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  1. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    RECAP The fact the Devils got 3 out of a possible 4 points without Hall, Palmieri, and Johansson is very impressive. It's nice to see the Devils not only get wins, but impressive wins against really good teams too. Boyle has scored so many big goals for this team this year. POSSESSION ES CF: 25 to 43 ES FF: 19 to 33 ES SF: 15 to 22 ES SCF: 8 to 19 ES HDCF: 6 to 5 All CF: 41 to 57 All FF: 33 to 44 All SF: 26 to 30 All SCF: 16 to 30 All HDCF: 10 to 11
  2. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    RECAP Great effort, disappointing result, but it's a well deserved point. I really like you Blake Coleman, but man start burying your chances. I also thought the Devils were too passive in the 3rd. POSSESSION ES CF: 47 to 68 ES FF: 35 to 46 ES SF: 24 to 36 ES SCF: 20 to 29 ES HDCF: 10 to 7 All CF: 69 to 76 All FF: 47 to 51 All SF: 32 to 36 All SCF: 32 to 33 All HDCF: 14 to 9
  3. GDT - Devils vs Kings 12/12/17

    From soft and loose to tight and hard. hehehehehehe **eye wink**
  4. GDT - Devils vs Kings 12/12/17

    RECAP Now that is what I call a response. Hopefully Hall is ok. One guy flying completely under the radar is John Moore. He had a 5 on 5 CFrel of 4.2 coming into tonight while getting close to 20 minutes a night He had another great night tonight with a 68.18 CF% and 14.69 CFrel 5 on 5. Ironically enough, Greene and Santini have been easily 2 of the worst d-men in the league in the possession and shot suppression. Lovejoy overall has outplayed Santini in every way, and Greene needs to stop being used as the top pairing guy. Anyways, great game against an elite team. POSSESSION ES CF: 41 to 28 ES FF: 32 to 22 ES SF: 23 to 15 ES SCF: 22 to 16 ES HDCF: 8 to 6 All CF: 45 to 34 All FF: 35 to 24 All SF: 26 to 17 All SCF: 24 to 18 All HDCF: 9 to 8
  5. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    That's all system and coaching. You're right that it's not mutually exclusive, but the coaching staff believes in this "keep everything to the outside" system where they never want to engage along the boards or at the points.
  6. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    I never said we were unlucky tonight. I said we didn't get any breaks tonight. Vesey hit the same post Johansson hit. One puck went in, the other did not. Bad break. Zuccarello stopping that puck along the goal line. Bad break. The defense is often hung out to dry because they get zero help. It's not a talent issue, it's a system issue.
  7. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    RECAP We didn't catch any breaks tonight. I definitely won't kill Severson on that one Zuccarello goal. I won't kill Kinkaid either. Vatanen needs to start producing at some point. Zacha definitely had a strong game tonight. The defensive problems with this team is NOT from the actual defensemen. Hopefully the coaching staff actually makes systematic adjustments, and not just lineup adjustments. Keeping things to the outside in the defensive zone is a BAD system, and has been proven to be a BAD system. They need to be better at making a stand in the neutral zone. They need to be better at body positioning and learn how to deflect passes and shots better with their sticks. Finally, stop being so soft along the boards. One good thing from these two games is the production from guys not on the top line. No need to panic, but with LA on Tuesday and then 5 tough teams following them, they better get things figured out. POSSESSION ES CF: 48 to 47 ES FF: 33 to 35 ES SF: 22 to 32 ES SCF: 21 to 24 ES HDCF: 7 to 9 All CF: 59 to 58 All FF: 40 to 43 All SF: 28 to 39 All SCF: 28 to 32 All HDCF: 10 to 12
  8. GDT: Jackets @ Devils - 8 Dec - 7p

    RECAP Schneider did not have a good game tonight. Severson messing up that chance is what sealed our fate. Devils need to be a little better at home (6-5-2). It was nice to see some goals from guys who are not on the top line. Zajac was god awful on that pk in the 3rd. A couple of soft backchecks led to 2 of their goals in the 2nd, one by Bratt and one by Noesen. POSSESSION ES CF: 38 to 37 ES FF: 31 to 29 ES SF: 22 to 20 ES SCF: 17 to 22 ES HDCF: 12 to 5 All CF: 44 to 47 All FF: 34 to 38 All SF: 24 to 28 All SCF: 20 to 28 All HDCF: 12 to 7
  9. Pavel Zacha

    Konecny has not been better than Zacha in anyway.
  10. Pavel Zacha

    It's definitely way too early to give up on him. At this point, I envision him kind of filling the Zubrus or Brylin type of role player, and that's completely fine. He still has the potential to be a good offensive player, but if he is a solid 2-way player capable of putting up 40 points, that's fine too. Konecny on the Flyers has very similar numbers as Zacha, and Flyers fans were so convinced Konecny would be so much better than Zacha. For the record, the guy I wanted the most with our pick that year was Rantanen, so it's not like I'm a Zacha fanboy.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Jackets - 5 Dec @ 7p Eastern

    Palmieri should go to the Zajac line when he gets back. I think he, Travis, and Mojo will compliment each other nicely. Here's what's weird about tonight. The top line didn't get much ice time tonight. Hall - 12:58 Hischier - 13:28 Bratt - 14:15
  12. GDT: Devils @ Jackets - 5 Dec @ 7p Eastern

    RECAP What a game. Most impressive win of the year. I thought they played really well defensively sans a few careless plays. The high shot against number was a result of Columbus having a very talented blue line, and not because of how the Devils played. This is what this team can do when they try and dictate the play. Hall, Hischier, and Bratt needs to stay together. POSSESSION ES CF: 53 to 60 ES FF: 41 to 46 ES SF: 32 to 35 All CF: 60 to 69 All FF: 46 to 53 All SF: 36 to 41
  13. The Devils Can't Score Since Nov. 16th.

    We've also been much better defensively since then. 26 goals allowed in those 9 games. Offenses will go through peaks and valleys. This isn't abnormal at all.
  14. GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET

    RECAP This game represents everything wrong with Hynes and his system. We could also use a true sniper. POSSESSION ES CF: 57 to 46 ES FF: 35 to 31 ES SF: 21 to 22 ES SCF: 18 to 18 ES HDCF: 10 to 8 All CF: 67 to 52 All FF: 42 to 37 All SF: 26 to 27 All SCF: 23 to 23 All HDCF: 12 to 10
  15. GDT: New Jersey @ Colorado 9pm

    RECAP They had a solid 1st, were flat in the 2nd, and good in the 3rd. Overall it was kind of a choppy game, with no real flow to it. It was definitely a solid defensive effort, but not so much a great game offensively. POSSESSION ES CF: 31 to 52 ES FF: 17 to 31 ES SF: 14 to 20 ES SCF: 9 to 19 ES HDCF: 4 to 7 All CF: 45 to 60 All FF: 28 to 36 All SF: 21 to 23 All SCF: 14 to 23 All HDCF: 6 to 10