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  1. Rats vs. Worcester, Oct. 9

    So Janssen was a wrecking ball out there, played that way here in Windsor all the time, Janssen was a top 3 Heavyweight in the O.H.L for 3 years, has fought everyone in the O.H.L, it's funny you said he motioned to drop the gloves and then skated away, he did that twice here in Windsor in his last year, I am not a big fan of that either, you wanna go or you don't, the thing was, the two times he did it was with guy's he already fought before and won, so it wasn't exactly like he was scared and turning them down, but who knows, like I said I am not crazy of a player pulling that kind of stuff either. No doubt, Janssen will become a fan favourite, this kid has a ton of heart and soul, he will do anything to help his team win.