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  1. I didn't see this story until just now, and all I can say is the Devils are stupid. Well, that and the fact that Ripoffmaster is really, really good at screwing people over. Even when they "try" to do something fan-friendly, like giving people access to free GA ticket vouchers as a result of that music concert fan lawsuit and settlement, TM/ROM makes the program so fan-unfriendly that it isn't even worth it. BTW, TM/ROM pulls the same sh!t on Ticket Exchange with music concerts too. I had an extra ticket for a Black Sabbath concert held on 8/21 near DC, and the fvcking a$$holes wouldn't let me sell the extra ticket for below face value. fvck Ripoffmaster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Based on the Prudential Center FAQ page, it appears computers and smaller bags are permitted; they are not listed as prohibited items: Having said the above, I could swear when I checked this last season laptops were prohibited. (I could also be thinking of the Devils game I attended at Nassau Coliseum last season.) I would contact Guest Services at the Prudential Center for more information. There is a phone number in the FAQ section as well as a Guest Services tab in the link above.
  3. Chimaira Devil - it sounds like you had a great time this past week. So glad you could fulfill a long-time dream. Hopefully the next time you come over to the NYC area it won't be so cold. (Much of the eastern U.S. experienced record low temperatures during the third week of February.) Incidentally, if/when you come over the next time, if you are in lower Manhattan prior to a game, you can take the PATH train from the World Trade Center site/Freedom Tower to Newark Penn Station.
  4. Damn, good seats IMO. Why couldn't have you had this deal yesterday when I was in north Jersey for the Devils game?
  5. I will be there. Hopefully no garbage, at least from the Devils. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Watching the game in person at the Verizon Center, I thought Larsson had a strong game; that was very good to see. Gelinas on the other hand scares the hell out of me on defense. With the exception of the gaffe by Holtby, both goalies played well. Pretty entertaining contest, especially the last two periods, for a 1-0 game (and luckily the Devils didn't make it even more interesting in the last minute of regulation). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Every Devils game I attend at the Verizon Center is probably 15% Devils fans. Last night was probably a little higher percentage than the Thursday 10/16 game because it was a Friday.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Is anyone at the game tonight besides me? I know this is a game a few north Jersey-based Devils fans were targeting for a road trip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'll take a 3-1 start on a 4 game, season-opening road trip, even if the Devs get crushed in the game I attend. I think the killer was not leading after the 1st period after the Devils controlled play for most of the period.
  10. Looking forward to attending tonight's game, and would love to see the Devils still unbeaten going into the home opener.
  11. I can't personally comment one way or the other on Dorholt's quality, but IMO if customization is highly important to someone, I think it would dumb for that person to NOT go to the company that does the Devils' own customization. That's especially true if someone is (usually) spending extra money and buying a true authentic jersey rather than merely a good replica. (In the latter case, I'd personally be okay with excellent but not perfect customization if I was saving significant money.)
  12. DevsMan84 - thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it.
  13. DevsMan84 - just out of curiosity, what are the specific differences on Devils jerseys between the 100% true McCoy EPS customization and customization by the reputable hockey jersey retailers that do high quality customization like SportsK, CoolHockey (presumably), and IceJerseys (presumably)?
  14. Yeah, as it relates to DevsMan84's comments above, it should be noted that a distinction should be made between retailers who are reputable (Group A) and retailers that do a good job with customization (Group B). Not all retailers in the first category fall in the second category. More importantly however, I'd guess all retailers who do a good job with customization also are reputable with selling hockey jerseys in general. Stated another way, ALL retailers in Group B are also in Group A, and some reputable retailers are only in Group A. Questionable retailers probably don't do good customization, and don't fall into either Group A or Group B.
  15. SportsK is a reputable, on-line NHL jersey retailer. The majority of the jerseys I've bought on-line, I've bought from SportsK. They have responsive customer service when you e-mail them (based on my experience), send out non-customized orders quickly, and are on the up-and-up. More specifically in my case, in spring 2013 they gave me $10 off each on a pair of jerseys (1980 USA Olympic Team replicas) I ordered as an alternative when they mistakenly indicated on their website that the Devils red/green Vintage Hockey jersey I ordered was in stock in my size but actually was not (Reebok/CCM mislabeled the jersey sizes on the packaging they received), and at the end of December 2013 they included a free USA Hockey winter hat in my $300+ order when I ordered three hockey jerseys and a MLB jacket from them. A related comment to the above - generally speaking, I think you can distinguish reputable on-line retailers from questionable retailers (i.e. those with prices too good to be true, though there are some shady retailers who sell jerseys at full price) if the retailer indicates their physical location and provides a mailing address on their site. If you look closely at retailers' sites (especially) for those companies that sell NHL jerseys (though this is true for other sports apparel as well), the questionable retailers will not provide a mailing address anywhere on the site. They also usually do not provide a phone number, and the e-mail address provided is very generic. Reputable retailers will provide a physical, mailing address, and provide much more detailed information about returns. I think the last point is also why questionable retailers often seemingly have jerseys for half of a team's players advertised on their sites; they do not do/will not do returns. By contrast, the reputable retailers don't keep as much customized player jersey stock on hand (because they don't do customization in a half-assed manner and it costs them more time and money to do customization) but will try to do a good job when they do get customized jersey orders. Some reputable hockey jersey retailers I can tell you off the top of my head include SportsK (located in the Detroit area), CoolHockey (Toronto area), IceJerseys (Montreal area), and River City Sports (Winnipeg area). There are a few others too, but I've only bought from the first three and have heard only positive feedback about River City Sports.