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  1. Let's not make it as "interesting" as we made it last night. 4-1 Devils, Hall with two, Palmieri and Parenteau. LGD
  2. Might be just the trade to wake both guys up. But Ryan is owed a TON of money, not that we have cap issues but we may find a better use for that money in free agency.
  3. Pretty poor showing by Loov in that Quennville fight.
  4. Why would a Rangers fan hang out here anyway? I wonder...
  5. Like I said, I agree Tavares should have been called. But Henrique's response to a non-call put the team in jeopardy. And actually, you said we should have had a power play, which means you didn't think Henrique should have been called. Then you said it should have been 4 on 4. Can't be both!
  6. I agree, BUT once that call wasn't made, crosschecking him repeatedly down one goal with three minutes left was not the appropriate response. Could have cost the team at least one point.
  7. Which crosscheck by Henrique was legit? Because he did it like 5-6 times in a row. In my opinion, a horrible penalty at the exact wrong time. We were lucky to get away with it.
  8. Yeah, but neither of those blew a lead like the Leddy one would have.
  9. Crisis averted. Leddy should be first star for us for dinging that post. Two nice periods, one bloody abortion, 2 points. see ya again tomorrow.
  10. Palmieri took the bullet. I might give him Cammalleri's "A".
  11. Holy crap he missed a wide open net.
  12. And the traditional late 3rd penalty...
  13. I feel like it's the same recipe we gave been following lately. Giving up way too many shots, if you do that some of them are gonna go in.
  14. I haven't been one to jump all over Moore but that could not have been played worse.
  15. Seriously?? Wtf, whole team standing there, including Moore who totally missed the play. And nice rebound, Cory. Puck control, my man.