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  1. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    So I just wanted to re-cap my trip (got home yesterday morning, drove straight through).  I don't think I posted it, not sure why, but I did end up getting tickets in section 208, row 5.  Upper corner, but when we got there, I see what everyone said -- they view really wasn't bad at all.  Unfortunately though, it was so hard to get 5 seats together, and I waited until the last minute, so I paid..... $121 each on Stub Hub!   To make matters worse, when I got the email with the tickets, face value showed $27 each.  That made me a bit sick to my stomach.  BUT...it was still worth it, considering I probably won't be back for a game there for a few years at least.  We went to Philly earlier in the day and saw the Liberty Bell and other sights since it's not a far drive down the turnpike, but that meant when we got to the stadium we didn't have time (or money) to get something to eat nearby.  Instead we opted to pay possibly higher prices inside since I was also waiting to meet my cousin who I haven't seen in about 8 years, and the delay was causing us to possibly miss the opening faceoff.   To my surprise we were able to get simple chicken and fries for $10 each, and they were actually pretty damn delicious.  I would have loved to have seen what else they had and tried something different, but I was more concerned with watching the game and enjoying it, especially considering the price I paid.  Oh, since I was in a hurry I paid 30 bucks to park literally right across from the stadium in some lot, I think it was named J & L.  That was pretty expensive I thought, but for the convenience I guess it was worth it too.  I had no idea where I was going and again being short on time didn't feel like fighting traffic and looking for something cheaper and further away. I loved the introduction and the special effects on the ice with the flames and fire around the faceoff circles and what not -- very cool.  On the flipside, the scoreboard, for being new and only a few years old, is VERY underwhelming.  I realize I'm spoiled with Tampa and not everyone has a gigantic scoreboard, or that it's even really necessary, but MAN...that thing looks like it's straight from the 80s or early 90s.  So small, and very boring.  I think the ads on and around it were bigger than the actual TVs/screens on it.  Watching replays of the goals or penalties, especially from where we were in the corner, was frustrating. One cool thing my kids enjoyed was the rivalry in the stands -- I didn't like how much blue there was, and way too much cheering when the Rags scored, but it made for a heated night and there were a few loudmouths sitting at the top of our section who were pretty entertaining.  A little annoying, but still funny and not really crossing any lines.  Also, I'm not sure if it was them or someone else, but around midway through the game my cousin found a little square piece of paper land on him, and when we looked at it it was the Rangers logo, with the word "SUCK" going diagonally across it.  I thought it was cool, and probably just some type of promotional thing or maybe fell out of a magazine or program, who knows, but then later in the game when we scored the go-ahead winner, a sh!t ton of them erupted from behind us like confetti flying on New Year's Eve.  It was hilarious.  Whoever made them put quite a bit of time into it because there was a TON.  That made the night lol. All in all it was a great time.  Wish I would have been able to walk around the stadium more and see the concourse and other areas, but it was still fun, and the fact that we won was even better.
  2. I'm here! . With my step kids and cousin.  LGD!  Way too much blue already.  fvck the Rags.  I hope we win 5-0.
  3. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    I like Boomer and Carton a lot.  Carton is a loud mouth that's pretty funny, he's pretty blue collar, and Boomer is especially.  He's a local guy who works harder than almost anyone and seems to have good values too. I don't care for or listen to much of Beningo and Roberts, or Francesca...mostly because I'm at work then, but also just don't care for their shows or personalities as much.  They're not awful I wouldn't say, but nothing that makes me want to tune in daily. During my lunch hour around noon I've been listening to Jim Rome for about 15 years now and his show still entertains me.  I like the way he conducts interviews and recaps the sports world, and life in general, and he is also a guy who seems to have good morals and values.
  4. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Looks like there's a few categories: http://www.nhl.com/nhl/en/v3/ext/rules/2015-2016-Interactive-rulebook.pdf EDIT:  The paste didn't format properly, so I'll just put the link and it's on page 65 with the other categories.  Here's the one I think it would fall under:      
  5. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    I was just going to post this.  Awesome read.  Maybe this is naive, it probably is, but do you think he was really traded just to try to prevent him from attending the All-Star game? I feel like it could've been for any number of "hockey" or "business" decisions and just really bad timing. Who did they trade for him? Either way, I've always like the All-Star game and kinda looked forward to it (this year I won't be able to watch because that's the day I'll be driving up to NY/NJ), but it's supposed to be a game for fun. No reason for anyone, the league, fans, whoever, to get all uppity about it, and definitely no reason to go to some insane extreme like move a guy and his family just because he doesn't fit the "traditional" All-Star mold. Yeah it's a bit of a joke, but so what? Why not put one of the biggest guys in the league, who's at somewhat of the tail end of his career, out there against the very best? He is, after all, an NHLer for a reason. He may be the 699th best player out of 700, but he's still in that group of 700.
  6. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Gotcha, didn't know that.  Even still though, I know fans pretty much group all referees together and complain/yell at them equally, and I am sure players do this too, especially in the heat of the moment on the ice after something happened to them.
  7. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Ha, good looking out
  8. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Awesome, might have to try that place.  Thanks.
  9. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Wasn't his provocation that he (the ref) supposedly missed a pretty obvious call on Wideman?  At least that's what I've been hearing -- that the officiating was garbage and I think there should have, again allegedly, according to Wideman, been a penalty called on a player who did something to him just before this occurred. 
  10. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Is that a restaurant/bar nearby?
  11. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Forgot to mention, if anyone is going to be at this particular game and would like to meet up at the arena, if even for just a minute to say hi and introduce yourself, that'd be awesome.  Once I get into town next week, probably on Monday, I'll have an idea of where we want to go to eat before the game and what not, so maybe we could even meet there. 
  12. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Insane that Lucic only got one game for that. Insane that he only got one game for that.  Pretty weird how he went after the guy like that since it looked like he did absolutely nothing.
  13. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    Awesome, thanks for the replies.  This trip in total is probably going to cost me about $2k, and I'm still recovering from Christmas, not to mention a ton of other expenses, so I was trying to avoid buying stuff at the stadium, but I just might have to have a beer.  I know at Amalie arena they're about $14 which is fvcking nuts.  What are they up there?
  14. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    So I'll be driving up this Sunday, most likely stopping in DC on the way.  Going to the game against the Rags on Tuesday the 2nd.  Just bought tickets...almost a complete sell out, and virtually impossible to get 5 together.  Stuhub had maybe 100 tickets total left, and happened to have 5 together -- upper corner 208, $100 each, but they have ridiculous fees of like $20 per ticket, so instead of $500 for 5, it was $600 for 5.  I tried Tickpick.com and they have no service fees, but 5 tickets they had in the opposite corner were $121 each, so basically the same and still $600.  I ended up going with StubHub just because I've used them before and I feel like I have recourse in case something happens and for some reason they're not together like they say they will be.  Never used Tickpick before and was just looking for a better deal, but couldn't find one. So...how bad are the seats in the upper corner?  They look like complete sh!t, and I'm sure that's why they were left and cheap, but I'll be happy to be in the building.  Sucks shelling out $500, but hopefully we get there early enough to see the stadium and have a good experience to make it worth it.
  15. The Marty Night thread

    Sick man cave.  Did you build the bar yourself?  I have very similar bar stools in my garage by a bar I built myself, but it's nowhere near that (just don't have the space, or, honestly, the money, or more importantly, probably the carpentry skills, to further enhance it) Are those seats from Shea stadium?  My father got my brother and I one seat each from Giants stadium before it went down.  It's #2 which is the day I was born.  I think they were like $250-300 each. Also, how much did that Pacman and that other arcade game set you back?  I imagine games like that are pretty expensive.  I always wanted something like that, most recently maybe the Golden Tee golf games, but I think they cost in the thousands.  Oh and how did you hang those TVs from the ceiling?  I have a small flat screen near my bar that's mounted on the wall and looks good, but suspended from the ceiling looks pretty sweet too.  Are that in a truss or load-bearing beam given that, I assume, that's a basement ceiling?