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  1. Avs vs the bobble heads

    Fischler is a good source for hockey history and he may have a lot of connections around the league, but his speculation/insight into today's game is questionable at best. The other night in light of the Pittsburgh rumblings he proposed a Malkin for Staal swap straight up. Yeah take what he says with a grain of salt.
  2. GDT: Columbus Blue Jackets Vs New Jersey Devils

    Lets go met... er i mean Devs!
  3. Why not move Gelinas to forward

    then we just need to tech cory the knucklepuck and we'll have agood enough team to beat iceland.
  4. Im a little worried with boucher being sent down and no corresponding move yet. Could it be to clear space for a move?
  5. GDT Coyotes at Devils 7pm

    Feel happy for both Larsson and Zajac. solid game for both.
  6. GDT Devils at Rangers 1pm

    Missed this due to football (sidenote- it annoys the heck out of me that they schedule games early in the season on sunday afternoons) but looking at the highlights it seems like schneider had a heck of a game with some help from greene. It will probably be a long season so wins like these should be savored. And nice to see the newcomers contributing early. Is matteau at risk of being waived? Only 7 mins of ice time tonight...
  7. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

    couldnt put it better the old mets choke that one away. Even Familia who loves to put runners on goes 1-2-3 to end it.   Really happy for the team, and especially Terry. Degrom battled and we just got enough offensively.
  8. Center ice or game center

    Gamecenter has served me well but I do not live in Jersey. And this year if you want you can pay a lesser amount if you just want to get Devils games as opposed to every game.   Yes, there will be blackouts when they are on national TV (rare). If you live in Jersey, there are ways to get around the blackout restrictions by using a proxy IP (google is your friend here).
  9. GDT: Nashville Predators @ NJ Devils 7pm

    looking forward to your uber-positive spin for another season
  10. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

    Wow crazy game. Few things- I liked going to colon there, it's a big change up from the hard throwing Thor and to Terry's credit it did work, colon got the ground ball it was just a poor flip by Murphy. It was a clear dirty slide IMO and has to be answered for in some way. Not sure in what universe a runner can be safe without ever touching the bag. This is the moment Harvey has been waiting for. With emotions turned to max, coming back to NY, if he really wants the really earn the dark knight label he can help cement it with an ace caliber start. Monday will show what kind of team this is. Do they sulk after a tough loss or come back with a fury. Utley can eat a dick.
  11. We're #28 in this preseason poll

    Speaking as a mets fan, if there's ever a time where it's ok to be filled with hope and positivity, it's before the season starts. I can't blame fans for that.
  12. GDT Islanders at Devils 9/25 7pm

    agreed, hopefully the devs media team is just in preseason form as well lol.
  13. Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

    Even without reading the article i always felt he was unfairly hated by some fans, sure the last contract was a mistake but he always gave 100% on the ice and was willing to do the dirty work, which in light of the article is that much more impressive. Best of luck to him and thanks for being a good devil.
  14. Your Thoughts About: Reid Boucher

    agreed, not only is he 21, he's also only played 30 games at the NHL level. Most people here (including myself) argue that we still need patience with Larson who is 3 years into his NHL career, so it would be unfair to not give Reid the benefit of the doubt. I know they're different positions and have different expectations but the point is Boucher hasn't even played full NHL season, and the games he has played has been mostly with below average linemates and limited minutes.
  15. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

    no offense because i know as mets fans we're conditioned for negativity, but between both the mets and devils, it seems like you have the biggest reverse jinx effect i have ever seen.