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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    For me the three teams I wanted out most are out (Rags, Isles, Caps). I can see people disliking the Pens more than the Caps and I probably wont be rooting for them here on out, but as a former DC resident I hope no DC sports team wins anything ever.
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Agreed, I mean if i was a betting man I'd still put my money on the Pens but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the Caps at least push it to 7 games. Everyone and they're mother picked the Caps to win last night with Letang out. Now all of a sudden they're toast. Momentum is fickle in the playoffs.
  3. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    hey man congrats! wish you the best in married life and glad you found someone that can put up with you now you just need to survive wedding planning... hopefully we get a pens win tomorrow as a little engagement gift.
  4. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    im open (really more resigned) to third jerseys becoming a reality. Only thing I ask is any green or alternate colors be reserved for the 3rd jersey, leave the primaries red and black only, preferably don't touch them at all.
  5. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    looks good, but ideally we'd bump henrique down to 2c and zajac down to 3c. Not convinced boucher is a top-6 guy long term, and cammalleri cant seem to stay healthy enough to have any confidence in counting on him to be a top line guy. obviously we have to work with what we have, but even some of the slots that are filled in are somewhat question marks.
  6. How Low Can The Devils Go?

    I think 5-6 wins is probably realistic. Looking at the schedule, we have 5 games left that I would consider winnable- CLB x2, BUF, CAR, and TOR. Figure we take 2 or 3 of those plus two upsets mixed in. Maybe Tampa already has their playoff seed locked in by the time we play them twice in April, we always seem to play well against them.
  7. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    To be fair to DSP going by the numbers it looks like he's never really been given much more than a 4th line role. Granted maybe he didn't earn anything more than that, but I imagine he'll see a bump in TOI here... so he could be a pleasant surprise. Either way Matteau wasn't going to amount to much in NJ as left wing is now clogged up with Blandisi's emergence.
  8. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    content with these moves, i don't think we got any steals, maybe a 3rd for gelinas is overpayment by COL but not crazy. Perhaps the biggest move was keeping shlemko, good sign he may be here after this season.
  9. Stefan Matteau to Montreal for Devante Smith-Pelly

    probably referring back to his junior days. decent trade, especially considering we swap a left wing for a right wing. maybe if DSP plays out the season getting stempniak's minutes he makes something of himself
  10. Stempniak to Bos

    good return, like I said I'd prefer a prospect a bit closer to nhl ready but beggars cant be choosers. we picked this guy up for nothing he gave us 40 points and now we get a 2nd and 4th for him. just to be clear the 2nd is in 2017, the 4th is 2016.
  11. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    its as if shero read the boards lol.
  12. Stempniak to Bos

    there were reports he wanted out of boston, so it would make sense. Honestly I'd prefer a prospect close to NHL ready rather than a pick which may pan out 3 years from now.
  13. Stempniak to Bos

    could be alex khokhlachev + pick? Edit: thats my guess not any report
  14. Gelinas to Colorado for a 3rd

    tbf coaches will always talk up their players; plus a .00001% chance is still a chance i guess. Anyway I'm sure 2 years from now after hes been waived he'll have a 2 goal game and Mike Brown will pop in to tell us how big a mistake this was. Happy with the 3rd, good luck to him.
  15. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    i think in a vacuum its a fair deal, but considering the rags now have no 1st or 2nd rounders the next two years and have a very limited prospect pool I can see why their fans aren't too happy. But they are a win-now team and they might feel the window is closing...