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  1. looked like he was giving it to someone.
  2. big game today and I'm actually excited for it which is a rarity this season. Scoop up another two points and show us that there is still some faith left in this season!
  3. no one is going to claim him, he's junk.
  4. not sure how that was a dirty hit.. looked like a pretty solid hip type check
  5. love how physical this game is
  6. as long as Greene picks right back up this obviously fills a hole. lets hope everyone can manage to stay healthy now and hopefully we can go on a tear this month and stack up some W's
  7. I don't see how he really contributes anything to our defense that makes him worth taking back. the only thing he has to offer is that monster shot which isn't even accurate. I do not think we would be stupid enough to take him back, lets continue to move forward not backward to old pieces that didn't work while they were here the first time around.
  8. screw those losers. If I want to listen to sports radio I turn on Sirius and tune it to whatever I want.. nhl, nfl, espn etc. well worth $20 for six months. really I don't listen to regular radio at all anymore.
  9. palms ripping it up tonight, nice pass by hall I'm glad he was able to sink it
  10. 2nd goal in second game.. maybe we found something here, but with our luck nah I'm sure its just coincidence
  11. lets get back on track in the right direction with a nice 2 pts. here!
  12. sure am glad I didn't end up making the troop to Newark in the crap weather to watch this live. Now the debate to go on Thursday or not..
  13. thanks for rubbing in the salt.. as they score their third of the night.
  14. would be great to see a solid effort and grab two points here tonight. Thursday will be a tougher match up so we could certainly use the two points tonight.
  15. solid performance, hope for consistency