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  1. That's awesome. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, I should be there. Wouldn't mind meeting and saying hello to a fellow forumer if you're there.
  2. Yeah exactly. Hopefully adding some size to his frame will help, and like others have said, maybe having better linemates this year will help him be able to finish more.
  3. How has his career been unusual? Ignoring the first two years where he played just 5 games, the next four years (3 with ANA, 1 with us) he scored 10, 14, 14 and 30 goals. Pretty steady increase, which I'd say is very normal, for a player his age (and hopefully his caliber).
  4. Great deal. He's not greedy, and knows he has to continue proving himself. I think the deal is fair considering the numbers he put up last year, but it was really just one season. We'll see how he continues to do the next few years and if he lives up to this contract -- hopefully far exceeding it.
  5. I feel like JJ could be a much better player if he wasn't so soft. Add a little toughness to his game and I think he becomes a more prolific scorer. He has the talent, I just don't think the rest is there. Like the signing though - as others have said, basically a last chance type of deal before he's probably permanently relegated to the minor leagues.
  6. I like this signing. Give him another shot with a 1 yr deal. Cheap price, and I think he could be a 15 goal scorer with the right linemates and more minutes. He won't get that, but I think he'll still be effective and worth every penny.
  7. I would hate to lose any and all of those guys, particularly Pelley since he showed some promise early after we got him last year, but especially Bennett considering we just got him and it would be a waste to have traded for him and not sign him. Don't understand that one at all.
  8. 2017 is next year's draft. By "their window", you're limiting it to 1 year, saying if they don't win the Cup this year, it's never going to happen? lol no offense but that's insanely narrow-minded. When people use that term of "window of opportunity" in sports, they're usually referring to a period of like 3-5 years. Maybe 2-4, but definitely way more than 1 lol It just makes no sense to say that, especially when they just basically handed the reigns over to Jake Allen, who is a young goalie with a whole career ahead of him
  9. If Cammaleri and Elias stay healthy (and Elias is fairly productive), that's a pretty damn good lineup actually. It's also funny how Smith-Pelley was playing a 1st/2nd line role last year after he arrived, and how he might be on the 4th lol. While I agree that's probably the best spot for him, something tells me Hynes will slot him on the 3rd line and leave Boucher on the 4th. EDIT: Oh, and I think Mozik probably gets the nod as the 7th d-man before Auvitu, though I'm not necessarily high on him. Just a feeling that's the way the staff will go.
  10. Yeah, I mean, wasn't he one of the guys who donated like 10 million dollars of his own money to a charity either this season or last? A few guys did I think, but I'm pretty sure he was one of the ones who gave up a large chunk of money. BUT, at the same time, I also heard that apparently he wouldn't let any of his teammates eat Clam Chowder, so...maybe there's two sides to everyone. =/
  11. Yeah, I mean, if you can believe players, and reports, he did say that he preferred to stay, so I guess he was telling the truth.
  12. What did Stamkos get and for how much? Can't find anything on that, but someone else said it as well...
  13. Pretty much how I feel. It seems like a fair deal, where we had needs, and got them, but also lost something that we had, which now becomes a need in and of itself. I guess in the big picture we had more offensive needs than defensive, but now it seems like it might be 60-40 when it was more like 80-20 before.
  14. In what world would Edmonton trade RNH, Fayne, and Pouliot, AND retain 25% salary, for Severson? People are questioning whether or not they'd trade RNH straight up for Severson, and rightfully so, because I doubt they would, and you expect them to give up more, and pay for some of what they're giving up? Sorry, but that's insane.
  15. Yeah I know, there's probably a lot more attractive options, but honestly adding a guy like him to the offensive mix would certainly make us better, and at the very least probably a contender. We already have a solid goalie capable of getting us there -- he almost did it on his own last year with the league's worst offense in front of him. We also have a pretty solid and fairly young D corp, so really the offense is the only thing that needed a drastic improvement. We were a 20-25 team last year....adding him I think would easily make us 10-15, maybe even inside the top 10, depending on who else we could entice in free agency. I'm just saying, we have the room...why not at least inquire. My pitch to him would be that he's the missing piece to get us into the playoffs and making a reasonable run. I mean, when you rattle off a few names that he could potentially play with in the top 6, it's not all that bad - Palmieri, Henrique, Cammalleri, Zajac, Zacha, Pelley. Add his name to that mix and you have yourself two really solid top lines. Throw a veteran Elias and other up-and-comers into the bottom 6 like Benett, Blandisi, Boucher, etc, and really the positives and potential definitely outweigh the negatives.