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  1. finally.. LGD
  2. fvck this team.
  3. these fvcking cvnts need to wake the fvck up. same old fvcking story every fvcking night.
  4. fvcking unbelievable
  5. 2 points please
  6. fvcking win again please.
  7. solid win. do it again tomorrow
  8. fvcking win.
  9. lets fvcking go boys! 2 points tonight, nothing less
  10. I want 2 points tonight. Get it fvcking done. LGD
  11. my god. it drives me crazy. i cant take the stupid obnoxious blonde.
  12. show some fvcking balls tonight, enough with the bullsh!t. LGD
  13. these cvnts had better wake the fvck up. so sick and fvcking tired of this entire fvcking team.