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  1. Which, by the way, is why big free agents want to sign there as opposed to signing with us.
  2. What??? That's ridiculous, how is he allowed to just come back with a different name??
  3. If that's how it goes, I'm fine with it too. But if he were well enough to go, and he wanted to, that'd be fine also.
  4. I don't know what that means. But it's true.
  5. I'll also add, that's the most retarded logic ever.
  6. Yup, if he could he'd be in red and black. And, I wouldn't trade a guy who spent 20 years with the franchise at the trade deadline. Just wouldn't.
  7. It is sad, but he's almost 41. He was nearly finished anyway. Not that it makes it better.
  8. Looking that way. At this point, I say bring him back, let him do whatever he can do and then let him have his moment on the ice at the last home game.
  9. Shattenkirk isn't coming here. Number one, if he's traded, it will be to a contender. He will be a rental for someone playoff bound. There will not be a sign and trade where he comes to NJ. The Rangers are far closer to winning than we are (literally, they are playoff bound and we are going nowhere). So what the hell would he want to come to the Devils on a long term deal for? What's the benefit to him?
  10. You guys are funny.
  11. They could try, but it would sail past him into the boards. You're funny though, we would have been totally embarrassed without Palmieri tonight, instead we got one point and lost in OT. What can you do.
  12. Thanks for the free point, a-holes.
  13. Balls.
  14. Verizon sucks. I had to choose between our announcers in low-def or theirs in hi-def. It's 2017, and I'm not even sure they still sell low def TVs. Let's get MSG2 in friggin' hi-def at some point, huh? I feel bad for him, he has had a zillion opportunities in this 3rd and nothing is clicking for him.
  15. Too much action. Peed myself just a little.