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  1. Haha, you mother f*cker. Just had the same reply, wink face and all, in the other thread lol. I'm not terribly scared by this group either, I think I just feel the same way as fitz -- would be more comfortable if we had another good veteran back there. And no, I don't think Killjoy is that guy. He's a veteran, but not a good one lol. I'd even take a slow but still reliable stay at home d-man over Lovejoy. Someone like a Markov type. He's still available, I'd rather sign him and just let Lovejoy walk. We have the money.
  2. Haha, well I actually didn't mean it that way I meant it in the sense that, had I been the one to seen this discussion first, I would have said the same thing as you, and assumed I was the only one who thought those nicknames were kinda dumb and/or didn't make sense. Yeah, me too lol.
  3. So it's almost August, and we haven't made anymore moves on defense. I think most people assumed there was another trade or signing coming, possibly involving Henrique, since, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this, it seems like we have an influx of forwards at the moment, but I'm not so sure that's gonna happen now. There's still time, but something tells me we're going to roll into training camp and pre-season with our D corp as-is. I think with no buyers for Lovejoy, and the addition of Mueller, and the assumption that Schneider will play better this year, that Shero is banking on the chances that our perceived-improved forwards will be able to put up more goals this year than we let in. What's everyone else think? Something else still to come?
  4. I actually agree with Fitz here, the nickname is pretty stupid from a logical standpoint, but in all fairness and someone reading this back and forth from a neutral standpoint, he doesn't appear angry -- if anything I think he's articulated his point quite well and with an even temperament. This made me laugh. I agree with you, the nickname MoJo is pretty stupid and doesn't make much sense, but it doesn't really bother me. I won't use it myself, because when I say it/hear it I think it sounds dumb, but I couldn't care less if someone else calls him that.
  5. I'm really surprised that the NHL doesn't mandate how the rinks are constructed, at least in terms of the way the ice and playing surface is expected to operate. Obviously there's dimensions and things like that which are required, but it seems like the underlying infrastructure is a free for all and fair game. It's always struck me as odd when players and people would say "Oh that ice is the worst, the puck bounces all over the place" and things like that. I always wondered, how the hell can that be? I've played on my fair share of different types of surfaces before, everything from ice, to asphalt, concrete, sport court, and even polished surfaces, but when it comes to ice, and a surface that's used in a professional multi-million dollar league, I don't get how all 30 arenas can't have near-identical setups. Obviously it comes down to things like temperate control as well, but again, how is that something that can't be regulated to the point where we get consistent results?
  6. I'm pretty out of the loop on this, but thought I heard that hearings commenced last week about them submitting proposals to move to Belmont Park -- know if there's any truth to that?
  7. Very true, wow, can't believe the arena is 10 years old now. Feels like it just opened. I would have guessed 5 years, 6 max. I'm sure it has to deal with the fact that I don't live up there, but crazy how time flies.
  8. I've only been to the new stadium once, in February of 2016, and I must say, although 90% of it was pretty awesome (I didn't get to tour as much of it as I wanted, but what I was was nice), one glaring disappointment and frankly surprise was the scoreboard. For an arena that had just been built and opened a few years ago, I expected much better. Indeed I'm probably spoiled with the one Tampa has, but again, for a new stadium, I was surprised to see such a small and rather outdated-looking one. It doesn't make or break the experience, but when you're sitting in the 300s, being able to see information on a bigger and clearer screen definitely helps. Nice to see they'll be upgrading that and doing something to make the fans experience watching the game in person a better one.
  9. Always thought we gave up too quickly on Loktionov when he was here. Perfect 3rd liner, if you ask me.
  10. #67 and Hischier seemed to have pretty good chemistry. Red seemed to dominate White pretty badly. Was Wood #44? He looked terrible, at least on defense. Missed a really ease cross-crease pass that he should've been able to pick off and defend, and instead if went by him and resulted in a good chance for the other team down low.
  11. God damn, when you lay it out like that and you see the names of our likely top 7 d-men in a row like that, it really is indeed scary. I'm interested/curious to see Mueller, and I think he's going to play and fit in well here from the little I know about him, and I'm still pretty high on Santini, but damn... we could be looking at another rough year in terms of defense and keeping pucks out of our zone and out of the net. Not saying we're world beaters on offense by any means, but it's pretty clear that we have some potential at forward now, compared to how bleak it was just a couple of years ago, and although I was never in favor of trading a guy like Henrique, I gotta be honest, I might actually not hate that idea if it meant balancing out the positions a little.
  12. First off, sorry to all if I was the one who kept-going the uniform talk in the other thread. Someone else brought it up, and I was merely responding to it (I tend to follow the conversation and flow in threads, without actually paying too much attention to which actual forum we're in, I just assumed it was on topic, but if it wasn't, my bad ). Appreciate CR76 taking the time to bring this over here and save me! Secondly, that's a great point and comparison to Coke, and what they did with "New Coke", aka "syruppy piss water" lol. That was largely a one-off example (I can't think of many more where a true and rather immediate reversal happened), and it came from a billion dollar company whose product is consumed daily, in millions of quantities, and only costs a few bucks. They had to do something and had to react to the pulse of the people. That's not the case here. This product is a jersey, that costs substantially more, and will be worn for months/years, until the owner needs to purchase a replacement, or, hopefully, they re-brand again, and go back to what we all liked.
  13. Yeah, for sure. I get it. And it is cool. Just not a huge fan. Just elaborated on this a bit more in my post above, but I'll be more interested in the 5 on 5, that's all.
  14. Just watched some of those periscope videos and I see the drills better. Just not a huge fan of that as a whole. Definitely gets the hands and legs working a little bit and showcases what guys can do in tight space and highlights their reaction time, but it's pretty far removed from a game and not entirely realistic. Not saying it's terrible and not saying it isn't fun, but I'll be more interested to see them play the full length of the rink and understanding their situational awareness. I want to see breakouts, backchecking, and puck movement. Honestly for something like this that showcases agility and quick hands, I'd rather see them set up in a 5 on 4 and simulate Powerplays. Feel like that would showcase some of what they're doing in these 3on3 drills, but put it within the context of a more realistic situation. Still cool though. I enjoyed the vids.
  15. Pretty sure that is him. I could be wrong, but I think this same type of thing happened a few months ago where someone else noticed an identical post on HF and thought a guy was stealing his quotes. Not positive though.