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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Also a dude in a wedding dress behind the glass... Marty?
  2. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Jagr is 150 years old but man, can he still control that puck in the corners.
  3. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That is some huge equipment.
  4. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Hahaha, take that you Swedish Bradley Cooper looking mf'er!!
  5. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I am not relying on Cammalleri at all. Guy cannot stay healthy, I don't expect next season to be any different. He cannot be part of the plan going forward, he has to be a guy that you hope will do good and if he stays healthy, maybe he's great. But if you're thinking he's the lynch pin of our offense next year, you may end up disappointed.
  6. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    I don't agree with limiting the colors, there's too many teams and a lot of them have traditionally had some overlap. i don't think there are any jerseys that are substantially similar in design despite the use of the same colors.
  7. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    If they could, wouldn'tthey give it to the Blackhawks before the Devils?
  8. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Well I can't go that hardcore. But I definitely prefer pre-Edge 1000 times over.
  9. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    That falls into the category of "I'd buy one only if I have to". I wouldn't go out of my way, but if the Devils get a player I want and that's what they are wearing at the time, AND non-ad versions are not available ( I strongly believe they will be), then I'd have no choice.
  10. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Agree, depending who re-signs. If they lose a handful of those guys, there may be spaces to fill.
  11. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I understand and agree with your points. Just wanted to point out he just turned 40, not 41. We were born the same year. Don't prematurely age me, dude!!
  12. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    And, it may go without saying, but he totally deserves it.
  13. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Yeah, reasonably sure the security guards know absolutely nothing about the team, let alonemanagement decisions like jersey designs.