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  1. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    yea .. i dont think its that much to give up.....its less than what we gave up for kovy. and people said we gave up 2 much for kovy.
  2. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    heatley, 2013 5th to new jersey for tallinder, josefson, urbom, 2013 2nd and 2013 4th' - other teams in mix boston and jets heatley not making trip to nashville did u ever think we would have a player signed for 15 seasons??? heatley zajac kovy - make it happen louuu
  3. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    KFAN IN MINNESOTA.....HEATLEY HAS WAIVED NMC...heatley and kovy back again??????
  4. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    yea hes worth it. its only 7.5 this year and next. then he is UFA. we have so many players coming off the books after this season....ELIAS,ZUBRUS.CLARKSON.PONI. not gonna resign all of them prob 2 of them at most. would not be suprised if we bought out moose or volchenkov over the summer.. heatley on a line with kovy sounds like something we could use. loktionov is nice but hes not on a kovy level. heatley is a world class player.
  5. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    according to KFAN in minnesota. heatley is not making the trip to nashville with the wild
  6. GDT: Moose VS Buffalo (Devils VS Sabres) 3/7/13

    devils and wild are talking about a deal that would send dany heatley to new jersey. heatley, 2013 5th to new jersey for tallinder, josefson, 2013 2nd and 2013 4th.. if this happens we need to thank parise. heatley and kovy in atl were fun to watch. heatley makes 7.5 mil this season and next. hes been playing on the 3rd line in Minnesota. i know for a fact he has already waived his NMC..
  7. GDT 2/16/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders

  8. GDT 2/16/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders

    blair jones was placed on waivers on sat afternoon. i think lou should claim him . he once won the hardest shot contest shooting the puck over 100mph at the ahl all star game. hes 6'3 207. makes 650 k this year and next. one thing we lack in a player with a heavvy shot like souray. blair jones could be this years ryan carter waiver claim troll http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/3976
  9. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs. Flyers 7PM MSG+

    Media Information EXECUTIVE OFFICES: The Devils’ executive offices are located adjacent to AmeriHealth Pavilion at Prudential Center on Lafayette Street. CREDENTIALS: Season passes are issued to those members of the media who regularly cover the New Jersey Devils. These passes will be honored for entrance to Prudential Center and all working areas for all 2012-13 regular-season home games. Single-game passes may be requested by contacting the Devils’ Communications Department at least 24 hours prior to game time. Accredited individuals are strictly prohibited from obtaining player autographs while in a working capacity. Credentials will be issued only to representatives of legitimate news gathering agencies. MORNING SKATE: Morning skate will take place at Prudential Center’s main rink or AmeriHealth Pavilion. All media (print and broadcast) covering the morning skate at Prudential Center must be credentialed. Please contact the Devils’ Communications Department to confirm time and location. Credentials for practices and morning skates will be available at the Event Staff entrance adjacent to the Lafayette Street security entrance. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Accredited photographers may shoot only from designated areas. The Devils’ Communications Department issues location assignments just outside the press room approximately 30 minutes prior to game time. No roving passes will be issued. GAME-TIME PRESS ENTRANCE: Members of the media should enter the building through the Mulberry Street press entrance. Credentials will be available two and one-half hours prior to game time. All credentials must be picked up individually. PRESS LOUNGE: The press lounge/working room is located behind the press entrance on Mulberry Street. The lounge is open only to properly accredited and identified members of the media, as well as club and league personnel. A buffet meal will be served approximately 90 minutes prior to faceoff. The cost of the meal is $10. Beverages are provided free of charge. Refreshments are available prior to, during, and after all games. PRE-GAME: The Devils’ locker room is closed at all times prior to the start of the game. The dressing room corridor will remain open until 90 minutes prior to game time. A representative from the Devils’ Communications Department will remain outside the Devils’ locker room to assist members of the media wishing to interview players. After that time, only members of the media requiring access to television production areas are permitted to pass through the corridor once it has been closed. PRESS BOX: An elevator to the press box is located adjacent to the press lounge. Seating charts are displayed throughout the press lounge and in the press seating area. The Devils provide a limited number of courtesy phones in the press box for use by the media. Anyone who wishes to order a private line should contact Andre Mutovic of DAE at 973-757-6532. Wireless, high-speed internet access is available. POST-GAME: Locker rooms will open to the media no later than five (5) minutes following the conclusion of the game. Head Coach Peter DeBoer will be available to the media in the coaches’ press conference area, approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of each home game. WIRELESS INFO: All media are asked to use the ‘pruguest’ wireless network. The password is prucenter123 some inside info for you guys http://njdevilspr.com/ i usually use this site for my devils news. along with TG
  10. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs. Flyers 7PM MSG+

    hey i am new to the forum this is my first post. i cant make a new topic. but i am one of the fans from the drop the puck video. my reaction is from the panthers game 7. i had to sign a waiver for them to edit it. i am a season ticket holder i was at every home game. i moved to north carolina 2 months ago. i still have my season tickets.... here is the full video no edits \\ you can follow me on twitter at TWITTER.COM/@THEJOESPINELLI looks like a beer league game tonight at the rock. i never really used forums when i lived on long island but now since im so far away i use them aot and have alot of information 2 post....