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  1. Marty looks real happy sitting tonight, frown and all.
  2. yup so I just saw, thats a relief of sorts, so unlike the protocol.
  3. Hey thats great we won, wasted or eat my tickets, but just read an article on nj.com, that these two guys paid $35.00 for parking, in the lot, are you serious??? These costs are ridiculous. Seriously considering staying home and I'm a STH.
  4. thanks, just have to continue to check back next week, the reps sound puzzeled.
  5. Still puzzled why Optimum/Cablevision still hasn't made available early bird sign up for NHL Center Ice package? Says lowest prices in 5 years, anyone now any info $$$. Thanks.
  6. I always liked his work ethic, hope it actually escalates this year wih us.
  7. Just made an Amazon purchase since becoming a registered member, use Amazon often, so I will continue to purchase via nj devils.com Let me know if any problems. THANKS.
  8. That's what I did, although he called back a few hours after.
  9. I'm glad this was finally wrapped up. Lets go Devils.