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  1. NFL Week 2!!!

    Where would you rather sit for an nhl game - first row behind the goalie or first row in the corner?
  2. All Jersey Talk

    Just sent my first jersey to EPS. It's a replica with Elias on the back. I'm a little worried that it will look strange to have such high quality stiching on a replica jersey (i bought the jersey at the arena - I think the quality of the fabric is really low - anyone else agree?). What are your experiences with replica jerseys you sent to EPS? I'll post a pic when it comes in.
  3. All Jersey Talk

    Where do I get a blank 550? I'm looking for a red so I can do a '95 Brodeur. It's for someone who wears a size small Reebok Replica.
  4. All Jersey Talk

    I think the CCM jerseys are much nicer than the Reeboks. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on the quality of this jersey? And do you know where I can find a red CCM jersey that is blank? (that way I can send to EP for the best stitching -- also, for older players it makes sense to have the CCM style I think)
  5. All Jersey Talk

    DevsMan - what are some of the players you have on your jerseys? I'm thinking about going old school with a Claude 22...
  6. All Jersey Talk

    But it's good to know that the high-quality stitching will still go well with the Replica jersey.
  7. All Jersey Talk

    Thanks. I ask because I have a CCM Replica from a few years ago and the quality of the material is so much better than the Reebok Replicas. It seems like the Reeboks wrinkle very easilly and may not last as long. But the authentics cost serious money.
  8. All Jersey Talk

    I just bought my brother a red replica at the arena am planning on sending it to Exclusive Pro to get a name stitched on. Should I have bought an authentic? Is there a huge difference in quality? And will EP lettering work with a replica? Any and all comments welcome!