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  1. Kovalchuk Gone, What moves do we make now?

    Mason Raymond? Let me tell you about Raymond. He has blazing speed and can make some amazing rushes up the ice. He is a great PK'er Above average passer. Very strong in the D zone. He is a total perimeter player. His patented move is to gain the O zone, do a button hook and curl away from the boards to the centre and then either make a dumb pass or get knocked off the puck. He has absolutely no board play. He is a capable 20+ goal scorer on the right team, great shot. Last season he was still recovering from the broken back he received in the SCF against Boston. The big knock on him is his lack of physical play. On a big team he is a good complimentary player but on a small team or soft team he is just one more small, soft player. Vancouver needed to turn the page because we need size and grit. He was no longer performing up to expectations and seemed to lose his confidence. He was seldom benched or seldom a healthy scratch. He was one of those players that AV gave a ton of ice time too and plenty of opportunity to be that offensive sniper we needed. He just couldn't do it. He is a streak scorer, seems unstoppable for 2-3 games then disappears for 20 or so. He definitely would benefit from a fresh start but you have to know what you get. He is a complimentary player not the guy to build around. I think he is holding out for a 3-4 year deal around the 3 million range but I would be a little hesitant to sign him at that. Perhaps a 2 year 2-2.5 per deal to prove himself on a new team.
  2. Kovalchuk Gone, What moves do we make now?

    Uhmmm The twins will be UFA, not RFA. They are still both producing at a point per game. Hank has been relatively injury free his entire career. Daniel has had one concussion courtesy of Keith. They currently carry a cap of 6.1 each and want to do 1 year deals here on out, although the canucks will try to lock them up for 2-3 more years in january if they can. But if they hit FA than anyone with 12 million+ in cap space would be crazy to NOT try and land them. Just saying. Having the pleasure of watching them their entire career they make any team instantly better. As far as Torts goes time will tell how it impacts our core and whether it has an effect to get the team out of their country club atmosphere. The Twins were both strong advocates in getting Torts for what its worth. But, most fans in Vancouver want the Twins re-signed as soon as they can be, so hopefully it won't be a dilemma for other teams to try and decide to sign them in the summer.
  3. Canucks fan here. Took me a while to find you guys! Just wanted to offer my congratulations on landing Cory. You will love this guy. He is the real deal, top notch goalie. I know he doesn't have a long resume yet but I think you guys will just fall in love with him. There were rumours that he suffers from panic attacks and that is one reason the Canucks felt he was expendable but don't believe them. He does suffer from unexplained leg cramps thought to be brought on by dehydration but they were well controlled and well managed. He is a class person and a great hockey player, a great teammate. He does impersonations which are quite funny to listen to so watch out for them. Unfortunately for us he suffered a groin injury in the last week of the season and didn't get to start in the playoffs. Most of us felt he should never have been put in when he was as it was obvious that goaltending was not our problem. The one problem you may have is he was tired of being a back up which was why the situation in Vancouver had to change. I think he will be fine learning from Marty but if Marty does not retire in the next year you could lose him to FA but I doubt that happens. Be prepared for sticker shock when it is time to renew his contract but in two years I think you will all agree he is well worth whatever price tag he comes with. NJD just become my favourite team in the East!