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  1. The Devils Uniforms

    I actually think they look much better seeing them on the ice.
  2. 2017 UFA Thread

    Theres about an infinite amount of possibilities of other D pairs The offseason basically just started. Relax!! We are going nuts because we didn't sign ONE particular player.
  3. The Devils Uniforms

    Not sure if it's the lighting on the picture or what, but the jersey is a darker white, more of an old time cream color. notice the white in the logo is brighter and sticks out. Like this jersey a lot!
  4. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    You guys are probably right. Just saying with the rumors that NJD are gonna psss on consensus top 2, plus they really like Galchy...it would make sense that #1 might be involved. Plus MTL will get their #1 center. Woukd obviously depend on what else MTL throws our way which would make it a good trade or not.
  5. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Galch + MTL first rd., plus other picks.... for 1st overall?? would make sense, especially with the rumors of us passing on Nico and Nolan.
  6. The Devils Uniforms

    What makes them pajamas, just curious?
  7. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Doubt the teams make an announcement, but if they do agree..you can be sure it will leak.
  8. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    no clue who this is.
  9. 2017 Expansion Draft Thread - LV Takes Jon Merrill

    Wow. Islanders gave up a lot.
  10. The Devils Uniforms

    Ok, even so. If they changed the width of the stripe...not a huge change, TO ME. I'm just giving my opinion..Unless you are a huge jersey guy..its not too much of a change.
  11. The Devils Uniforms

    I don't see changes on every jerseys..but again, tough to tell on such a small graphic.
  12. The Devils Uniforms

    I did..maybe the 3 stripes on the sleeves changed..tough to tell on small graphic. Again, its not like its a totally different jersey. Very small change..just my opinion, and nothing to riot about. Ha.
  13. The Devils Uniforms

    Why can't you blame the organization? You think Adidas just did this on their own? The organization makes the changes..Adidas implements them.
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    Exactly the same but the bottom stripe? Not a big deal, in my opinion.
  15. New Adidas jerseys thread

    Those complaining about the designs, don't the teams still design their own jerseys?? Adidas is only in charge of manufacturing what the teams design. Am I wrong?