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  1. Refs are in a tough spot, they don't want to have a major influence on these games but the rules should be enforced. I do think there has some borderline stuff by the Sens that the refs let go, which I honestly don't mind but I can see why the Pens are frustrated and chirping. As far as league conspiracies, some people could spot a conspiracy in a pitch black room. I remember VERY clearly back in 2012 when we were up 3 games to 2 on the Rangers a rags fan called into francesa to complain that he was absolutely certain that the refs and league were conspiring to get the Devils into the finals at the rangers expense. Sometime delusion can't be helped.
  2. I'd be surprised if Galchenyuk is part of a Kovy deal. I thought they're looking for centers in MTL? I'm fine sending him wherever we can get the best return from, even if it's the Rags. But I'm still not holding my breath that he's actually coming back, this could easily just be an effort to leverage more money from the KHL. I'll believe it only when I see him on the ice.
  3. Plenty of GMs make moves that just look terribad in hindsight. If the Nets weren't straight up terrible and the picks were in the middle of round 1 it wouldn't look nearly as bad. Yeah this is exactly the reason they did it. I don't think management could have seriously thought it would bring them a championship, they just needed more bankable names than Deron Williams and Joe John...snore... sorry i fell asleep for a second there writing that. Whatever though... what little interest I still had in NBA was completely lost when the Nets left. I looked at the playoffs yesterday and was shocked, absolutely shocked that it's looking to be a Golden State-Cleveland finals match up. 12 year old me would have eaten the drama up. Now at 29 I have much better things to waste my time on than NBA.
  4. I can guarantee that it will have no effect. Shero will pick who he thinks is the best player. That's all you ever do with the first overall, no matter the sport- you maximize the value by picking the best player no matter how it fits with the team. (There may be few exceptions) I also don't buy into Dreger's bs that the pick may be traded... it's a desperate attempt to build drama when there's barely any surrounding this draft. I just can't see a scenario where we pass on a potential #1C- be it Nico or Nolan unless a team makes a stupid offer, and it doesn't seem like either of those two guys have the pedigree to attract stupid offers. My money's still on Patrick as the pick.
  5. I'm rooting for the pens and I didn't think it deserved a major, but I understand Pens fans angst. I hope Crosby is OK long term.
  6. I preface this by saying I know nothing about either player other than reports that I've read and a few highlight videos, but it seems pretty simple- If Patrick gets a clean bill of health, he'll be the pick. It seems to me all of his injury time basically stemmed from a single injury that never quite healed properly, unless I'm missing something? It will be tough for me personally because I have a personal mantra of never trusting someone with two first names but I'll have to make an exception here.
  7. There were two possibilities after Dallas and Philly moved up - we draft 7th or we draft 1st. It doesn't matter if it was Gretzky or Yakupov as the top rated prospect this year. If you walk down the street and find money on the ground weather its a $20 bill or a $500 bill do you not pick it up and feel like you got a good deal out of life? This is found money, there is no negative to it.
  8. Honestly I forgot this was tonight until 8:02 I happened to turn on the tv, glad I did as this could be something we look back on as a major turning point for the team. I'm pumped
  9. If it hasn't been said enough already, this playoff format is just terrible. Caps win the President's trophy and they get the 2nd best team in the league in the 2nd round as a reward. Just another way the league feels Mickey Mouse/gimmicky.
  10. I'll believe it when I see it. If he does come back I'd be happy to have him. Honestly I'd prefer to see him in a Devils jersey if the best we'd get in a sign and trade is a 2nd rounder.
  11. Thank you for everything Patty. I'm hoping Gamecenter will cover the pre-game next week.
  12. Count me as a no tor trading Schneider, one down year with a terribad defense shouldn't shape his future with the club. The only type of trade I would accept is for a young potential top pairing Dman. A late first and meh prospect don't interest me in the slightest.
  13. I had never heard this one before, that is.... just.... wow. Anyway, in general 24 hour sports has the same problem as 24 hour news, there's really not enough to talk about to fill the airtime, so it's repetitive and people just say whatever will cause the most people to tune in. I don't have a problem listening to any wfan host for a short period but even as a Mets fan I can only take so much Mets talk in a single day.
  14. It's a popularity contest, there was never any other possibily other than hall. zajac could have triple the points total and hall would still be the selection simply because of name. NHL/NBC only cares about that, not about actual season performance.
  15. Yeah I'm interested to see how the expansion draft affects trades.It won't affect guys with expiring deals,, but its the guys with multiple years (ie the guys we have to sell) that will put teams in a predicament- does a contending team with no protection slots pay to bring in a guy that forces them to lose someone to expansion? I think this would negatively affect the sellers like us- teams will want draft picks and players exempt from protection. That's not what most here would want to give up.