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  1. I had never heard this one before, that is.... just.... wow. Anyway, in general 24 hour sports has the same problem as 24 hour news, there's really not enough to talk about to fill the airtime, so it's repetitive and people just say whatever will cause the most people to tune in. I don't have a problem listening to any wfan host for a short period but even as a Mets fan I can only take so much Mets talk in a single day.
  2. It's a popularity contest, there was never any other possibily other than hall. zajac could have triple the points total and hall would still be the selection simply because of name. NHL/NBC only cares about that, not about actual season performance.
  3. Yeah I'm interested to see how the expansion draft affects trades.It won't affect guys with expiring deals,, but its the guys with multiple years (ie the guys we have to sell) that will put teams in a predicament- does a contending team with no protection slots pay to bring in a guy that forces them to lose someone to expansion? I think this would negatively affect the sellers like us- teams will want draft picks and players exempt from protection. That's not what most here would want to give up.
  4. It's hard enough watching the team as it is, if they ditch the jersey that my memories are based on I'd be really dissapointed... I'm fine with a 3rd but any major change to the primaries reeks of money grab, the jersey is great as it is please don't change it.
  5. not sure if serious...
  6. The bottom line is the dropoff from Larsson and Schlemko to Quincey/Lovejoy/Auvitu has been too great. Obviously the Hall trade is still a great deal but we need to strengthen the D now. None of those guys or Moore or Merrill are top 4 defensemen on a playoff team.
  7. After a bad loss its good to get right back on the wagon the next day. I expect them to come out flying in the first then have the usual sleepy 2nd and who knows if the game will be won or lost in the 3rd. LGD.
  8. And we see more evidence why the nhl will never be on par with other leagues in the US. If something like this happens in any other league it's an auto suspension, in hockey its just a just a gritty play. Some people will say they want this kind of thing to be kept in the game but imo it's one of the things actually holding it back.
  9. Yeah a lot of passengers right now. I'd include Bennett and Parenteau in that group as well. Also the honeymoon with Auvitu seems to be over, his stats may be decent but he has by far the most favorable zone starts of all D-men.
  10. For a second I hoped I'd see cory skate down the ice but after that second I was really glad he didn't- the last thing we need is him getting hurt. Price should have been ejected, but since he wasn't league will make up for it by suspending him a game or two.
  11. Price will be suspended
  12. I agree, I'm just saying in general the mere fact that they need to go super slow motion and view 10 different angles 5 times each should tell you the call should stand. The goal of video review in my opinion should be to avoid egregious mistakes. And call stands after about a 10 min delay Also agree with Dano Price sold the crap out of that
  13. this process takes way too long, if you can't overturn it after 3 replays it should stand
  14. Trademark has been denied. The TLDR: Trademark Office rules the Golden Knights LOGO is too similar to the College of Saint Rose, a division II school in Albany. The main conflict has to do with how the name appears on the logo. In the end they will probably be cleared by either paying off the college or slightly adjusting the typface but have to admit it's not the best press to have.
  15. All Hall said was something along the lines of he heard what was said to the refs and he thought it didn't warrant the penalty. I am fine letting the ref have discretion I would just hope he is a bit thick skinned in a situation like that after a borderline missed call. We are agreeing that Chaput should get the roughing minor, in the end that is all I'm arguing for. For him not to get anything and Moore getting 5+2+10 seems nonsensical to me, they effectively committed the same act, the only difference was one resulted in a 1v1 fight and the other was more of a group scrum. The opponent's reaction should not change the net punishment for the act (2 mins down a man vs no call.) I would also argue Chaput's act was more dangerous because he started the scrum right by an injured player. In the end it doesn't matter, I'm happy we got the win without any injuries or suspensions.