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  1. Ok thanks for the answer
  2. Does anybody know of any deals for the club seats like last year? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Didn't know where to put this: Anyone know what time the arena doors open up?
  4. They got him!!! Great job by the Police with the whole situation. I admire the brave men and women who courageously helped in this time of terror. They are true heroes.
  5. Any deals for semi cheap club seats for Saturday??
  6. That's his style of play. He's not gonna make amazing plays all the time, but he is also gonna be solid most of the time as well. He also can score in clutch situations.
  7. Do you know if any of these deals have club seats that are relatively inexpensive?
  8. @TGfireandice: Reid Boucher's contract doesn't begin until 2013-14. He's not eligible to play in NHL this season. So much for that
  9. And when is that?
  10. Where are you hearing this?
  11. We're not taking a WR at 12, have to many other needs to fill. So what offensive is left RB, OT, TE? I think we are gonna end up drafting a defensive player, not sure where though
  12. Also Dansby out. Still gotta get a TE and CB though
  13. Oh well, hopefully they get another one of these up sooner then later
  14. In all honesty, I think both Lou and Deboer both deserve credit for the success of those guys
  15. Don't think it works anymore