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  1. Schneider Upset

    How about Nugent Hopkins? Is Cory really untradeable? It seems to me you could get a premium from the Oilers right now. The Devils are basically in a full rebuild mode right now anyways so getting young offensive talent certainly couldn't hurt especially with Cory potentially bolting in 1 3/4 years. Cory is a smart guy and was the Canucks union rep at the collective bargaining table. He has no real loyalties to the Devils and I certainly think he knows he could strike it rich as a UFA. To sign him will cost a pretty penny. Like $7M plus per year. We are taking about former first overall picks in the last few years that the Oilers may be willing to part with.
  2. Schneider Upset

    Schneider may decide to bolt after 2014/2015 or at least test free agency. The Oilers are desperately looking for goaltending right now and were in on the talks with the Canucks to acquire Schneider but the Canucks didn't want to trade Schneider within their own division. So........................... Should the Devils trade Schneider for Yakupov?