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  1. Perhaps a bit dramatic of a comparison, but I agree with the second part. If he were a guy that was going to put up points at a 250+ a year rate, and he'd miss a month or two a season, I'd still have that guy on my team.
  2. We're overlooking something...just because Kovy wants to play in NY doesn't mean NY wants him or has the cap space.
  3. If we sign all these Russians, we DEFINITELY can't get rid of the red jerseys...
  4. Yeah that'd be a deal.
  5. I can't say him not playing here is what SHOULD happen, but I agree it's likely what will happen.
  6. reports Shero is definitely looking to use those picks as trade assets. I have no idea what Kovy is worth, I've concluded.
  7. One person has a team winning it all that has not been eliminated. ONE.
  8. Point to the spot on the dolly where he touched you.
  9. Second from last!!!
  10. #NotTheRangers
  11. Maybe someone should do a "would you hit it" poll. I think she'd do ok.
  12. Seriously, what is he going to be afraid of, that someone might show up and re-teach him how to play hockey?
  13. I'm 99% they weren't going to expose him anyway. Besides the backlash they would receive from their fanbase, I don't think they were exposing the face of their franchise in an expansion draft.