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  1. Wanted: Ice hockey skates

    nevermind hystyk28 got a pair from ebay, thanks for the offer though.
  2. Wanted: Ice hockey skates

    Thanks... I was just wondering if anybody here was sitting on a pair of skates( I'm size 8.5-9 btw)
  3. Goal song

    Personally, I liked the You suck chant, but I'd be ok if we had a good song. I was more pissed the manangement did not try to talk to fans. If we win games, this stuff goes away
  4. Wanted: Ice hockey skates

    Hi I was wondering if anyone was selling ice hockey skates. My shoe size is a 10 so probably an 8.5 Sr would work. Was gonaa check my skate size this weekend to update this.
  5. Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

    I think that's a good Idea.... Just the execution would be harder to pull off. Usually arena misbehavior is spread out, so they would have to figure out which section would be right. Honestly, as a kid, I sat at the top of continental airlines arena and was exposed to crazy stuff. There has to be an understanding that some crazy behavior is gonna happen as a parent. Its kinda like buying a kid an online video game. By putting them online with random people,they probably will be exposed to cursing and general stupid behavior.
  6. Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

    My vote is Still for Whoop There it is by tag team... Has that feel to it.
  7. The Pete Deboer Thread

    While that is definitely true about coaches being paid to win, I think they do take part in player development once they get to the NHL. As for Gionta, you were spot on. I think people who doubt Gionta think the stats matter in his case. I truly believe Gionta is a great skater who can grind it out on the fourth line and get in the dirty spots.
  8. shooTOut success or lack thereof?

    Yea I agree, It does kinda suck that a skill contest does end a game, but I still like shootouts for the entertainment value. Nothing feels better than a win and nothing sucks more than a loss in these, but that's what makes them fun to watch. You dont know whats gonna happen. (And that is why we have overtime extended in the playoffs, to keep it from comming down to that.)
  9. Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

    My vote is for Whoop there it is by Tag Team, that would be good.