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  1. Don't laugh, the 10 people who actually listen to the Devils on the radio are probably pissed.
  2. Ahh fvck it conflicts with the K-Pop festival? How can we be in two places at once???? #PoorPlanning #Yeol-aghanGyehoeg
  3. Agreed. It's the MVP award, how can the Most Valuable Player be on the losing team? If you lost, you weren't that valuable!!!
  4. Agreed, I wouldn't have done those any other way. It was more of an event than a parade, the parade was secondary. Called out sick from work for both 1995 and 2000!
  5. That is horrible.
  6. Well, you need a stick to play... Women have periods, so do hockey games. Seems like a perfect match!! Ok, I am out of clever puns. I think she just changed it to SheroSucks2017.
  7. I can't generalize it quite to that extent, but of the women I have heard in the booth, they've all sucked. Not saying that there isn't one that's amazing, but if so, I haven't heard her.
  8. I wouldn't, I'd say f them for kicking my ass out the door.
  9. You mean the people who just got rid of her?
  10. In fairness, spitting it all over the room isn't classy either.
  11. Perhaps a bit dramatic of a comparison, but I agree with the second part. If he were a guy that was going to put up points at a 250+ a year rate, and he'd miss a month or two a season, I'd still have that guy on my team.
  12. We're overlooking something...just because Kovy wants to play in NY doesn't mean NY wants him or has the cap space.
  13. If we sign all these Russians, we DEFINITELY can't get rid of the red jerseys...
  14. Yeah that'd be a deal.
  15. I can't say him not playing here is what SHOULD happen, but I agree it's likely what will happen.