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  1. Yes, exactly. lots of people who lose their jobs offer public thanks to those that have employed them for so long. sonething must have happened.
  2. Interesting she only wished the best to the coaches and players. nothing on management, ownership, front office or organization.
  3. Per Gulitti. Devils also fired head equipment manager and two guys in video department. Wonder who takes over on the radio?
  4. Per her Facebook, she's the new director of hockey communications. Doesnt seem like she will be on air..or replacing Deb. must have known ONeill from their time in Philly.
  5. According to multiple reports on twitter, it's down to Chicago, the Rags, and the Devils!!!
  6. Love the pick! Trust the process!
  7. Ledger reporting noon presser - Steve Politi
  8. Now a third source - The Scranton ABC affiliate reporting it.
  9. Looks like it's Hynes. No idea of their credibility, but a WFAN producer and now the Rangers writer for The Journal News both saying an snnouncement will come tomorrow morning - per Twitter.
  10. Sports Business News is now reporting 4 team expansion in 2017. Seattle, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Quebec City. Unless its 2 teams relocating..i hate this idea. Adding Seattle and Las Vegas I don't mind..it will balance out the division. Another team in Toronto and another shot at Quebec...seems overkill to me. Hope its just a rumor.
  11. Brodeur and Wild agree to trade for Brodeur, according to the NY Daily News. WOW!!! Brodeur has to agree to it, but wants one last game in NJ. Looks like tonight will be it.
  12. Gotta love the Doc!! Emerick tweeted this picture yesterday:
  13. Hey, I am a first year season ticket holder. Didn't have all the money up front, so elected to go with a payment plan. However, I'm trying to "manage" my tickets online and it says I can't manage my tickets because they aren't paid in full..... I already know of a few games we cannot attend, so I guess my only option to resell them is stubhub with the hard copy ticket....?? That sucks. Anyone else using the payment plan having this issue?