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  1. A Demographics Poll!: Devils or Rangers

    This poll is interesting but i have a feeling that someone is messing around with it. Newark was clearly red 30 minutes ago and had around 50 votes, now its in the middle and has over 500 votes ( with a much higher % of rangers fans) . Seems like some ranger fan is sitting at home and just voting over and over.
  2. A Demographics Poll!: Devils or Rangers

    Hey everyone, I am a new member to this forum ( have been reading it for quite a while though). Thought I could give my view on this topic. I live in Manhattan, so obviously the ratio of Rangers to Devils fans here is probably 100 to 1( which really makes it bad when the Rangers are good, and everyone is on the bandwagon here in New York). But i am originally from Monmouth County. A lot of my town was made up of New York transplants, but it was pretty evenly split between Devils and Rangers throughout my days in High school. I would say it was probably 60-40 Devils, although when the Rangers started to make the playoffs again a lot of "die hard" fans came out of the no where.
  3. Rangers fans

    Hey everbody. I have been reading these boards for quite some time but was too lazy to create a username, until now! i have been a huge Devils fan since the late 90's. in regards to rangers fan and how much they piss us off, i have a story from last year after game 6 ( conference final) I was lucky to attend that game ( and it wasnt cheep lol) but after henrique scored that goal it was all worth it. my section had a few rangers fans in it ( but ALOT less than the usual Devils-rangers game) They obviously were talking and saying the old " you cant sell out games" " fatso" ... the usual. i usually try not got into verbal arguments, let alone fights during games. And after the Devils won i i didnt need to say anything. BUT my freinds being those type of fans ( the ones that will get into arguments, figts, etc) , they couldnt resist an awesome oppurtunity to stick to all those rangers fans. We ended up going to NYC after the game, and more specifically to MSG ( and the surrounding bars alll filled with bitter rangers fans). We went into all those bars with our devils jerseys and just gave every rangers fan so much sh!t. we litterally were on the verge of getting beat to the ground, until other devils fans came in! Obviously all those rangers fans couldnt say anything , except for those " err you cant sell out games" bs. After a few hours the bars started to close and we went back to Jersey. It was probably one of the greatest games ( probably the greatest) that i have ever attended. walking through midtown NY wearing our devils jerseys, giving rangers fan sh!t, and celebrating with other Devils fans ( you would all be surprised how many we came across) made it even so much better.