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  1. Agreed, especially JJ. I'd like to see it start resulting in something.
  2. That's Devils hockey. If the defense and goalkeeping is good, they have a chance. If it's not, they don't. Can't even count on their ability to svore a 3rd goal. I really feel like they pulled this win out of their a**. They looked awful offensively and just managed enough defense to survive.
  3. Acknowledged it in the post game interview too, class move by Hall.
  4. Hall yeah!!!! AMAZING play by Zajac, perfectly done. Wasnt pretty tonight but it's 2 points. Taylor Hall is my 1st star for not passing that puck to Severson and actually taking the shot.
  5. That didn't look very embellish-y to me.
  6. I'd only allow video review for goals that go in and out, where the puck is just moving too fast for the naked eye. Everything else is stupid, if the ref misses it, they miss it. That's sports.
  7. Definitely hate the rule. The offside was of no consequence, if they miss that, it shouldn't be reviewed. That being said, I knew it when it happened live, no way that was an onside play.
  8. Not for long, we're offsides.
  9. Fans are doing "The Wave" like it's 1987.
  10. sh!tty puck control on the power play. Oh wait, that was a rhetorical question.
  11. Not sure Markstrom fully qualifies as a "backup" since he's played so many games. But the rest of it, yup!
  12. Could be better, could be worse.
  13. I wouldn't trade Cory, because you never know what will happen. Two trades, a great draft pick, couple of free agent signings and we could be right back in the playoffs. You need a solid goalie for that. Not that he's been solid, but I still think that was more of an aberration than the norm.
  14. Keep it going boys. LGD
  15. Oh I agree, especially for hockey where there's a third the amount of fans at a sellout than there are in baseball. Maybe the logistics of having 55,000 bobbleheads on hand is tough; but 18,000 should be doable.
  16. I agree. Seems more like a guy bound for Vegas but anything is possible.
  17. He makes too much money and he's signed for too long. I would trade him in a second, but I don't know if there will be any takers.
  18. Uhh, well, yeah, there is that as well..,
  19. Parenteau will be traded. Cammalleri will not.
  20. Mine told me today that Hell's Bells is her favorite song because they play it in the arena at the start of the game. Which is better, having a 9 year old girl who like the Devils or who likes AC/DC??
  21. It's late, cut the dude some slack!!
  22. Salvador was the weirdest choice ever, and the start of my "you don't know what's going on in the room" idea.
  23. Some advanced metrics for you...our sucks ass index was -0.742 tonight. Well played boys!!
  24. Nice win boys!!! Worth staying up for!!
  25. Stollery has played a solid game tonight.