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  1. I'd take him back on a reasonable deal, I just don't see it happening. I feel as some others have said, I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. Ah, could be wrong then. Just heard from someone else that when Pittsburgh played Buffalo Bylsma walked past Malkin and said something to the effect of "Hey Evegeni how are you doing?" and he didn't even look at him or say anything. Who knows though.
  3. It was a joke dude. It's called sarcasm lol. Think of the hashtag possibilities... PM4GM!
  4. These are great:
  5. Supposedly Malkin hated Bylsma when he was in Pittsburgh, so it doesn't sound like he's the easiest guy to get along with.
  6. Interesting. I like that we're taking chances and signing guys with little/no risk.
  7. Haha, yeah I couldn't help but think the same thing too when he first came into the league.
  8. And did anyone see Calgary pull their goalie 5 minutes into the game after he let in one goal? lol. Granted it was a pretty weak shot from the boards, but if I were Elliot I'd be pissed and tell my coach to go fvck himself. Best part was they scored on Chad Johnson a few minutes later.
  9. How was that a softie? Guy was in all alone behind the D from the faceoff circle. He put it 5 hole. That was just shooter being quicker than the goalie, which, on a play like that, is normal. Goalie just didn't have enough time to get set when he received the pass inside the zone.
  10. Ok...NOW it's time to panic lol.
  11. That's awesome. Probably wouldn't fly at all in today's youth leagues, but it's what made us men. I never quite got hurt badly in an actual game, but during practice one day when I too was about 15 or so, I wasn't feeling well and sat on the bench for a while with my helmet off. I decided to end practice early and head home. The practice taking place was informal and at the time, just a bunch of guys skating around and having fun, not really any specific drills or coaching instruction. As I was skating from the bench across the red line to the other side of the rink, one of my idiot teammates wasn't paying attention and was skating in my direction and shot the puck right at me. Of course it hit me right in the head with no helmet on. I remember seeing a flash for a second and nothing but black. Another second later and I was fine, and skated off the rink. I knew what just happened wasn't good but wasn't sure the extent of it, and I'll never forget passing my friend who was about to jump into the rink, and I lifted up my sweaty hair from my forehead and said "Hey do I have a bump on my head?", and his reaction was just "Holy sh!t!". That was my second ever concussion, and I think I was back on the rink playing in the next game a few days later lol.
  12. I think Lovejoy is more turnover prone than Merrill. Especially last year, because to me, Merrill seemed to improve in that department. The year or two before, I'd say yeah he was bad, but I think he was more responsible this season. I also think he has been able to join the rush, albeit seldomly. If he were more physical that would be nice, but one guy rarely does it all. I'm not saying he's fit for the top pairing, but I think he's possibly a 2nd pair guy, and at the very least, a solid 3rd pairing. Lovejoy on the other hand, I feel is slower, turns the puck over more, not physical either, and doesn't contribute offensively. He's quite useless if you ask me. He's not capable of logging a lot of minutes, and he's also significantly older, with way less potential. Merrill is just 23, lots of room to grow and improve.
  13. Oh I gotcha. When you said Yup I thought that was in reference to when I asked who are you leaving unprotected, Merrill? Had me very confused Seems like we're on the same page. I think the Devils are in a good spot for the expansion draft, at least compared to most teams. I mean, it kinda sucks that our roster is so bad that we really aren't afraid of or in danger of losing a good player, but of all the years an expansion draft had to take place, this is probably the best one, for us at least. Some other teams are going to lose some pretty valuable players, for basically nothing.
  14. Yeah the article said it was a facial fracture. Initially I was surprised to see they ruled him out for the rest of the playoffs too, mainly because they put him back in the game after it happened -- makes you realize that, even with a full shield on, had he taken in another small jolt or bump to the face, it could've gotten even worse. I guess maybe they didn't know how bad it was at the time, and truly just another courageous act that we seem to see every year from a random guy in the playoffs. It's amazing, and the effort is admirable and commendable. I'd do it too.
  15. I know I brought this up before, but, percentage wise, what do people think the chances are of him making, and staying, in the bigs next year?