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  1. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    Won't ever buy a Jersey with an ad on it. That's ridiculous, might as well pay me to advertise it, otherwise screw it
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Philly fans are classless.
  3. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Saw that Shelby is a Falcon. Rishard is a Titan and i think Miami signed Abdul-Qbdus( misspelled )
  4. Stefan Matteau to Montreal for Devante Smith-Pelly

  5. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    Lot of moves for FLA and Chicago, like what FLA is doing…
  6. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    Stempniak needs to be kept, not traded
  7. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    We're so fast!!!
  8. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    So many chances, if it was another goalie we'd be up by three
  9. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Jones job is there for the taking, i just wanna see Kinkaid get a chance to start, i think he can do it but not here.
  10. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    It gives Keith the chance to earn a starting role
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Blandisi is special, so why don't we cut the waste and send down Kennedy? Bring in Queenville in his place? And i saw that the SJS are goalie hunting, looking to possibly get rid of Stalock. Would they even consider a Kinkaid/ Gelinas or Dmen for a young forward since they have plenty?
  12. The AV Chewing Gum Club vs General Hynes ResilientWeAre Crew Feb. 2 GDT

    Loving what we got in Blandisi, keep him in the line up!
  13. Championship Sunday

    Pats just canner their O-line coach
  14. Championship Sunday

  15. Championship Sunday

    This is embarrassing, no one, is stopping Newton or Carolina for that matter. Dam poor play calling by both Arians and Palmer. Palmer completely looking like a high school Qb here, idk whats up with him..