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  1. The Marty Night thread

    I'll have to take a closer look (and hopefully will be able to get one tuesday and can compare them with the others).  But I definitely appreciate your attention to detail. the one thing that did bother me about the last one (#27) is that it was a different shade of red and much darker than the first 2 pucks (so while I was glad the style remained for all 3, I was disappointed how much darker #27 was).  not sure if that was every puck for Scott N or just mine.
  2. The Marty Night thread

    Hope you are right about the new ownership.  Yes I was, and as you said I'm glad the overall appearance is exactly the same.  Keeping it standard and having it look great with the others.  I was able to get #4 and #3 in person on those nights (although it was chaos getting them that night).  #27 I didn't see anywhere that night and was pissed, but found it on e-bay a few months later (not sure if they had that puck that night, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it).  so I do have that, but had to pay more. your welcome, your basement does look amazing, even nicer than mine.  I love sports too, but I decided to go with a movie theater open space type of theme where I have a lot of open space and a big tv, etc (movie framed posters and different collectibles related to movies).  but I was glad there is a small side room in the basement which I've used for my devils pucks, banners, bobbleheads and things like that. I also agree with what you said about how it feels weird this day has come.  I remember going to games where 87-88 was the only banner and the devils were lucky to be a 4 seed in the patrick division and lose in the first round.  to then see them become a contender in 93-94 and continue that trend for almost 20 years is surreal.  the last 4 years have been tough, but for them to go on a run like that for so long is so hard to believe that it happened and equally hard to believe that it's now over.  Only the wings had a better run in that 20 year period (and as you know our team beat them).  going back to 93-94 the beginning of #30, as weird as this sounds I didn't even like him that much his first year.  I was a big fan of Chris Terrari and was mad that Marty was playing so much over him at that time.  Thankfully I was wrong and he went on to surpass everything Patrick Roy was doing at that time (which he was the class of goalies in the early 90's until Brodeur and Hasak started to take over).  to think back on that time that the devils were going to have a goalie that became better than Roy is just insane to think back on.  that's like having a guy starting out on the devils becoming the next Gretzky or Lemieux within the next decade plus.
  3. The Marty Night thread

    that's awesome they confirmed that, just curious where they confirmed that?   no problem, I don't take that personal.  I don't have any specific reason other than I just have a negative approach to things sometimes until proven different.  too be honest I don't know too much about the new owners and was just assuming more than anything.
  4. The Marty Night thread

    hope you are right pal.  To answer your question, no specific reason or anything I heard, just hoping the new owners won't change certain things (like I hope our team will always have this same jersey and logo) too many changes in the NFL and NHL for team logos and jerseys.  our's is perfect and has been perfect for the last 20 plus years.  Hope certain sga's remain the same (exact mini banner and photo for jersey retirements, etc) so no specific reason to think that, just hoping nothing changes with certain traditions like mentioned above.
  5. The Marty Night thread

    Hey guys,    very excited for the night as all of you are too.  do you guys know for sure if we will get the mini banners and the nice photo that we got for the other 3?  I truly hope we do, although I feel a little nervous with different ownership.    Although someone working there is paying attention to details by having the same style retirement puck for sale that we had for the other 3.  Same thing last year where some of the 20th anniversary pucks had the exact stanley cup image on the back of the puck (from the stanley cup puck series)    I also would love to see a patch and a pin for sale with the Brodeur retirement logo as well as a puck with just the retirement logo in a bigger format (instead of a smaller image and saying NHL and official puck), I'd prefer a bigger logo and just the logo.    by the way CR76, awesome pics of your basement.  looks incredible!  I'm a big movie nut where I have mostly movie stuff in my basement, but I do have a section for the devils (and have the banners, 2 conn smyth plaques for #22 and #4, and many devils pucks from anniversary's, playoff series they've won, opening night pucks, the retirement #'s, etc)
  6. new soda cups and items this year?

    Went to my first game this season this past Saturday and for those of you that don't go often that are looking they now have the Niedermayer cup available.  I was excited about that, but tried hard to also find the Daneyko as I knew that was the first one.  and after looking at most of the vendors I couldn't find him, but eventually I did.  I found him at one of the Italian food sections (I think it's called Villa or something like that)  Their pizza looked great too (but I'm not spending $5 plus for one slice when I have places by me that serve great pizza for under $15 for 8 slices).  But I did get a Pepporoni stromboli that was very good (and considering high prices at games, that to me seemed a little better)   anyway, anyone still looking for #3's soda cup check by the pizza/Italian food sections if they still have it at the next game.  I checked everyone, and that villa on the lower section was the only one that had it (at least for this game on 11/30)   and anyone that likes to collect pucks like I do, they have a very nice opening night puck with the devils and Islanders logo at the counter of the Devils main store.  (unless they sold out during this game).  That's two years in a row they've had a nice opening night puck, hope they keep that up every year now. (last year they had the flyers/devils for the home opener).  i was also able to get one for devils/penguins on e-bay for the pens home opener this year.  I had asked on here about a potential devils/islanders opening night puck and I was glad they had it.   No 2013 State logo draft pucks or pins nor any pins/pucks for devils rangers yankee stadium (I'll have to get those on e-bay as I've seen all of them on there)
  7. new soda cups and items this year?

    Thanks for the pics, can't wait to get all 3 cups.  Pretty cool they have a retirement series cup set, and soon they should be coming out with Brodeur and Elias    
  8. new soda cups and items this year?

    I was able to get that pin you mentioned on e-bay a few weeks ago, it is a very nice pin as you said.   If souviner cups are nice, I don't mind paying for them (everything at games are rip offs, and I'd rather spend an extra couple of bucks for a ncie souviner cup than just a bottle I'll throw away)   Do they have 4 different cups to choose from now or just the Daneyko    
  9. new soda cups and items this year?

    Hey Colin,     thanks for the info.  Looking forward to getting the cups.  From TV the dano cup looked really nice!  What are the 4 cups?  I know it's him, #4 and #27, what is the fourth?     
  10. I haven't been to a game yet this year and won't go until late November, but I was wondering if the Devils have any cool new items at games this year such as:   an opening dueling puck and/or pin vs. the Islanders (or other gameday pins/pucks).  Last year I saw and bought an opening day puck vs. the flyers and in years past they had opening day pins vs. the islanders and senators (in 07 and 08).  other than last year's flyers puck and 07 first year prudential vs. senators I don't know if any other opening or gameday pucks exist (other than the playoffs)  and same point about the 2 pins listed.   During the first home game in the first intermission they showed a really nice Ken Daneyko soda cup and said it's the first cup of the series and that they would also have Stevens and Niedermayer (I only saw it on tv once, but the images looked similiar to the photo's they gave away during the retirement ceremony).  if it's as great as it looked on tv, it's a pretty neat set to collect.  I know last year there were a few people that shared a lot of info about vintage devils soda cups over the years and we discussed possible different cup ideas (these retirement cups were one of the ideas, nice to see they are coming out with a series for them now)   Has anyone noticed any of those 3 cups?  Are they pretty nice?   thanks    
  11. Pins

    Hey Jimmy,     I haven't been on in awhile, otherwise I would have replied sooner, so hopefully you'll still see this.      I'm a huge pin collector and try to get every Devils pin I can.  I do have a 30th anniversary pin.  I only go to about 1 or 2 games a year so I don't know if they sold it at the game or not, the one I got was off of e-bay 2 years ago during the 30th year.       Which 25th pin do you have?  I noticed there are 2 versions.  an sga from XM radio and then another 25th pin (that just says 25th with no sponsor).  I have the xm radio sga, but have been looking for the reg 25th with no sponsor on it (only saw it once on e-bay, the xm radio is the version that shows up all the time)       I also have an XM radio sga version of the prudential first year (not sure if they had a reg with no sponsor or not)      as far as 10th, I've been looking for that for a long time.  I've asked so many people on e-bay that have vintage devils auctions and I still haven't gotten a clear answer (some weren't sure, some didn't remember, some said yes but it was so long ago they may not know for sure).  I have never seen one either.  so I have no idea.  Hope to find one someday though.       I have all the playoff dueling pins too (mine go back to 2000 vs. flyers though, have been hoping that one day they would make all the ones from 95, 97, 94, and 88 playoff wins and 2000 vs. panthers and leafs).  I have other gameday pins too, but still hoping for a devils 10th and vintage playoff match ups from series they won prior to 2000.   hope this helps
  12. Iginla officially traded to Pittsburgh

    I agree, the Penguins own the Rangers.  Like you said the Devils seem to match up with the Pens, the other team that seems to play them well is the Flyers.  The way our team normally dominates the Flyers, the Flyers do the same to the Penguins.  Even in the games the Flyers lost to the Penguins they pretty much blew in the end.  I think flyers or Devils would have a solid shot at them   I also wouldn't rule out the Senators either.  there seems to be something special about this team to keep fighting back injury after injury.  and I'm not really sure what to expect from Montreal this post season   other than those 4, i have a hard time seeing anyone in the east beating them (I just don't see Bruins, rangers, or the Leafs taking them down).  although like a few others have said on here, when a team loads up this much, it usually back fires, I just have a gut feeling they won't win this year.  It just seems like they are doing everything they can to avoid what happened last year, but once they get in that series and if they start to face a dangerous flyers or devils team that is playing a tight and close series, watch out!        
  13. curious about all of the special Devil nights in the past.

    That was a tough playoff series, but for 06-07 I meant the final reg season game.  They would never have anything like that for the playoffs because it would be too distracting and you would never know when the final game is anyway unless it's game 7 of the cup and there is no way you can have a ceremony like that before a game like that.   I am surprised though that it seems the final reg game of 07 never gave any mention of CAA    
  14. curious about all of the special Devil nights in the past.

    that wouldn't surprise me about the fan, some people do anything they can to get on camera.    
  15. curious about all of the special Devil nights in the past.

    For Emrick I think they did have a night in 09 or 2010 when he made the HOF.  Not sure if they gave out anything.   I actually like the photo inserts.  (not as much as the banners and other items) but they are a nice collectible.  and to me the banners are pretty awesome as sga's when they have those nights.  The NHL seems to be the only sport to do that which is a great idea from whoever started that.    when I said 88-89 I was saying in that season because it would have been Fall of 88 when that season opened in which they would have honored the 87-88 year.   and I do remember talking about those posters with another member, also in 03-04 I think they gave out a pin and card for each of the 3 cups.   Were you at the game on Saturday?  if you were, I was curious if you saw the part where they honored the lady at the box office and showed some fans raving about their experiences.  I was thinking about your comments about your bad experiences with them.