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  1. All Jersey Talk

    Just got this in from EPS. Looks great, very stoked: http://imgur.com/a/mcKPB
  2. All Jersey Talk

    Just went over and read a couple pages of the HF boards thread...they praise this guy like he's jesus over there lol As long as EPS keeps their price affordable, you can't go wrong with getting the real thing.
  3. All Jersey Talk

    Very interesting. I always wondered if the NHL was ever going to produce reebok premier stadium series devils jerseys. I think they missed out on tons of merchandise sales.
  4. All Jersey Talk

    It's a size 46 RBK 6100 that I got customized at EPS. Thanks I'm really stoked about this jersey. It's nice to have a jersey to wear that you don't often see at the Rock.
  5. All Jersey Talk

    Hey guys, I mostly lurk but I just got this in and wanted to share 2006-2007 Sergei Brylin with 25th Anniversary patch