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  1. I wish Pdb would just keep the lines the same for a couple of games, he keeps shufing lines left an right, there is no chemistry to be made.
  2. Hedberg you fvcking suck! Way to blow this game for us!
  3. But I do like Zubie#8's last post. We could have won any of these games; just mental mistakes by individuals, not team mistakes, have cost us certain games. They'll turn it around but I still think Lou needs to make a trade.
  4. At this rate we will be out of the playoffs by the end of the month. Lou needs to make a move ASAP
  5. I don't know if anything will get changed, but Lundqvist's chest piece is just ridiculous
  6. Hopefully Zajac and Henrique have a good game today because I haven't really noticed them lately. Broduer usually plays good against Winnipeg for the most part. LGD!!
  7. I'm frustrated with the offense, yea we have some injuries but with the players we still have (Kovy, Elias, henrique, clarkson,Zajac, etc.) we should be able to score more than one goal a game. I think they need to just go back to the basics and make simple plays and go for the dirty goals
  8. Gionta needs to get off the PK
  9. C'mon Devils! Lets play a full 60 today