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  1. Food around the Rock

    Thanks for the info! heading out there now..
  2. GDT: Bolts at Brodeur-Lead DEVILS 7:30

    I'm pretty sure it's all the concession stands..
  3. GDT: Bolts at Brodeur-Lead DEVILS 7:30

    Yes tomorrow is dollar dog night and also mystery puck sales and magnetic schedules according to the website..
  4. GDT: Bolts at Brodeur-Lead DEVILS 7:30

    Anyone know where visiting teams stay when playing the Devils? i'm going to the game tomorrow night in Newark and would like to get something signed by Steve Yzerman who I was told by the Lightning travels with the team on the road.. any info as to where they enter the arena or anything else is appreciated.. thanks!
  5. Food around the Rock

    A little off the topic but does anyone know where Road teams stay when playing against the Devils? and also where do they enter the Rock ? is it accessible to fans? i'm going tomorrow to try to get Steve Yzerman to sign something since he travels with the Lightning.. any help would be cool.. Thanks