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  1. I'm just loving Jags right now....he's such an amazing leader and so amazingly talented.....I wish he could be on the ice the whole game and when he is I always want him to have the puck.
  2. ya'll don't think Marty will be in tomorrow?
  3. YEA BABY!!!!!
  4. fvck you Thomas!!!!
  5. what a game....wish we could get some more shots through though. lets go devs we need a goal!!
  6. RYDER!!!he's hot right now
  8. its about time boys!!!!good for Schneidz on the shut out and finally getting rewarded for playing awesome
  9. great period.....that PK was a huge boost for us. we really need a goal though!!!
  10. imagine if we had an actual goal scorer....speaking of goals......we need another before the end of the period.
  11. Ryder has something to prove to his old team.....I like it....anything to get him to score goals and get his legs moving
  12. Cheer up boys....we all gotta stay positive and rally for our team. we've had a lot of great seasons.....this just isn't our year. in reality we're still in the race for a playoff spot.....what we need is a six game winning streak
  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. game over boys...