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  1. What do we do with Salvador and Volchenkov when they come back???? I say eat their contract and bring Merrill up
  2. If Marty was in net, the Devils would have scored more than a goal!!!!! I can't believe Corey!!!! Devils finally score one for him and he gives up a goal!!!!!
  3. Marty's stick handling is definitely better!!! But has his stick handling been a factor in the goals his team has scored for him? Corey has been just as good as Marty so far this year!!! Marty has gotten the "luck of the draw"....... Don't forget Corey got our first win of the year!!!! Lol
  4. Love how everyone thinks Marty should start every game cause the team has won most of the games he has recently started!!!! If Marty started against the Kings at home last Friday, how would he have won with his team scoring 0 goals?????? Corey is playing as good as Marty, just has no goal support!!!! Chill out and let the season play out!!!! This isn't a shortened season!!!! RELAX