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  1. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    I have hated the Sens for many, many years. If Nico wants to wait until 10/27 to score his first, I am fine with that as I will be in attendance. But get 3 more assists in the meantime. Let's Go Devils!!!!
  2. Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    My best was a personal moment. 1-0 OT winner by Zajac against Buffalo, my daughter’s first game. She and my wife went to the restroom and they made it back in, but the usher wouldn’t let them to the seats. Zajac wins it, my daughter runs down the stairs, goes into the row above me, and leaps over the chairs into my arms to celebrate. Another crazy Devils fan was born that night.
  3. America's Team

    I did not realize that either. That’s pretty awesome.
  4. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    That's crazy.
  5. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    85% of that is like 26 goals for the 82 game season, I think that's reasonable to hope for. With the team scoring as much as they are, and with the extra talent that wasn't here last year, i suspect his numbers will improve significantly over last year. Even if he is just 1G, 4A through 6 games. It'll come.
  6. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    I would love for him to set a new career high for goals as well. And I get what you are saying, he's fast, he has great moves, he should be able to score more. And he will. Its been 6 games. A guy 1 point off of a point per game pace is not something to worry about generally, although where you have a ton of scoring going on, you'd like to see him in the middle of it.
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I did the same thing.
  8. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    The example was intentionally ridiculous. People were piling onto Hall about missing opportunities. Nico has virtually the same point total (minus a goal) and everyone is talking about how great he looks and how he should be considered for the Calder. The main point was, its been 6 games. Relax. You can't say that Hall has any kind of issue or that Nico is the second coming based on a sample size of 6 games. And even if you could, he wouldn't have a chance next to two guys on his own team, and I have no idea who else. That was the point I was trying to make, in case I was unclear.
  9. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Yeah that’s been hard, especially Santini. I keep having Josefson flashbacks.
  10. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    If you are going to pick a post out of context and not read the whole conversation, you’re not going to understand. If 4 assists in 6 games means you are a Calder candidate, is Hall an MVP candidate? Is Butcher possibly the next Bobby Orr? I know someone said Bratt reminds them of Gretzky, is there a possibility we retire #63 leaguewide based on what he did in 6 games?
  11. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    I haven’t really noticed him. For a defenseman, that may not be a bad thing. He didn’t look happy taking that puck off his head tonight.
  12. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Re-read my original post. I’m confident even you’ll understand.
  13. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    You obviously missed my point, which was exactly that. It’s been 6 games. That’s what the literal fvck I said!!
  14. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    What I could say is, with all the goals we have scored, I’d have thought both Nico and Hall would have put up more points. But at this point, 5-1, I don’t give a fvck!!
  15. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    That’s my main point. It’s been 6 games, and we’re nominating Nico for awards and saying Hall sucks with virtually identical stats. We do have three rookies, so I guess we might! Wasn't entirely directed at you, it’s been a theme across multiple threads that’s been annoying me.
  16. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Yeah that has him talking to himself I’m sure.
  17. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    I’m not saying I’m not hopeful. I am. He looks good, and he may very well be a Calder candidate. But he’s not exactly dominating just yet. A lot of it, of course, has been bad luck. He could probably have 5 goals if he had some better puck luck.
  18. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Four assists in six games is nice. You think that means he’ll be a Calder finalist? I hope he keeps developing and starts cashing in, but right now he’d lose to Bratt and Butcher.
  19. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Appreciate the correction, doesn’t change the sentiment. And yeah, I’d like him scoring more too. But he’s kind of doing what he does. And he was on a team last year that was a total dumpster fire and he went 20G, 33A.
  20. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Yup, it’s been 6 games. Hall’s fine. Nico is fine too, but calling a guy with zero goals and four assists in his career a “Calder candidate” or “a great setup man” is way premature.
  21. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    I agree with two of Mike Brown’s statements. Santini looked great, and Gibbons, talk about overperforming! Might be the best play I’ve seen from one of our defenseman in 5 years.
  22. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    You guys are funny. Hall has a goal and 4 assists in 6 games and he’s garbage. Nico has three assists and he’s a “Calder candidate”.
  23. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    He’s quick enough, he was just already in too close. He had nowhere left to go.
  24. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    It was a neat move, but almost guaranteed not to work.