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  1. This off seasons UFA's and realistic possible trades

    If we lose Cory, we just lost a top pick ( Nichushkin) in the draft, for a one year rental goalie. Now that really screwed up. Sorry guys, venting
  2. Brodeur Appreciation Thread

    If Cory is signed, I'd go with 1 and 2.
  3. Lou on trying to sign free agents before July 1st

    Agreed 100%,,,,, No Doubt
  4. If Cory Schneider refuses to sign an extension this summer...

    We could have had Valeri Nichushkin, what a waste of a pick, if we dont sign Cory.
  5. 2013-14 Prospect Thread

    Severson reminds me a little like some guy Scotty Nieds......
  6. Gelinas as a forward

    Agreed, He needs time to develop his D game. I highly doubt he will play forward ! IMO
  7. Who can we trade/sign this off season that's a "Devil" pla

    Oh yes I'd take Matt Niskanen toooo sorry bout that..... almost forgot....
  8. Who can we trade/sign this off season that's a "Devil" pla

    Mason Raymond comes to mind !
  9. GDT New Jersey Devils @ Tampa Bay Lightning - 7pm MSG

    I just shake my head, and say to myself, what the hell happened to my Devils these past couples years ! .........
  10. All purpose Olympics thread

    Could have had TJ, but we took Niclas Bergfors, with the pick before lol !
  11. Discuss - Most Likely Trade Deadline Targets

    If Jagr and Zids can bring that in, I'm all in......................
  12. GDT. Rangers vs Devils

    Lol pure genius !
  13. I think we've found our Clarkson replacement

    All in all I still like Cam's his attitude......... Honestly happy for him, even its a couple games or the whole.season he stay with the big club. Not the most skilled player, but he brings it every night.
  14. I think we've found our Clarkson replacement

    I think Cam is Free now ! Nomore Free Cam signs....... Take em down !
  15. GDT: Bolts at Brodeur-Lead DEVILS 7:30

    Oh I hope we get Doc tonight......