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  1. Could have done with out him but atleast he is descent on the pp
  2. he will definitely get signed but 7 years is too long for just about anyone.. I like 4 year deals personally, you don't know how people will change performance wise over a span of years.
  3. Another njdevs melt down after one loss. Geeze I get it would have been quite beneficial to us to have beaten them with the points race we are in... But everyone take a deep breath we are still right there..if we lose tonight and Tuesday then I can understand the doom and gloom..
  4. message sent
  5. Bump henrique sold elias gloves added
  6. i think the whole team has been a pretty big surprise, everyone had this team pinned to be garbage.. although they could slow it down once that spark theyre running on burns out they are still pretty fun to watch this far.
  7. this is pretty funny.. kind of cool to get to see a little inside on the team stuff
  8. that was a close one, but the net just coming off wouldnt have effected the puck crossing the line anyway
  9. really hope they can stick it to the pens tonight, can imagine shero and hynes want this one!
  10. cant wait for pattys return, hope hes back soon and can help this fun to watch team be even better
  11. another good team coming to put the devils to the test tonight, looking forward to watching this game and hoping for a fun exciting one. LGD!
  12. exactly, i offered to sell my henrique for $650 shipped which i felt was really pretty reasonable but instead that purple HFC jersey that was worn for a total of less than a half hour sold for over 2 grand! atleast the money went to charity.
  13. nice to see so much money raised out of those warm up jerseys... but i just dont understand this fan base...
  14. didnt get to see much of this one. Zajac with another goal, glad to see it seems like he is starting to step his game up a little bit.
  15. theyre going to have to pick it up and hold it together for a full 60 minutes tomorrow if they want a chance to earn 2 points... they completely fell off in the 3rd period last game.