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  1. fvck.
  2. I like Noesen's hockey sense. He's throwing things on net. That's what we need right now.
  3. Atta fvcking boy. Way to respond! I like Palmieri on the PP at the point. I like how Blandisi was patient with the puck down low and actually took it to the net.
  4. Someone wanna tell me why Henrique turned around there and put his back to the player with the puck?
  5. Agree with Dano there. I called interference right away. He tried to go around him and totally just took him out. Stupid.
  6. Good pressure by most of the lines there. If they keep it up I think they'll get one, but it's discouraging to be playing pretty well and getting chances and not being able to find the back of the net. Keep it up boys.
  7. Also:
  8. I hear ya. I guess I just look at the situation we're in now and I can't help but think of our sh!tty rivals to the south....they were right next to us, actually even quite a bit below I believe, way earlier in the season, and then boom, that freak 10 game winning streak occurred and they were not only in the wild card spot, but even up there in the top 3 of the division. Sure, they've come back to Earth now and it looks like they may miss the playoffs themselves, but the point is that we, unlike them, have been .500 for basically most of the season like you mentioned, so if every team, even someone like the Flyers, or us, are capable of an odd, errant, or random fluke winning streak of any real significance, well that's something that, if it happened, would certainly put us in the middle of the playoffs. A guy can dream, right? Also, from a very general standpoint....we come here to talk about the Devils, right? And if we already know what this team is - what they're made of, and what they're capable of - well then there's really two choices right? Either talk positively about them, or talk negatively about them. I wouldn't quite call it "down a case of Sunny Delight" so to speak, but rather just talking positively. It doesn't do me any good, or give me any joy or fun, to sit here and constantly remind myself that we have guys like Bennett and Lovejoy on our team and bitching or sulking about it. There are way too many negative influences in the world outside of hockey. I'm not gonna let hockey/the Devils be one of them.
  9. As I was reading this I was gonna say the same thing. I have always had a policy, if I were a GM or coach, I'd stay clear away from headcases, and if there were any on my team, they'd be dealt with accordingly. No thanks.
  10. Rematch time. Well, not quite, because we get Craig Anderson this time. I hope Cory doesn't have to stand on his head tonight only to get no goal support again. I haven't heard if Cammalleri is back tonight. I kinda expect him to be, but who knows, we did score 3 and 4 goals in the last two games without him. This one isn't gonna be easy to win, but we should still be a confident bunch because they're scoring more lately and realistically they've strung together more wins lately than they have losses, particularly regulation ones at that (and at home, too). I really don't want to see us back to .500 tonight if we were to lose. That would just be kinda deflating to be honest. 26-24-10 would be a little more appealing. 3 days off after today, then we have a pretty touch schedule coming up against the Rags, Canadiens, Caps, and Bruins. That will really tell us what this team is made of. Let's Go Devils.
  11. We have Santini who looks like he may pan out as a 2nd or 3rd line full time NHLer. If we were to get a decent draft pick this year that we could use on a defenseman, then we're not looking too bad. We're just in a terrible situation right now, because if we trade Henrique for a d-man, then all of a sudden we're back to kinda where we were before we got Hall, starved for offense again. I'm not saying Henrique = Hall, but he's one of the few guys who actually does score for us right now. We need to try to land some guys in free agency and see if a draft pick or two pan out. Does anyone think McLeod will be NHL ready next year? Maybe the year after? Would be nice if he blossomed early and we could get rid of a DSP/Bennett type player and solidify the bottom two lines a little more.
  12. I know that. Doesn't mean you gotta give up on the guys who do. Trying to trade Henrique, especially for a guy like Duchene or someone similar, just seems like a lateral move. Duchene has 16G on the year with 3PP, so 13 EV. Henrique has 15G on the year with 4PP for 11 EV. Pretty even.
  13. I hardly post here. That was the first time I linked anything up that involved your team in months. I frequent here occasionally. I think you'll find that I bring a lot more to the table than him. He's dirt. He proved it in his immature response.

    This place was a lot better before they chased all the great posters away.

    I don't know you. You have 800 posts. But I am Derek. And have been on this board off and on for over a decade. 

  14. Gotta admit, this was pretty funny. As far as the Rangers fan is concerned... when I first started posting here a few years ago it stuck out pretty quickly that there was a lone guy among us who posted occasionally, who happened to be a Rangers fan. Odd, but whatever. Free country. It didn't take long before I noticed the frequent link sharing and pumping of articles. No harm in a shameless plug I guess, but it did seem a little like an attention grab or clickbait move. I still don't mind it, but like others have said, a thread dedicated to your site might be more appropriate than dropping it in random threads where you feel it might have a tinge of relevancy. All that's fine, but, starting a gameday thread, at a 1am? Yeah, d1ck move man. D1ck move. I don't mind you posting here, you haven't said boo to me that I know of, and your posts that I've read over the years haven't really bothered me at all, but do us all a favor, as a Rangers fan, don't post a gameday thread here. Even if we're playing the Rangers. It's just tacky man.
  15. It's all about fair market value and supply and demand. With that said, I don't see how everyone is assuming Duchene is somehow a lot better than Henrique. They're one year a part, with Henrique barely being older. He has for his career about 150 less points than Duchene, but Duchene also started younger and has played in about 130 more games, so it's actually pretty even. And if you're going to talk current production, Duchene has only 36 points on the season and Henrique has 32. I wouldn't be upset if we got Duchene, but honestly any talk about giving up someone else for him, even a guy like Cammy, isn't exactly fair. (Yes I know we wanna dump his contract, that's not the point). It's almost a one for one. I just don't get everyone wanting to give up on Henrique. Guy is a pretty consistent scorer with a modest contract. Does anyone here think he won't reach 20 goals this season? Ok so it's not 30 like he had last year, but so what? It's not a terrible year. Be happy he's producing the way he is, and focus on the guys who aren't. That's where the attention should be.