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  1. Avs' Moore still not skating yet

    [Colorado Avalanche center Steve Moore is still bothered by post-concussion symptoms and is not healthy enough to begin skating. "Steve can't skate yet," Moore's agent Larry Kelly tells the Denver Post. "He's continuing his rehabilitation, but he's just not there yet." Kelly says Moore's neck fracture suffered in a March 8 game against the Vancouver Canucks when he was tackled from behind by Todd Bertuzzi appears to have healed. However, he is still experiencing dizziness whenever he attempts any kind of physical activity. ] And yet there are STILL people out there in cyberspace and elsewhere that sympathize with Bertuzzi and want to give him a break. It's enough to make my freaking head hurt. IceThief
  2. I'm Tellin' Ya, Watch Out...

    [someone assassinate Bettman. That's all I ask.] IceThief
  3. Bettman fines Kings owner Leiweke

    [i never saw an article stating this, but on another message board I read that the Kings were also fined for opening their books to the analyst from Both fines were allegedly for $100,000.] Well, well, well. Isn't THIS interesting? Just WHAT are you trying to hide Gary my boy, that you would fine a team for opening their books? Anyone want to take a guess? It's right in front of your faces. IceThief
  4. NHLPA: No hockey for at least a year

    [but wait, the CBA is expiring, doesn't that there is no contract between the NHLPA and the owners? if thats the case then they're under no obligation to the players so why couldnt they just hire whomever they wanted? ] Squishy, I'm sorry. It just doesn't work that way. And Derek? I think these good folks would be very interested in my thoughts on the state of the NHL and NHLPA, don't you? IceThief
  5. Who's The Best?

    Count me in on this as well. My five choices are: Lidstrom Forsberg Brodeur Thornton Jovonovski IceThief
  6. Ivan Hlinka killed in car accident

    This is tragic beyond belief and an awful loss. All of my heart and best wishes go out to Hlinka's family and everyone in the Czech Republic. RIP Ivan. You will be very dearly missed. IceThief
  7. Tortorella decries lack of 'loyalty'

    Did Torts think this world was filled with seashells, balloons, popcorn, and rainbows? To him it's all about loyalty to one's team. To the guys playing under him and everywhere else in the league, it's all about doing what you have to do for better financial security and more playing time. Welcome to the real world, John. IceThief
  8. The Future Captain of the Devils?

    [How I envision the Scott Niedermayer arbitration hearing going if Nieds doesn't sign longterm with the Devils: Scott Niedermayer: I won a Norris and was considered the best defenseman in the game this past season. I should make what an elite top five D makes. Lou Lamoriello: We value Niedermayer. But this was the first season he ever was nominated for such an award and wound up winning. It was also his most consistent season. SN: Lou said he'd "do whatever it takes" to keep me. That means I should be entitled to a significant raise. LL: I was merely speaking out of context there trying to send a proper message to our fans that we won't let Niedermayer walk. SN: My opening salary proposal is $8.6 million LL: From a negotiating standpoint, we want to pay him in line with what our top players make. Starting point is $7 million. <and so this is what you'll likely see plus probably comparisons from both sides giving cases to their arguments> ] BAH HA!!!!!!!!!! I can just hear it now, Derek!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be interesting to see if Neids is as thin-skinned in arbitration as Sir Bob was. This is going to be fun to watch. IceThief
  9. Spectors Trade Rumors 7/18/04

    [Wait... somebody thinks that Gomez will be our next captain? WHOA ] Gomer? With the C on his chest next season or whenever it begins? Try Mad Dog maybe. IceThief
  10. Recchi signs with Penguins

    [so the players are supposed to believe the NHL and all of its owners are in SUUUCH dire straits that they can't compete when the PENGUINS are signing free agents? Lemme repeat, the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS, the same team that was frigging bankrupt and all that. ] My thoughts exactly Has. Bettman and Co. are out there in the netherlands crying about teams going bankrupt and not being able to compete with the big money teams. He and they are demanding a $30 mill hard cap and leaving no wiggle room at all by not agreeing to negotiations with the union/players. And then here comes, Mario and the Pens, the poster children for bankrupt teams and teams not being able to compete, spending money to sign and attempt to sign FAs and admitting to looking at more signings? This is the same guy, the very same guy, who cried a freaking river that he had no money. None at all. The team was broke and going into bankruptcy, and he was threatening to sell the team and move it. And he's now signing FAs? I wouldn't believe Mario now, no matter what he says. And I don't care that the Pens may be under whatever cap they believe is going to fall on everyone's head at some point in time. I don't care that they pared that payroll of their's down. Mario explicitly cried bankruptcy and threatened to sell the franchise out from under Pittsburg's nose, yet he goes out and signs FAs, which he isn't supposed to be able to afford and fields an AHL team in the NHL last season. AND NOW HE CAN AFFORD TO GO SIGN BIG NAME PLAYERS WITH MORE BEING CONSIDERED?!?! Oh the NHLPA must be loving this. If I'm in Goodnow's skates and watching tbis, I send the players to Europe with instructions to stay over there and play until hell freezes over. These teams aren't broke. Amazing. Simply..........amazing. Good job Mario. This makes Bettman getting his $30 mill hard cap much harder to achieve or rationalize. Can you say NO cap at all or at the least a $50 to $55 mill one? Sure you can. I love it. IceThief
  11. Report: Heatley faces indictment

    [This is so tough. I think Heatley should end up serving some sort of jail time for this. People have to be punished when they screw up and this is one of the worst screw ups possible. Its not so much to punish Heatley but to show everyone else that this is something you need to avoid doing at all costs because not only will you have your guilt(which some people may not get) but you'll also lose part of your life.] You don't make an example of someone simply to show others that "this is what happens when you do something like this." You don't hold up a life like you would a trophy and say, "This isn't so much punishment as it is being made an example of." If this is true, what's happening is the attempt to make an example of him. Try him, convict him, and send him off to prison for fifteen years. Dan Snyder's suffering parents will know that even though they stated their wishes, forgave him completely, and attempted to help him heal inside and out by standing by him, they failed in that attempt and his life has been destroyed emotionally and his mental state is up for grabs. My heart goes out to the memory of Dan Snyder, his suffering parents, and Dany Heatley who is living a nightmare for the rest of his life. I wouldn't be surprised if they do indict and convict him. How long he'll serve is the question. It's tough for everyone involved. IceThief
  12. Report: Heatley faces indictment

    [This may seem fair to a lot of folks, but I can't help but feel terrible for the Snyders. They don't want this, if charges are brought, it will be like burying their son all over again. I know the DA is supposed to represent all the people, but I think Snyder family's feelings deserve some consideration.] I think their feelings deserve consideration as well. This really makes me sick that the DA is actually going to pursue this. IceThief
  13. Work stoppage likely

    Ok. Say we do indeed wind up with a $30 mill hard cap whether the NHLPA wants it or not. Then the question is this: Are the owners going to lower ticket prices to a level that the fans can afford to attend every single home game? Will they go that far? Only in an extremely hot place!!! The owners will indeed get their money and the fans are the ones who are going to shell it out. Sorry if I'm pessimistic here, but I just don't see every team lowering ticket prices to appease the fans. That's just MHO for whatever it's worth. IceThief
  14. Primeau gets new deal from Flyers

    [Heh, Icethief, how long have you been a Devils fan and don't understand this sort of negotiating? Parallels: Lou Lamoriello = Bettman et al. Don Meehan = Bob Goodenow Scott Niedermayer = NHLPA The players have a choice: they can either accept the $35 million cap or they can find someplace (outside the NHL) else to play. Scott Niedermayer had a choice: he could accept what Lou was offering or he could find someplace (outside the NHL) else to play. The players won't find anyplace that gives them nearly what the league is offering just as Niedermayer didn't make nearly as much in the Czech Republic as he would have had he just taken what Lou offered him to begin with. The league needs the players to function, but the owners don't need the league to go on with their lives. If the owners are willing to cut their losses (which a great many of them ought to be by now, given those losses) and walk away from the NHL then the players really only have those two options. ] Newark, I hate to bust your bubble, man. I'm not a Diablos fan. I'm a Habs fan, who just happens to enjoy the play of certain players on NJ's team. I also enjoy the good honest hockey talk that goes on on this board, so I jump in every now and then to add my $.02 worth, when a subject catches my eye. I'm well aware of NJ's situation, all though I don't agree that Uncle Louie doesn't have a dime to call his own for resigning players. His offer to Holikenstein to try and keep him showed otherwise. But I digress. I don't think it's as cut and dried as you paint it. Sure the Boyes In Black can stick to their hard cap guns, but I don't see the players and NHLPA blinking. That is, unless some of the troops get cold feet and decide to jump ship and sign for less. If they do that and everyone else is standing firm, I don't think the jumpees are going to be held in very high esteem by the rank and file. I don't think that Monsieur Primeau is being viewed as the conquering hero, right now either. You don't cross your union or go back door on them. IceThief
  15. Primeau gets new deal from Flyers

    [Again, what the NHL is offering is more than they'd ever get anywhere else. ] Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that both sides have to negotiate. Neither can stubbornly refuse to discuss options with the other and expect any headway to be made. Labor negotiations don't work that way. I've got my thoughts on a hard cap of this small size, even a hard cap at all, and it doesn't jive with everyone else's. IceThief