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  1. How broken is that finger? Is it out for weeks broken or tape it up, try not to get hit in it broken?
  2. Neither one of these deals is shocking to me. I would have liked to see Cammalleri pack his bags, but for guys like Quincey and Parenteau, we got about what you get.
  3. Its not what I expected, but if as I suspect this guy winds up in Albany, and we are rid of Quincey, maybe it accomplished its purpose. Depends on who gets slotted in.
  4. If they waive him and stick him in Albany, maybe it makes sense. But probably not.
  5. Wood reminds me of an old school agitator type, which I love. But the stupid penalties have to disappear, there's a time and place.
  6. You might as well. We all know that no matter how hard he tries, he never scores anyway.
  7. Wait, you're THAT guy???
  8. I've never asked anyone to strip a crest for me, but if he's willing to pay, I don't see why either of them wouldn't do it. I didn't really factor in the shipping to/from Switzerland, I could be off by $50-ish.
  9. This just in...Jacob Josefson has scurvy, out indefinitely.
  10. He probably has 14 of them in his closet, so yes.
  11. That's what she said.
  12. Or, get a Utica Devils crest made and replace the Devils crest on an Ultrafil jersey. Would only leave the detail of the NHL shield, which could be carefully removed but it will always leave a mark. Would still cost near $300 by the time you're done,
  13. He's probably saving that for the $40+ million contract he'll sign in the offseason.
  14. If he started with " I do declare", that would have been the only way for that to be more Foghorn Leghorn.
  15. How is there a mumps epidemic in 2017? Don't people get vaccinated for that sh!t?