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  1. You guys are awesome.
  2. Two of my favorites!
  3. I would LOVE bringing Jagr back!!
  4. They do not still make CCMs, you're stuck with eBay for those. The lettering and numbers are (well up until this change) were basically the same since 1992, with only a slight variation between when Custom Crafted was doing them and Exclusive Pro Sports, who does them now. I have been using EPS for several years now, for both vintage and current styles, and they do a great job.
  5. Anyone else surprised we haven't made a trade, with all of these picks we have?
  6. #67 Hurricanes, Morgan Geekie.
  7. Yeah that's pretty awesome.
  8. Yup, some of my favorites. I have very few of the Reebok jerseys.
  9. I'm not trying at all, I'm finding it pretty easy.
  10. He also was asked to describe himself and he said "a complete two way hockey player". Without ever having played in an NHL game? Ego much?
  11. If you're talking old but still black and red, I've got those covered too!!
  12. Who has the list of all the picks we have? I forget when we pick again.
  13. I had a feeling that would be the case.
  14. Except for how he said he didn't want to be picked #1 by us and he wanted to go to Philly.
  15. The whites look awesome.
  16. Load is a dumbass name
  17. That's how you know you've got a good one, same sense of humor as The Fitz.
  18. Vancouver just picked Draco Malfoy, I'm pretty sure.
  19. Agree, but should we be worried.
  20. Dude couldn't find a jacket that fit for the #3 selection on TV??
  21. It looked outstanding on the #1 overall pick.
  22. Nicely done Ray.
  23. Then just add a reporter to the story. Joe Jenkins from the Daily Bagel confirms...
  24. Uhh should they? KK hasn't really shown me anything. The guy they just traded is miles better.
  25. Or just make up a prospect nobody has heard of and make him a dark horse. Devils are a lock to take Oliver Klozeroff from Belarus.