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  1. Not only very dangerous but very hard to recover from depending on the severity. A young professional athlete, of course, has a better chance of a good recovery,
  2. Unless, of course, Kovy gets Radulov to come here too, in which case, totally worth it.
  3. I'll list the factors that made me a Devils fan: 1. Free tickets. My friend's mom worked for a company that had season tickets and would get the extras for at times. 10 rows behind the home goal. Caught a puck in those seats in 1992 (still have it in my office with my ticket stub, which had a face value of a whopping $30.00, "tax included"). 2. In addition to free tickets, it was WAY easier to convince one of our parents to drive us to the Meadowlands than to get to MSG. I remember more than once a parent actually waiting the length of the game out in the car in the parking lot. I also remember buying a cheap upper level seat and sneaking an extra person into the good seats (two go in, one goes out with both ticket stubs, two come back in). 3. I was a rock music fan from a very young age. Team called the Devils?? Sign me right the fvck up!! Was it hard to be a Devils fan in the late 80's/early 90's. I would say a little in my community. While there were obviously many more Rangers fans than Devils fans, the majority of people didn't care about hockey at all. I didn't fully appreciate as a 10-11 year old in 1986 that the team had only been there 4 years and that I was really in on the ground floor of something that would later turn out to be so great!! I was not happy when the team moved from the home I had always known at the Meadowlands to Newark. After all, who wants to go to Newark. I'll tell you who, ME. Its so much easier to get to and so much nicer of an experience at The Rock, I wouldn't move back for anything. Wouldn't change a thing about my entire Devils experience, actually. Except maybe the win/loss record on a bunch of seasons.
  4. Can't get rid of your primary color, that's heinous.
  5. I agree. I'd be ok with a black third jersey eventually, but you can't "Rock Your Red" in a black jersey!!
  6. This describes so many games I attended at the old building. Such memories. Thanks for sharing.
  7. We haven't been rebuilding for 5 years. 2 years tops. We SHOULD HAVE been rebuilding for 5 years...
  8. RIP
  9. When they announced the color change, I had an idea for a jersey using that exact logo, and using this exact color scheme, later (almost) used by the Albany River Rats. Imagine my surprise when both surfaced, in separate parts, several years later! My 15ish year old self had really cool tattoo-style Devil face shoulder patches. I couldn't find one that was similar to my idea online, but I found this one that I think looks just like Adam Henrique which is funny enough to post. it would be my new profile pic if it wasn't watermarked. 40 year old me thinks that NJ map patches would be cooler. I know a lot of people hate black jerseys for some weird reason, but this one would have been money in the bank IMHO.
  10. Almost none.
  11. If he's a top line forward, then he should stay here. On our top line.
  12. I agree. My bottom line is, his KHL stats suggest he is better than at least half of our offensive players, even if he has declined. How do you not even give him a look if that's the case? What are the odds of getting anything in return that is better than a 34 year old Kovy? And, even if you are going to trade him ultimately, his value is obviously more if he comes back to the NHL and shows he can compete. Then he'd bring an even better return. I'd take that chance.
  13. Umm, yes, this. Shattenkirk plus a 1st????
  14. Yeah I think Ottawa is about to take a beating and the Rangers fans will be very excited.
  15. Mine sucks as much as expected.
  16. Immediately slotting in to be our third highest scorer isn't worth it? With the ability to trade him at a deadline to a contender? And, assuming again the 50 points, you probably get better value after he's proven himself.
  17. I don't think that Kovy coming would have any effect on any of that. Who would you prefer, Kovy at 25G, 25A or DSP? Or Bennett? Or Cammy? Or Josefson? The list goes on from there. There's plenty of room for him and developing young players. Stick that version of Kovy on a line with Zacha, good things will happen.
  18. I'd pay him $6 million each for two seasons if you'd guarantee 25 goals and 25 assists (although you might be low on the assists, he may be capable of more than that). Bottom line, we don't have cap issues. Worst that happens is he bombs out, at least you don't have him for 8 more years. At best he helps the team back to the playoffs. Somewhere in the middle he shows he can still play and you trade him to a contender for some prospects or picks. I just don't see a down side, assuming that spending the money on him doesn't prevent us from spending on someone else we could use. I'm not saying Kovy instead of say, Shattenkirk for example. But if you can sign Kovy and still get the other available guy or guys we want, why the fvck not?
  19. True, but also a record number of overtime games as well.
  20. Anderson follows it up with the "in your face" overemphasized glove save on Oshie. Leafs are feeling it...
  21. The definition of a lucky bounce. Puck off the end boards, bounces right in front to Auston Matthews. Well played.
  22. That's probably a good point I hadn't considered.
  23. Bolded part #1, I never expected he was going to "retire" and leave. I don't know if, at that time, it would have been reasonable to assume he was going to retire early. Bolded part #2, I hope you're right, I'd like to have enough good players that $4.8m on the cap would make a difference.
  24. I understand. Thus far, no cap issue from that contract. And, can you honestly say he wouldn't be better than maybe 8 of our 12 forwards every night, even now?
  25. Was going to say, the Cap hit is irrelevant to a team taking on contracts of guys on LTIR in order to meet the floor. The cap hit would, right now and for the past few seasons since he left, be completely irrelevant. Not to say that he wouldn't have been getting overpaid, he may well have been. But I honestly would rather have had him and the cap hit with no issue from it, rather than not have him and still not have a cap issue. He may have done a lot of good.