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  1. GDT: Jackets @ Devils - 8 Dec - 7p

    we all know torts gave them the business, expect them to come out blazing
  2. GDT: Jackets @ Devils - 8 Dec - 7p

    this is a pretty important back to back this weekend. The division is so tight they need to keep taking in points or they will quickly find themselves from first way down the ladder. Would rater Cory tomorrow against a team we never want to lose against. Cant make it tonight but I will be at msg tomorrow
  3. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    rico just popped his first point
  4. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    just saw rico skating around in warm ups with the ducks on NHL network, man he kind of looks lost out there. I feel bad for the guy, I know from a hockey stand point we had to give up someone to pick up some help on D but this blows.
  5. GDT: 11/27/17 Florida @ NJ Devils

    lets hope we don't make this game more difficult then it has to be. Lets get these 2 points and extend a winning streak to go on our road trip with.
  6. Gibbons emerges as a scoring threat

    I would be hesitant to tie up a lot of money and term into him... although if he goes through the rest of the season id be more then impressed so..i dont know
  7. A four point weekend.. I’d say that’s a success fellas
  8. GDT : Devils @ Flames - 9:00 PM - 5/11/17 (SN360, MSG+)

    I think killjoy is in for santini
  9. no Johansson or palms this is going to be another tough game I would have to think, hopefully Cory is sharp again as he will need to be for us to have a chance here
  10. GDT: Devils at Vancouver, 11/1/17, 10pm (too damn late)

    I too hate the late start but I'm going to try to stay up for the whole thing unless they aren't giving me a reason to. Heres to hoping I have a reason to wake up tired tomorrow!
  11. GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    almost 4600 posts later, yea its my first time here. as much as I want to see Boyle come into this line up and see what he can do I don't really see how we could just take apart the bottom six that seems to be clicking together quite well at this point. If its not broke don't fix it, let it roll for the time being and when the opportunity occurs let Boyle jump in there.
  12. GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    why has this thread completely turned into discussing a kid that was found to be obnoxious at the game? I came here to read about the devils and I just wasted time of my life I will never get back to have to read through this completely off topic waste
  13. GDT: Ottawa @ NJ 7:00 10/27

    I can't lie I was thinking the same thing.. its a young team though, they are going to have to grow through somethings. Whats important is they found a way to come up in the shoot out with a couple goals and take the two points. hopefully tonight they come out flying looking to pounce on a crappy yotes team.
  14. No Devils Game for a Week

    its the way the schedule fell together.....
  15. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    the entire team has been taking far too many penalties, they need to find some discipline. They are a young group of guys it will come with time but they need to cut back on being in the box it is catching up and will start costing us games sooner or later.