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  1. Champions League Final!! - Your View

    I hope for Liverpool but I think that Milan win the Cup
  2. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    Lets go Devils best wishes from Germany!
  3. GAME THREAD: Devils @ NYR 7pm

    Congratulation from Germany for the Devils Win over the Rangers That`s nice, that the Rangers can't win against the Devils every Year Rangers ... see you in the Play Offs back again
  4. Jagr to Russia for the $$$

    Jagr's Heart is not full with hockey ... he's a money player but 7,8 million Dollars is not enough for Jagr ... he must die of hunger
  5. Hello from Germany

    Thanks for all @AustriaFor Elias du hast was in deinem Postfach @thefiestygoat yes, I follow the DEL, some NHL Player playing in the DEL, but more german NHL Player like Sturm, Hecht or Butensch
  6. Hello from Germany

    I search for a forum from the Devils, but i don't find a forum, and now about google i have found this board. Do you have an idea when the Look out is over?
  7. Joe Thornton or Todd Bertuzzi

    I mean that Todd Bertuzzi is the best Player from both.
  8. Hello from Germany

    Hello New Jersey Devils Fans, I am a big Devils fan from Germany ... at first I say sorry for my bad english, but i hope you can understand me