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  1. Guy I know from another forum had some reproductions made up. I bought a couple and they are clearly the most accurate repros I have seen. Originals are near impossible to find so these are a close as I have been able to come.
  2. I so wish you left the "men" part out. Cause that's what she said.
  3. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Bring 'em here to Staten Island, we're mere minutes from Newark and a little less "get stabbed in an alley" as well!!
  4. 76ers sell first jersey ads

    The jerseys already have ads on them. For Reebok. You don't think they seek out those contracts just to sell a couple thousand jerseys a season, do you? I have no problem with it to a point. That tiny StubHub patch isn't excessively obtrusive, though I think it is too prominently placed. If it was a giant banner across the back like some minor league teams have had, different story. Unless of course, the team has a sense of humor and it's for Trojans or something. Perfect for Ottawa, they kind of have (had?) the same logo.
  5. I was definitely one who was calling for his head. He has 100% proved me wrong.
  6. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    I agree. There are only a handful of teams that have a long standing, 20+ year design, and each of them should maintain their current designs.
  7. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    No brainer if he's available.
  8. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That is awesome.
  9. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    You need a little strength in that lineup. A fourth line of Blandisi, Josefson, and Sislo would leave the arena each night having lost their lunch money.
  10. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Also a dude in a wedding dress behind the glass... Marty?
  11. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Jagr is 150 years old but man, can he still control that puck in the corners.
  12. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That is some huge equipment.
  13. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Hahaha, take that you Swedish Bradley Cooper looking mf'er!!
  14. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

  15. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread