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  1. Jacob Josefson

    You're not going to beat teams in 2013 with a defensive center with a 40 point ceiling. In 1995 the Devils could with their system. The 2003 team was just coached magnificently with a system that worked nearing the end of the trap era. Ask yourself if they'd have won a round sans Parise with Josefson as a second line center last Spring.
  2. Jacob Josefson

    That was a different era of hockey, though. In 2003, Grant Marshall was playing on the 1st line at times and Pascal Rheaume as a regular in the lineup. in 1995, they rode lightning in a bottle with Neal Broten, who was no where near a top 3 forward or top 6 to a playoff spot and cup. In 2013, a 42 point 2nd line center on a team with no offensive depth hoping for a playoff spot/Cup run isn't something i'd feel comfortable with. This team needs offense and sending a defensive player up into an offensive spot in the lineup can't be something to pin hopes on. It's bad enough i think we're going to see them think Steve Bernier and Ryan Carter are 3rd liners.
  3. NHL Team Values 2012: Toronto Maple Leafs Are First Hockey Team Worth

    Could they be in that position? Possibly. It does scare the hell out of me if the Devils went into a 3+ year or so span of them being a non-playoff team and not a very competitive organization at that. They're not like the Rangers who can withstand a history of failure and dissapointment. The Devils could never go 7 years plus a lockout of no playoffs like the Rangers. Even the other Original 6 teams like the Bruins, Blackhawks and the Wings pre-1990 or so floundered went through attendance and support issues over the years. The Rangers and Maple Leafs and Canadiens and even the Flyers will always thrive. That's not even getting into the NHL's favortism of these markets to begin with. Ask yourself if the 1995 Cup win kept them here. I believe without the Cup, they'd be in Nashville. The problem with the NHL is the haves and have nots are so pronounced that teams don't even have to win to be a billion dollar enterprise. That Forbes ranking is eye opening even if you don't believe the numbers. Even with numbers off a bit, it's still a staggering gap. The long term key to the Devils in NJ is corporate ownership with a president/COO who understands the sports landscape in the 21st century. if that can be combined with any type of success on the ice, the Devils fortunes would change dramatically. Jeff Vanderbeek for all intents and purposes should sell this organization or find corportate backing because this team can not be a bottom 10 or even 15 payroll and regress into a period of worthless hockey.
  4. Jacob Josefson

    A 42 point 2nd line center isn't going to cut the mustard, even as a quality defensive player. Not on this team as currently constructed.
  5. NHL Team Values 2012: Toronto Maple Leafs Are First Hockey Team Worth

    When has this ever happened? This organization has never drawn the way it should given it's run of excellence and the dense population of the market in which they play in. They've cultivated a much larger fanbase then they had in 1995, but they still can't sell the building out on a regular basis even with a state of the art building.
  6. Henrique Out 4-6 Weeks

    Wouldn't be a work stoppage for the Devils without any injuries. The injuries this organization deals with seemingly year after year, man oh man....
  7. NHL Team Values 2012: Toronto Maple Leafs Are First Hockey Team Worth

    Just go back to the Original 6, a handful of US markets, and Canadian markets and just end it already. I believe this league would be more successful in a much smaller scope. It's a niche sport as it is, being smaller would fit it. Plus the talent level wouldn't be as watered down, either. Pro sports in general has too many teams in each league and only half or maybe less of those teams anyone really cares about.
  8. 2012 Jets Thread

    There are fans who recieve attention for a variety of reasons and then there are fans who look for attention and strive for it. Those are the ones people dislike the most. The Devils have many of these types of fans, too. Fireman Ed's 15 minutes of fame lasted 20 years too long.
  9. All Jersey Talk

    That's a good point, but I think it's still the spirit of gambling as it's a game of chance. You are still vying for an advertised bigger prize or prizes. No one really loses in a grab bag as you do win something, it's that you're gambling that you'll win the big prize.
  10. A frustrated fan says so long to the Canucks - Any STHs here walking?

    Preach on, but unless someones paying the invoice for my tickets it'll be my choice to make if and when it comes.
  11. All Jersey Talk

    These grab bags are considered gambling according to law. Unless you're licensed or non-profit (church, think raffles), grab bags are illegal in the state of NJ.
  12. Devils Catch Fire Vinyl Record Question

    Wow, at the Vault Sale they sold these for $1 LOL. Or was it 2/$1? Either way, it makes me feel wayyyy to old that i can remember this song during radio broadcasts.
  13. It's a Devils "Miracle"

    First post here. Looking forward to this as my wife and i love the movie. It's also a chance to hang around other fans and give Newark bars and restaurants some business.