailing his man, who was the eventual goal scorer. 20 minutes too long he's been on the ice.
  10. Who does that?
  11. fudge
  12. Nash has a nasty habit of running goalies like that. Gutless.
  13. Any chance we make a move with Detroit? They are looking for blue line help and if Larsson truly is on the block, maybe we move him for Weiss or Abdelkader? Just a thought...
  14. My mistake for not being completely clear. Thanks for adding the clarity to it.
  15. Seven seasons ending with a negative +/- rating, five with a +, that's hardly rewriting history. His best season defensively was our last Cup run. If anything he has consistently been a liability and consistently inconsistent.