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  1. Yep last year was by far his best season but his playing time and usage played a big part in that- he got 3rd line minutes (at best) in Anaheim and here he'll essentially be playing on our top line. Having a Hall-Henrique-Palmieri line set up for the next 4 years looks real nice. I know Hall may be considered the only true "top line" player of the three, but take their contracts into account and it should give us flexibility to really build depth into the forward corps. Sure it's be nice to have the quality of toews, kane, kopitar, etc on the top line, but having cap hits of 10 mil for 6 or 7 years can really limit what your able to do elsewhere on the roster.
  2. Agreed, part of a good offseason is not signing bad UFA deals. All of Ladd, Lucic, eriksson, okposo, and neilsen will have an ugly end to their contracts, so I'm happy we avoided them at those prices. I think we could use another defenseman but I'd be OK with Shero holding off and seeing if he can find someone in the trade market midseason if we find ourselves in a playoff fight.
  3. yes, and so is Jacobs
  4. yeah if you ignore the Carle and Callahan contracts lol. But I agree he got a steal of a deal for Stamkos and it looks like Drouin will turn out well too.
  5. Exactly, Lovejoy isn't a schlemko replacement, he's replacing Larsson's PK minutes, which is something none of our current D could reliably do.
  6. Hedman signs an 8 year extension in TB for 7.8 per. They're gonna have to do something before next year cap wise. Man it'd be nice to pry one of their RFAs from them.
  7. It's just you. Nice deal, merril is at worst a 3rd pairing guy but with the right partner I think he can still right the ship and live up to what we thought he could be.
  8. David Warsofsky back to the Penguins
  9. No, at this point we have enough left wingers we don't need another one. Id think the only possible UFA move for a forward at this point would be a stempniak type signing at RW, and even that may not make sense if DSP is coming back.
  10. ah ok i figured at 36 he wouldn't have the speed you'd ideally want from a defensive minded centerman. Either way I can't imagine they qualified JJ just to replace him with Fiddler 3 days later. I would guess Josefson will compete for the 3rd line center spot or be shifted to Fiddler's wing. It seemed that Hynes liked to use him on the 2nd PP unit so it didn't seem like he was out of favor
  11. at 4 years im not gonna lose sleep over schlemko. he's a nice depth guy but i think lovejoy is the better option as a more traditional PKer and moore/severson can handle the PP role.
  12. can he PK? Fiddler is more suited for LW than center, no?
  13. under 3 mil please. He'd be a fine 3rd pairing guy that can fill PK minutes on the right side. He can serve that role for 3 years while (hopefully) Santini and Jacobs get their feet wet. ok 2.6 per im fine with.
  14. Lucic to EDM 7 yrs 6 mil per. Do GMs not remember Brown, Clarkson, etc?
  15. 5.5 mil per. Okposo will get PAID