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  1. Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

    Seems like the early excitment and anticipation has begun the inevitable descent into skepticism and doubt. The very definition of being a Devils fan come the trade deadline. As predictable as the rising and falling of the tide. Sucks.
  2. Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

    Given that Atlanta has stated that they will not allow a team to negotiate a long term deal prior to a trade happening truely makes this a rental situation. I think that the number and caliber of players needed to make a trade for a rental player measurably drops versus a player under contract for a couple of more years. That being said I doubt this is anything more than Potvin tossing out a comment without any backing. I guess the $10 million dollar question is whether Kovy's attitude changes coming to this team, with its playoff history, its coaching staff and veteran players? Gomez has not been the same player since leaving. That shows how being on the right team can impact a players approach/commitment to the game. STill not going to happen though.
  3. Zubrus isn't ruling out a return to lineup Tuesday

    This will be very good news if he can come back without any long term issues. Interesting side note: (N)Đ„verson in todays Post claims that Zubrus will be out till after the Olympic break. How do you have two articles written at the same time about the same person be sooo far off from each other? Does anyone do research anymore?
  4. Champ. Plaza: Statue Arrives

    I ride into Penn Station to grab the Path so I'm passing the arena every day. I have to say that seeing the statue in person versus in pictures gives me a better perspective. I think that it is one of those pieces of art that allows for different opinions each time you see it. Overall,I give the Devils high marks for taking that empty eyesore of a lot and turning it into something that will offer a great place to go before games. And hopefully after we start winning some playoff rounds.
  5. Thoughts from the game

    Random thoughts: I remember blowing out Dallas in game 1 of the SCF in 2000 and coming back and losing game 2. Overall, it ended well, but one game does not a series make. After years of hearig all the cr*p about how we never sell out in the first round or two unless we play the Rangers/Flyers I prefer hearing that we were sold out. If seats were bought but not filled, I could care less. The place looked filled up for the most part, at least from section 101 it did, and if the media wants to say we were sold out let them. It's better then hearing about all the empty seats during our playoff runs at the old CAA. More importantly the players liked the feel of the place and the crowd reactions.
  6. Brick City Bar and Grill

    Eaten their three times. Food has always been good to very good. Service has been good first two times. Last time had some guy, sounded French, dark hair dark glasses. Saw him once, after that needed a flare gun to get his attention.
  7. Shanahan and Rolston

    All in good fun my friend. Anyway with the Soprano's off the air I have so few times when I can use the term Mob.
  8. Shanahan and Rolston

    First, there have been hardly any players that have ever generated any type of mob mentality while wearing the Devils sweater. Well maybe Lyle Odeline(sp?). Second, I can't ever remember Devil fans being referred to as a Mob. How many fans does it take to constitute a Mob? Do we have enough? Last point, Rolston has always been a fan fav. Even the first time around when he couldn't hit net with Bloodhound and a scope on his stick. He was on a honeymoon ride this year regardless of what he did.
  9. Shanahan and Rolston

    Keep in mind that the two months Rolston missed really put a hurting on his numbers. Also, most people have stated that a high ankle sprain takes more time to heal then is typically given. I like how Brian has been coming on over the past month. Bodes well for the playoffs if he keeps improving.
  10. NJDEVS Trade Deadline Discussion Thread

    Lou basically just told everyone in the Devils locker room that this is the team he wants to make the cup run with. Whatever anyone was offering, it wasn't enough to trade the guys that have got the team to where they are. Every player in that room should take that knowledge and go flat out from now till mid-June.
  11. Devils Viewing Party

    I am good friends with the family that owns the Grasshopper pubs. Most recent one is in Morristown right off the green. Grasshopper Off The Green is the name. Family are huge Devil fans. Maybe they can set something up with the Devils for another Party. Their location in Carlstadt always had Devil players showing up after games to grab something to eat. We should not worry about what section of Jersey is more fertile ground for Devil Fans. The goal should be the whole friggin state!! Lets face it, The Devils are the only Pro team that seems to be proud of the NJ on their Jersey.
  12. Will Clemmer demand a trade?

    Free agent at seasons end. He'll get his shot then. Right now a healthy Brodure means a chance to make a cup run. He will be going nowhere.
  13. Versus announces NHL schedule change

    It would be interesting if they picked up the first game back for Marty as well. I'd hope it was a home game. The Rock would be just electric.
  14. Shot from tsn on Clemmer

    The team has hit a rough patch and has played fairly inconsistent over the past 10 games. Still Marty is at least 6-7 weeks from coming back so this team has to get its act together and keep themselves solidly in the playoff mix. My guess is that if Marty comes back healthy this will give them a nice jolt heading into the last 4-5 weeks of the season. If he plays himself into game shape quickly then anything is possible in the playoffs.