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  1. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Have 2 AISLE tickets for sale to tonights 4/12 game against Ottawa. Section 5 row 13 on the aisle. Let me know if anyone is interested. Will email tickets. --SOLD--
  2. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    New Youth Hockey offer for 4/12 and 4/23 $25 Uppers $50 Gray, Rust, Orange $75 Yellow, Maroon https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/gr...t=&customerID=
  3. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Its hard to say .. depends where you are located. If you are in the corners you may want to be as low as you can get or as high since rows 5-15ish cut off your view of the near opposing side corner. I've sat in the club sections before and I would say to securly see over the boards you would want around row 10. Anything lower and the angles of the boards around the bench areas distort your view. These are just my observations.
  4. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Yeah, the GROUP code makes non center ice seats $15 .. if you want the center ice seats go with HOCKEY! since that gives the best discount on them.
  5. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    No problem, you can also use several other codes .. one is GROUP which reduces the $20 tix to $15 ... I believe there is another promo code you could use as well but does the same thing. I snagged a couple of seats section 4 row 2 .. should be fun!
  6. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    It's not a link .. you just enter the promo code when selecting your seats on ticketmaster's site.
  7. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Hey Guys, Bought 2 tickets to the 4/6 game against Toronto and now I can't go. Looking to unload these tickets, Section 110 Row 1 great seats. Let me know if you are interested, I can give you a much better price that stubhub right now since I need to unload these tix! ----SOLD----
  8. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    If anyone is selling 2 tickets (lower bowl preferred) to the 4/6 game against Toronto, please PM me. I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    I was lucky enough to snag a pair right next to the devils bench row 5 of section 9. If I would have been any further up I probably wouldn't have done the deal but knowing I could be that close to the devils bench ... I had to do it for the experience. I also read about the free shirt. Would anyone happen to know how one receives this shirt? There is mention of it in the deal listing on travelzoo but it doesn't actually explain how to obtain it. There's no mention of it on the tickets once purchased. If anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated!
  10. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Seems like the really big deals are probably all done for this season. All the huge deals were on the value games. I'm hoping they do one last big deal for one of the classic games maybe, but I'm not holding my breathe. Overall, it's been an amazing season for deal hunting.