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  1. That would have been the best thing I've ever seen.
  2. Oh good it's another late in the third, trying to get something going, take a stupid penalty.
  3. Technically they both held that position already... Play of the Game is Kinkaid falling asleep during a wraparound?
  4. Lovejoy has looked adequate tonight.
  5. On another note, this Gionta kid has looked good, we should trade for him.
  6. 9 seconds too late.
  7. Not like we'll do anything with those 4 mins...
  8. And why the hell do they keep playing the Modell's jingle between plays? So stupid.
  9. At this point, just pull Kinkaid and go with the extra skater. He's not doing anything anyway.
  10. It's actually funny now.
  11. You and me both. But not Hynes.
  12. Do you put Schneider in for the 3rd?
  13. KK playing like a$$ tonight.
  14. He sucks!!
  15. Well played first period, but the Islanders have much more energy. We need to step it up.