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  1. 3-on-3 tournament to replace NHL all-star game

    So glad the fantasy draft is gone. I haven't watched in years, but I actually like this idea. Guessing Schneider is only Devil?
  2. Devils Membership Program?

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand this membership thing?
  3. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

    https://soundcloud.com/richandruska/devils-rule-1 This is actually the song...
  4. Anyone going to Oct 9th in Philly?

    Not sure, contact the Devils... I'm sure they had to return unused allotment to the Flyers at some point. If you want to buy through the Flyers, they are $111. Section 106, purchase tickets in furthest row from the ice if you want to sit near Devils fans -- shows 2 available in Row 26, 3 available in Row 25 on Flyers website: http://ev15.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?linkID=global-wachovia&ticketCode=GS:WACH:FL2014:FL01:&groupCode=FL-IND14&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&cgc=&prc=&ppc=&psc=&sm=1
  5. Anyone going to Oct 9th in Philly?

    The Devils were planning a bus trip for season ticket holders, but cancelled it due to lack of interest.. Its too bad, would've been nice to have 50 Devils fans sitting together in Philly. Some people, including myself and some friends, still bought tickets through the Devils -- Section 106 -- for $90. Driving down tomorrow afternoon... stopping for a cheesesteak and a couple beers in the parking lot before the game.
  6. Ticket Buy Back

    Excluding preseason games, which 3 games are the best to give back to the Devils?? Of course, you need to consider face value/opponent/day of the week.
  7. 2013-2014 Attendance

    What is a sellout?? lol
  8. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

    Noticed that they stopped piping in the "Lets Go Devils" as much during the goal song. You can hear "you suck" again tonight (and Tuesday).
  9. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

    Its too bad management can't bribe us, as a fan base, to come up with something else to chant instead of "you suck" so we can get back our Rock and Roll Part II. As much as I would love to have it back AND also chant "you suck", it would be better to have it back and not chant "you suck" over whatever song it gets changed to next. The atmosphere at the arena hasn't been the same without it this year. Management should give us a chance to vote on new chant for RR Part II... and if it doesn't work... oh well, they can't say they didn't give us the chance. I know the Red Bulls offered money for fans to stop offensive chants... not sure if it worked, though.
  10. $15 Handling Fee

    Really? Where are your seats?
  11. Maybe the Devils should ban season ticket holders that give away their tickets to friends if they can't go to the game... after all, the box office can't compete with free tickets. Absolutely insane that they'd revoke season tickets from someone, even if they sell every single game. And you know the Devils (and a lot of other teams) are using the secondary market to sell tickets, as well.
  12. $15 Handling Fee

    For season ticket holders: Anyone else have a $15 overdue fee in their 2013-14 Season Ticket account right now? I was on the 12-month plan, and paid my last installment on March 1... so curious where this fee is coming from. Playoff handling fee?
  13. curious, as to why? lol
  14. Anyone make a profit on Devils tickets this season?? If so, where section are your tickets in?!? The Devils should be happy that fans are buying EVERY SINGLE GAME, even the lousy mid-week games that aren't worth $15. And people aren't stupid -- you can buy 2 tickets to 44 games for under $2000 for the pair -- or the same seats to 7 games for $700. It just doesn't make sense to buy a partial plan.
  15. Just letting you guys know.. its not the StubHub sales they are tracking, its the TicketExchange sales that they are monitoring.