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  1. I can't bring myself to imagine a high crime area in Canada.
  2. Good win. Always good to get off to a nice start, especially in a shortened season. We got outplayed for the most part, but we were able to capitalize on our opportunities. Hell, we played better D on the PK then we did at full strength. I'm loving the top line of Zubrus-Zajac-Kovy. Zubrus good on the forecheck, and Kovy has been pretty good so far. Zajac a good finesse player from the slot. I'm liking Matteau, although I saw him slipping around a bit and getting overmatched on the forecheck. Salvador was by far our best D-man out there and Marty once again proved that he is an ageless wonder out there.
  3. I'm excited about him. Seems to be a talented player with good play both ways. He's look a little overpowered playing in the corners but then again he's a natural center
  4. I think he may have been talking to the other reporter guy. Like saying: "Brian, Clarkson scores a goal."
  5. The Clarky goal was huge. We needed insurance with the way we're playing otherwise. And why is Matteau playing wing? He's naturally a center and he looks overpowered in deep against this physical Philly team.