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  1. When a team cannot score (going on 10 yrs now) you have to do whatever it takes to change that. Of course, the problem is that we don't have players to handle the puck. But you have to try anything at any time.
  2. The strange thing is: I could've sworn I saw him interviewed and he said that once that happened, he know that he had 3 minutes to live. That he gathered up some ice from the crease and pushed hard on his juggler with the ice as he skated to the locker. Where he was tended to. I don't know. Did anyone else hear that? I'm sure of hearing it.
  3. He'd still be the best Devil. Even in jail.
  4. We need him to get better. If he improves, the Devil rebuild will be a success. I consider him an important piece to put the team back to where they were before. High Hopes!!
  5. Loved him for all these years but it's time to retire.
  6. Always liked him. Hope he doesn't get hurt again.
  7. No thoughts. Haven't seen anything to think about.
  8. Good player. I would like to see him have a breakthrough year and become the great player he was in junior.
  9. I thought he'd be better.
  10. I hope we see 10 guys with 20.
  11. It's gotta be this year. He's had enough time to grow up. Now he has to show something.
  12. Excellent on the 5th line.
  13. Who writes this stupid s**t??
  14. Of course. We dont have any scorers. At this point, I'd take Jagr back.