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  1. I read that as well, I guess everyone can stop with the possible returns for cory bit.
  2. personally I would prefer us to keep kovy here, I think he would make a huge impact on this team and it would down right help the devils in general. People would be buying tickets to see him play, I'm not sure why they wouldn't want to keep him. However if he is traded I think he should be packaged with a prospect or picks to net us a player in return that is going to make an instant impact. Shero knows what he is doing, he's not going to sell him for nothing, as he already stated the trade would need to make sense for the devils. Either way this off season should be pretty exciting.
  3. yeaaa
  4. I can't believe that there is still debate to the signing of shatty. First off I doubt he really is going to want to come play here, lets be honest he grew up a ranger fan from the area and thats where he wants to go, maybe to the point that he may even go play for them for a heavily discounted rate. But who knows money talks and the fact that he wants to be in this area is pretty huge for us. I would have no issue giving him 7.5 per for 6 years. Again we have no one that is better then him or anyone coming up that is projected to be better then him, he instantly becomes our best Dman. we have alot of money, the only way to improve in FA is to spend it, lets start spending it to improve in areas that need improvement
  5. ah atleast the sen got one back there.. plenty of time to go
  6. can't even believe the caps are going to blow this, with out crosby and letang none the less.
  7. the thought of having him and hall together... just makes me excited in all kinds of ways
  8. if shatty and the caps win the cup this year then I think we might have a much greater chance at signing him than if they don't. the guy is going to be the most sought after free agent and I'm sure he wants to win as well.
  9. doubt he turns into anything, especially being there was probably not much interest in him by other teams. But who knows.
  10. lol let it rip chip!
  11. the caps game should really be 6-2 right now, that goalie interference call was BS and the only reason Matthews scored the third goal for the leafs is because the caps cleared the puck it went off the ref and bounced back in the caps end.
  12. and of course the rags were able to hang on..
  13. wilson snipes one, go caps!
  14. I don't think we can just afford to be moving out the few only goal scorers we actually have, if he went he would have to be part of a package that would bring back something better in return..we are not moving him for picks thats for sure.