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  1. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    Can anyone help me identify some of these signatures. I picked it up from a friend last week and he said the jersey was signed by the guys on the 06 - 07 roster. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Please, Please, Please http://www.mediafire.com/view/ld4em4e8c5tqas4/photo.JPG
  3. Devils Training Camp / tryouts

    Thanks a lot! Been reading for a year, figured it was time to hop in!
  4. Devils Training Camp / tryouts

    Why not offer Kristian Huselius a tryout? When playing a full healthy season he was putting up 50 - 70 points. Without Sykora and Parise we need to make up the points. I understand asking the younger guys to do it, but veteran help is always a necessity. Thoughts?