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  1. RECAP Nothing to really complain about for this one. Anderson stole that one for Ottawa. Hope Zacha is ok. We desperately need guys who can shoot from long distances. A big point shot is needed, and someone who can actually score from the face-off circles. This is the way they need to play all the time. Overall it was a great effort. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 65 to 35, 65.66% FF: 43 to 30, 58.9% SF: 27 to 22, 55.1% SCF: 31 to 16, 65.96% HDCF: 11 to 2, 84.62%
  2. RECAP "Shots on goal tells us where the game was played, not how the game was played". Are you fvcking kidding me? That mentality is doomed for failure. Goaltending was awful, but I don't think Kinkaid was 100%. Does Hynes realize that when you're down by multiple goals that maybe you should adjust the gameplan? Stop waiting for chances. Actually try and create them. All you need to do is get the puck and shoot it. I guess he didn't learn from last night. The unwillingness to take chances is infuriating. Getting out shot when trailing should never happen. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 42 to 65, 39.25% FF: 29 to 40, 42.03% SF: 25 to 29, 46.3%
  3. Henrique's crosscheck was a penalty. I never denied that. But Tavares also slashed him, and gave a crosscheck of his own during that sequence. It should have been 4 on 4.
  4. RECAP Huge win. I hope Hynes was paying attention. The Isles played exactly the way a team should play when they're trailing. They just threw everything on net, and it was causing chaos in our defensive zone. That being said, the Devils did a good job at weathering the storm. Moore sucks defensively. That last penalty call on Henrique was a joke. It may have been a legit crosscheck, but it was also a legit slash and crosscheck by Tavares as well. Leddy hitting the post was karma for that call. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 36 to 66, 35.29% FF: 29 to 49, 37.18% SF: 17 to 38, 30.91%
  5. BTW, you'd think Hynes would understand that Schneider is one of the worst goalies at stopping long distance shots. He's given up the 2nd most low danger goals in the league this year, and this isn't anything just recent either. Since 2013-2014, here is his breakdowns among goalies who have played at least 100 games. LOW DANGER SHOTS SV%: .972, 7th worst MID DANGER SHOTS SV%: .930, 4th best HIGH DANGER SHOTS SV%: .837, 2nd best What does all of this mean? Well it means you'd think Hynes would know to put more pressure on the point men of the opposition. Do everything you can to prevent the point guys from attempting shots. It's why shot quality is completely useless overall, and there really is no such thing as a "low danger shot".
  6. Not true. You just don't understand what's actually being said.
  7. RECAP Ottawa played a great road game, and I give them all the credit in the world. Boucher actually knows the proper way to protect a 3rd period lead unlike Hynes. But it almost looked like the Devils weren't ever trying to score. Ottawa played a great defensive road game, but did the Devils even try to make it hard on them? They also need to take more shots. Stop trying to make plays out of nothing. The Sens scored 2 goals off shots a mile away from the net. Shot attempts win games, not scoring chances. I also must emphasize that shooting for the sake of shooting is also very bad. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 38 to 55, 40.86% FF: 30 to 39, 43.48% SF: 20 to 30, 40%
  8. RECAP Good solid win I don't care that the Avs are the worst team in the league. That effort would have beaten a lot of teams. Smith was great for them tonight, and the only reason the final score wasn't like 6-2. Schneider was great, and it's good to see him finding his game. I hope Cammy gets a good tongue lashing for that dumb icing. I'm loving Zacha right now. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 48 to 45, 51.61% FF: 39 to 34, 53.42% SF: 35 to 25, 58.33%
  9. ^By the way, here's the scoring chance numbers just to show how meaningless the scoring chance stat really is. BTW, the Devils are actually a top 10 team at preventing scoring chances. SC: 21 to 21 HDCF: 8 to 6
  10. RECAP Things Hynes needs to learn The term "low danger shot" is a misnomer, and they don't really exist. You don't prevent goals against by preventing scoring chances. You do prevent goals by preventing shot attempts. You don't create goals offensively by creating scoring chances. You do create goals offensively by creating shooting opportunities. I did expect this result though. Schneider was great, and not a single goal was his fault. Hopefully Hynes will soon understand that shots from long range don't mean they're of low danger. I do wonder what the record is of teams coming off their bye week is. The fact we still got out shot in the 3rd despite being down is a disgrace. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 38 to 45, 45.78% FF: 29 to 36, 44.62% SF: 20 to 30, 40%
  11. RECAP Now that is what I'm talking about. They applied pressure all game long, and dominated the possession game in all situations. Lehner was outstanding for the Sabres, and is the only reason this wasn't a blowout. Not a single thing to really complain about from this game. Schneider gave up a bad goal, but Ennis made a nice play there. 23 shots attempts in the 3rd, and 76 overall in the game. That is how you properly protect a lead even though Buffalo still managed to tie it. Of course, I don't expect this kind of domination every game, but this style and effort needs to happen more often. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 54 to 53, 50.47% FF: 43 to 34, 55.84% SF: 25 to 20, 55.56%
  12. RECAP Great win Players from all 4 lines all contributed offensively. Defense played well. Schneider was good. Special Teams were excellent. My only complaint is again with playing too conservatively in the 3rd. Granted, Columbus didn't have a ton of shots in the 3rd; 11 shots which is an average period. But the Devils didn't keep their foot on the pedal enough. Only 3 shots all period and 12 shot attempts is not enough. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 45 to 60, 42.86% FF: 39 to 45, 46.43% SF: 30 to 32, 48.39%
  13. Good trade. Hopefully maybe now we can bring up Q again. Give him some playing time and a taste of the NHL.
  14. RECAP Hynes has no idea what he's doing. He keeps giving our worst players more ice time, and our best players less ice time. He keeps using a system that doesn't work. 5 shot attempts in the 3rd period is putrid, and that's on the coaching. The defense this year has been solid for the most part despite Hynes's stupidity. If we had a competent coach, our defensive metrics might even be elite. The idea is to prevent shot attempts against in the D-Zone. He utilizes a system to prevent scoring chances, and it's the comepletely wrong way to go about it. EVEN STRENGTH POSSESSION CF: 38 to 54, 41.3% FF: 28 to 44, 38.89% SF: 20 to 33, 37.74%
  15. Moore is awful defensively, but he's useful on the power play. Gelinas is at worst unreliable defenseively, and is even better than Moore on the power play. Gelinas had a CFRel of 9.0 with the Devils last year. Dude brings more positives than negatives.