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  1. Oh that's awesome. Yeah the taglines would've been a nice touch, and perhaps even the train coming down to an extent.
  2. You're gonna hear about it, because it's a reality. I'll never understand that mentality, or at least definitely never agree with it. Take a look around: WE ALREADY ARE LOSING. Ok, maybe it could get worse, but we're really not that far from the dregs of the league, i.e. Colorado, Arizona, and what used to be Edmonton. We have a few scattered wins here and there, but it really isn't that many. At this point I actually really hope the Devils just stop trying, rest some players, and fall into the bottom three for the next 2-3 years. Maybe then and only then you guys who are preaching for this will look back after those picks don't pan out and other very circumstantial things take place and say to yourself and everyone else, 'Damn, these last few years have sucked, worse than what it was before, and we're not in any better shape now'.
  3. Thank fvcking God. I actually meant to say this earlier after I saw him on the ice a little bit yesterday -- he just isn't doing anything out there, and it would be much better to have Blandisi up and getting chances.
  4. That's about the only way I was able to sum it up too. It looked like they wanted to score, just maybe not enough. Not hungry enough, and of course, not skilled enough. Sad part about this is that Cory played really well. I guess we just need to focus on trying to take two from the Islanders this weekend, since they won last night and are pulling away. Revenge next week against Ottawa would be sweet.
  5. Fair enough. Agree to disagree
  6. Oh, see, I didn't get that. I'm not a huge comic/marvel/superhero guy so I had no idea that was the reference lol. Now it seems cooler, knowing that
  7. You really are going to hold that much of a grudge against a then 21 year old? And you really think our organization's name was dragged through the mud? For starters, I don't hear or see ANYONE talking about it -- certainly no one national, and not even anyone in the local media that covers just the Devils. And beyond that, clearly the organization doens't think it was too big of a deal or else they woudln't have brought him in as the guy on standby when someone like Bennett gets hurt. They could've just as easily brought in Quennville or Coleman again, or Pietila, etc.
  8. Gotcha. I actually think a tagline would've helped. It just seems like there's something missing, and some type of catchphrase or tagline helps bring the drawing together and/or make it stand point. I guess the best way to put it is probably that this one maybe less memorable when you look back and go "remember when the Devils played the Senators, oh yeah, that was the night the gameday poster was such and such...". For obvious reasons it's tougher because it's not the Marty statue night, it's not retro night, and so forth, and I know it must be hard to have your work critiqued and ripped a part by management all the time. I can imagine depending on how picky they are, sometimes it probably feels like what you end up with wasn't your vision to begin with.
  9. You're right, it isn't even that close. BB8 is not nearly better than Blandisi. In 40 games so far, Bennett has 3 goals and 7 assists. In 41 games last year, Blandisi had 5 goals and 12 assists. He hasn't hit the scoresheet yet this year, but he's played all of 5 games, and most of those have been just lately. Give the guy a chance to develop some consistency and chemistry, and he'll probably start potting some goals again. He's also 3 years younger than Bennett, and doesn't make nearly the amount of stupid mistakes he does either. But honestly, all of that aside, you want to really know what the stupid part is? Calling up Bennett and putting him on the 4th line, instead of the 3rd where he finally, actually, MAYBE had some chemistry and good things going with Zacha/Josefson.
  10. Artistically it's very nice, obviously way better than anything I could possibly draw/create, but if I could just give my honest opinion of it in terms of creativity and style, it's a little plain. I guess maybe with the game being on a random Thursday, and us not having much of a rivalry with the Senators or anything like that, maybe it limited what you could do and how creative you could be. Just my 2 cents. Still like it though.
  11. Yup, exactly how I feel too. I think we all do. These past two weeks as they've been playing better and wining some games in regulation has brought some of that back. We're not too far from a playoff spot now where it seems like more of a possibility rather than just a lofty pipe dream. It's really nice and exciting to look forward to games and have them mean something. I hope we keep it up and get close down the stretch. Sure I'll be disappointed if we fall just short again, but I'd much rather see exciting and competitive games and fall just short, as opposed to keep losing and not watch hockey for the last month of the season because it's boring and awful,
  12. Here's something random but a nice thing to think about. We have a home game against the Canadiens in two weeks. Looking purely at their record, and based on their play for most of the season, at 31-19-8 they would appear to be superior to us by quite a bit, when we're 24-22-10. But, if you consider our two games in hand, if we were to win both of them, instead of being 12 points behind them we're 8 points. And if we beat them in regulation next week, we're 6 points behind them. If you told me we could possibly be just 6 points behind the Canadiens, a team that's basically been in first place in their division the entire season, I'd take that all day long.
  13. I have a feeling this is going to be a close, tight game. Schneider already confirmed for tonight, not that it's a surprise, but a very early confirmation. Mike Condon likely in net for them. Stats are very similar between the two -- Condon: 16 wins, 2.53 GAA, .913 Sv%, 4 shutouts. Cory: 18 wins, 2.66 GAA, .912 Sv%, 2 shutouts. If we get Cory's best tonight, I think we win this one 3-2. I don't understand why Auvitu is not up in the big club if he's healthy now, but in the interest of keeping things simple, I really just hope the rest of the lineup remains the same, as it seems we're starting to get a little bit of chemistry going. It's worked well for the past half dozen games or so. I really would like to see some guys like Henrique, Zajac, and Noesen continue to score. As I mentioned in another thread, I think it's imperative that we get some help and contributions from our bottom 6. Hoping the lines look something like this again: Hall - Henrique - Palmieri Cammalleri - Zajac - Parenteau Zacha - Josefson - Blandisi Wood - Noesen - DSP Greene - Severson Moore - Merril Santini - Quincey Keep Lovejoy on the bench because he deserves it, and Helgeson on reserve as a decent 7th d-man if necessary. (this assuming again that Auvitu needs to be in the minors for whatever reason, otherwise I'd bring him up and send either Moore or Quincey down). Would love to get 2 points in regulation here and continue to climb the standings. We're only 6 pts behind Ottawa but they have two games in hand. A win in regulation tonight gets us quite close to them. They're in the other conference so it's not quite as important as playing some of the other teams in the Metropolitan division, but for the wildcard we're still chasing a team like the Leafs, and more than likely since they have games in hand they could pass Ottawa for that top 3 spot, so it still definitely is important to beat them tonight. Let's Go Devils.
  14. No clue. If he is, bring him up.
  15. You could make the argument that we're one good d-man or forward away from being a pretty easy playoff lock, at least for something like the 8th seed. We're not far away from it now, so I think if we had someone like Duchene, we're most likely in and competing.