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  1. um no
  2. im going to be so happy when it comes out
  3. Nice I want this season to start so bad
  4. this is going to be sick we missed that game last season because of the lock out
  5. i only had a little to give but it was something
  6. I agree with Colin you should add a donation link I think it would help you a lot
  7. I don't know if I should do the name plate and numbers myself or just pay for it how much dose something like that go for
  8. I have to do that to my Clarkson one
  9. I saw someone post that he was getting 50 million tax free to play for the KHL I don't know if its true did any one else see this
  10. I think Raymond would be a solid one year pick up
  11. First my clarkson jersey now my kovalchuck i should just start burning my money it would be a lot quicker