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  1. That one's kinda cool if it's actually the stuff used to make/sharpen skates and things like that (I assume it is, as I was trying to figure out the theme). Still, not really something that wows me.
  2. I doubt he gets in the lineup tonight, right?
  3. Ah gotcha, I kinda like Coleman. Thanks.
  4. Not sure if I said this already, but I was thinking about this a week or two ago...how cool would it be if Elias came back on St. Patty's day, and just played through the end of the season? We play the Penguins on the road that day. If they let us wear our green road jerseys, could be one last time he gets to wear them.
  5. fvck, forgot Zacha was still out. So who else is called up?
  6. Well, quite a few teams that are right around us in the standings have lost recently, but not sure if it really means much with 20 games left. I'd argue that's still a lot of time (Hell, 25% of the season), but it could be too little too late. Up against a tough opponent tonight, but we're facing Montoya in net, and he hasn't played a ton this year. It's been mentioned that Parenteau is out, so I imagine the lineup look something like this: Hall - Henrique - Palmieri Cammalleri - Zajac - Zacha Blandisi - Noesen - Bennett Wood - Josefson - DSP And I guess with Quincey out, the D pairings could be: Greene - Severson Lovejoy - Merrill Santini - Moore I'm still hoping we get a win here and make a push. Would be nice for the fans to see a win of course too, because they've still be a little sparse at home. Let's Go Devils.
  7. I'm gonna keep posting some updates in here as it impacts our potential shot at the playoffs and/or draft positioning. Over the past few days the results continue to favor our playoff chances, much to the dismay of most of the people here. The Sabres, Panthers, and Hurricanes lost yesterday. The Bruins were the only winners that of consequence.
  8. I guess. Still seems like they won this deal, I mean if that's the case they only gave up a perennial backup goalie in Budaj, a so-so prospect, and a freaking last round pick for an insurance policy in net. The Bolts didn't really get much in return, and also gave up a 2nd rounder I believe.
  9. What does LA do after this year? They can only protect one goalie...
  10. Man, I am not even going to comment on that statement. Everyone has hit the nail on the head with their feelings and opinions on it already, mine won't be any different. In regards to Elias though, it's going to be pretty sad and emotional if he hangs them up and announces his retirement here shortly. Maybe he'll do it on my birthday on Thursday. That would be kind of neat. For various reasons I've had to say goodbye to some things in my life in the last year or so, and I don't really feel like celebrating, so I might as well say goodbye to Elias on that day too. Whatever happens, him calling it quits, or him coming back for a short stint, I think we're all OK with it. He's earned and deserves it.
  11. Sabres Flyers and Islanders lost yesterday.
  12. Stupid fvcking bounce.
  13. I'm glad you mentioned Bossy because I was just about to come in here and drop that name. I am pretty sure he had like, 9 50-goal seasons, in a row. NINE. FIFTY goals. IN A ROW. That is un fvck1ng believeable. Hardly anyone scores 50 anymore. Hardly anyone scores 50 back to back. Even in the "live puck era", it was hard to score 50, and hard to score 50 back to back. He did it. NINE times lol.
  14. Pretty much agree with that. Goes back to the point a week or so ago when we were wondering if he'd be benched, and how we just simply aren't a better team with him not in the lineup. We're certainly not better trading him away AND retaining a good chunk of his contract. Not at least when you consider what he'll probably garner in return, which isn't likely to be much.
  15. fvck. Hopefully it's not a serious one. I'm assuming Bennett now re-joins the lineup. I would slot him right into his spot on the 3rd line too.