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  1. I agree, and Washington obviously is talented and one of the best teams in the league so I don't know why he would even want to leave to come to a team like ours in its current state. However with the amount of cap space we will have we need to be trying as hard as anyone else to improve ourselves in any way possible. its been 5 years since the 12' run now, I know I'm not the only one getting tired of this same crap season after season. I do believe we have some key pieces up front the obvious few we need to find the forward or two the will push them over that hurdle. as well as finding a way to sharpen the D ...I know easier said than done but they need to improve both ends with at least one meaningful player. enough with the patches on a flat tire clearly its not holding any air.
  2. this is what cam saying. if people don't want him on this team with what we currently are working with then.. I don't even know what to say. those must be the people that are all about tanking year after year. We need talent period, in the front and the back, its going to be a weaker draft supposedly and the FA market isn't supposed to be a big one this season either. How else would we go about trying to get skill, theres not much you can trade when most of your roster is made up of a lot of spare parts at the moment. we aren't going to trade key guys zajac, palms, rico etc and other guys such as camm aren't worth a nickel at this point.
  3. how can you claim he wouldn't be a fit and suspect him of going on a decline? I'm not saying to sign him to a 7 year deal. He is 30 years old I believe and making somewhere around 4.5 or so..it is less than 5M.. with our current roster basically lacking any type of real talent outside of the obvious, you are telling me you wouldn't want to sign him? oh boy. he was good in St. Louis and hes ripping it up in Washington.. na I wouldn't want him on our team either you are right.
  4. after he turned down that Tampa deal I think any team that is going to try to acquire him through trade is going to have to give up way too much. What does he care if he just walks away from the blues without them getting anything, it doesn't effect him at all. He is going to go to free agency and see how much money he can get offered and then weigh out the cash and the location that he has in mind. He and I believe Oshie are the two big name free agents this year..we should be looking to spend on both of them and pushing strong offers.
  5. looked like he was giving it to someone.
  6. big game today and I'm actually excited for it which is a rarity this season. Scoop up another two points and show us that there is still some faith left in this season!
  7. no one is going to claim him, he's junk.
  8. not sure how that was a dirty hit.. looked like a pretty solid hip type check
  9. love how physical this game is
  10. as long as Greene picks right back up this obviously fills a hole. lets hope everyone can manage to stay healthy now and hopefully we can go on a tear this month and stack up some W's
  11. I don't see how he really contributes anything to our defense that makes him worth taking back. the only thing he has to offer is that monster shot which isn't even accurate. I do not think we would be stupid enough to take him back, lets continue to move forward not backward to old pieces that didn't work while they were here the first time around.
  12. screw those losers. If I want to listen to sports radio I turn on Sirius and tune it to whatever I want.. nhl, nfl, espn etc. well worth $20 for six months. really I don't listen to regular radio at all anymore.
  13. palms ripping it up tonight, nice pass by hall I'm glad he was able to sink it
  14. 2nd goal in second game.. maybe we found something here, but with our luck nah I'm sure its just coincidence
  15. lets get back on track in the right direction with a nice 2 pts. here!