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  1. Nope. Lost out on the Arnott. Better luck next time! Haha
  2. Insane game!!! Can't believe we pulled it out!! What a win!!
  3. LGD!
  4. That's great! Awesome pickup with the Moher jersey. Inaugural season jerseys are very rare but very awesome to have. Glad you were able to pick one. I think I'm gonna pass on the GW auctions. There are some really nice jerseys on there but I don't have deep enough pockets to get anything off of there.
  5. I was thinking maybe my Gomez and my Rupp jersey
  6. That's awesome! Thanks so much for the info. I might just have to look into that for a jersey I have. I appreciate it.
  7. I hope there is something good on there or that someone wants something on there and can grab a nice shirt from them. Worse comes to worse I just keep adding to my budget and get something bigger. There are a few lower end players on Meigray I wouldn't mind getting if the sale is right. How much does it cost to have Meigray authenticate a jersey?
  8. Not too bad for charity. Could have definitely been worse. I missed out on the Zelepukin jersey on Classic. So now I have money to burn on the next jersey. Maybe something will pop up on gamewornauctions or maybe just spend it on Meigrays holiday sale if nothing strikes me between now and then
  9. Such a nice list!! I sent you a pm to inquire on a couple of those.
  10. Great pickups! Especially with the Holik. He's my favorite player! Great addition! Nothing new for me besides the Scott Cameron jersey on Meigray clearance.
  11. Very cool. That Utica jersey is nice. You should get a good price for it!! Lots of buzz already on it!!
  12. I gotcha. What else are you moving? I'm trying to slow down but there are a few things I still have my eye on. I got the 01-02 white set 3. Hope to get it in this week and start trying to match it. The Carpenter is so nice! Nothing like opening a jersey!!!
  13. It was. I got the 96-97 red set 2 from eBay. Got a really good price on it so I'm very pleased. I can't wait to open it when I get home. Also just picked up a 01-02 Gomez. It's crazy how this hobby is sometimes. You can go months without something and then there are times when you pick up 3 or 4 in a few weeks.
  14. Great pickups!! I'd love to have a Zelepukin in my collection some day!! My Carpenter should be here on Tuesday! Can't wait to see it!
  15. That's awesome!! I can't wait to get my red Carpenter in. It will be the oldest jersey in my collection. I'm starting to focus more on getting some older shirts when the chance comes around. Thats cool youre getting on old shirt back!! It's gonna be a sweet mail day for you!