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  1. Plan B: Now What?

    Yes I was he was our best offensive prospect since parise from 03-08.
  2. Plan B: Now What?

    HockeysFuture.com- "Tedenby is by far and away the most exciting and offensively-gifted prospect the Devils have had in the organization since Zach Parise and has the potential to turn into a Martin St. Louis type of player." Thank you! And no I'm not
  3. Plan B: Now What?

    I said was larsson is a defensemen not foward same with fayne and henrique wasn't that highly thought of when we drafted him when we drafted tedenby they said he was our best PROSPECT since parise meaning he didn't play in the NHL yet
  4. 15 mil under the cap. Maybe we will wait till malkin becomes a Ufa and sign him so he doesn't have to be second fiddle to Crosby haha
  5. I think if we can sign semin for 1 year 6.6 mil or 2 years like 13 mil I would do it. He has the talent and look at his numbers yes they dropped off but it was the system and coach kinda let the players run the team and there wasn't discipline. Look at ovechkins numbers they dropped too. Its cause they switched to the defensive system. Semin would be abgreat fit and I don't really think his attitude will be too much of a problem but just in case sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal. After seeing what parise got and know he is the only big name on the market he will want at east 6.5 mil and hell get it. We are lime 16 mil under the cap or something according to cap geek so we have money to spend. I would just be weary of signing him long term. Lets give him a trial contract first. But we have players in our system we coukd use as well and dmen we can trade so there aare deffinetly more options.
  6. Plan B: Now What?

    I have a good feeling about Teddy if he gets a good chance to play and play with skilled players like zajac and kovey, I mean he was our best prospect since parise. And I know its hard to tell now but we have a prospect winger Reid boucher who I think will be really really good and I think he has a shot this year to play if not than next. He played for sarnia sting last year without yakopov and had 3 less goals than him. He is a natural goal scorer and I hope he makes the roster but I don't think hhe will this year. I agree with you on henrique but he is a versatile player that can play both and I think he will be a 30+ goal scorer playing a shoot first style along side elias and the pass first center josefson.
  7. Plan B: Now What?

    doan wants 4 years. I wouldn't touch him. I think we'll trade for someone cause of all the dmen we have. I say you put tedenby on the first line with zajac and kovey. Tedenby has a lot of skill and upside and we have to give him a chance. He is a skilled player that has to play with skill players what better than zajac and kovey. Than I would move henrique to the wing and turn him into a shoot first player which he can do. Put him on second line with Elias ans josefson who is a pass first center. I would love to see that or sign or sign semin to a one year deal if we can as a trial contract. But I don't think we can give up on Teddy. And I am expecting a trade with some dmen.